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Follower of Jesus Christ, proud dad of 12 kids, husband to one awesome woman, supporter of America first and conservative policies, former CEO of Cyber Ninjas, and leader of the Maricopa County Election Audit.
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This is fake news. I never talked with Johnathan Ford, nor have I stated what he's claiming. The $5.7M was all received and paid to contractors or in direct expenses incurred for the audit. We're still in the red $2.1M, of which $1.9M is debt. I was NOT ever promised any additional audits to pay the difference. Its the opposite. I've stated that I'm not going to lead another audit until my debts are paid. We would consider a supporting role with another company leading and would be happy to help them be successful.

Clearly with as much as we're in the hole right now, bankruptcy is a possible outcome but not a plan.

Voices and Votes (, Defending The Republic ( and The America Project ( are all places we've received funding and are continuing to collect funds to help #fundtheaudit .

To the best of our knowledge we've received every bit raised from these organizations.
During the audit Wendy would come in and sit down with me for several hours, multiple different times to make sure she understood what was happening and what is going on. She has been extremely supportive of the work we've done. That is exactly the sort of Senator I'd want representing me. I'm not surprised Trump endorsed her 😉. If I had the opportunity to, I'd definitely vote for her 😊.
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Stay Strong Patriots.
God and Freedom are two sides of the same coin.

As long as we keep our connection to God, we will never surrender.

Maintaining Freedom for all human beings is the most important way too truly Honor our God!
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You were made for such a time as this.
A number of people have reached out to me asking how they could help after it was revealed in a court case yesterday that Cyber Ninjas was out-of-business. My biggest concern is taking care of the companies that helped our audit be a success, and I still owe a lot of money to several of them. One of those companies is StraTech Solutions, an AZ company that was instrumental for our success. They have a long list of amazing achievements to support us, but one I remember distinctly is when they managed to find an procure 32 servers in 24 hrs in the middle of COVID supply chain issues. They ended up handling all the payroll for all the workers in the audit. They are the special ops of the IT Managed Services space in the greater Phoenix area. I currently owe them $760,000. This includes charges that were at a significantly discount rate from what they normally charge their customers. I know a lot of people don't understand how the audit added up to so much; but when you do things in the massive scale the work required, it adds up quickly.

If you are able to, I'd ask that you give to their GiveSendGo. This money goes directly to StraTech Solutions, and they've agreed to release Cyber Ninjas from any debts that are raised in this fashion. Should they receive any other funds from any other sources, they've agreed to reduce the amount on GiveSendGo. As a result it should be an accurate representation of what remains to make them whole:
I am being told there are a number of people coming out and trying to say various things about me. You’ll notice you don’t see me returning the favor. Matthew 18 is in the Bible for a reason. If I have a issue with you, I will find a contact that knows you; explain my concerns and give you a chance to explain yourself. If more people went to the source instead of gossiping, half the disagreements going on wouldn’t be happening.

It just shows how much our country needs Jesus. That is the ONLY way our country is saved. Try to take that twig out of your own eye first, and you will have a much better time finding the log you think is in someone else’s.

If you follow someone and they start going after anyone, ask them if they’ve tried talking with that person first. Not everything is a conspiracy that people are calling a conspiracy (Isaiah 8:12).
I am so thankful for the Peace of God this morning! Though the world around me is crazy, there are lies and attacks everywhere, God is good, and He is STILL in control! It is in Him that we find our strength, our purpose, and our life. We were made for such a time as this!

If you are struggling to find peace, find hope, or even to find meaning in these crazy times; might I suggest you turn to Jesus? The bible tells us that ALL mankind messes up and fall short of perfection (Rom 3:23). We're broken. What we're seeing around us is the result of broken people. It's not a surprise to God. He saw this and He planned for it. You can still have peace.

This peace comes from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can dwell inside of you, but only if you let Him. Jesus will not make you love Him. Are you missing that peace? Do you want it?

Scripture tells us that if we yield control to Jesus and call Him Lord and turn away from those things that are wrong and ask for forgiveness, you will be rescued from our wrong doings and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38, Rom 10:9). It is THIS gift that gives us peace in the storms of life, and ever after.

If you're missing the peace of God this morning you either never surrendered your life to Jesus and therefore His perfection is not covering all of the wrong things you've done, and therefore the perfect Holy Spirit can't live in you; or you've tried to do things in your own might, and you are currently rejecting the gifts of God that come with that surrender to Him. There is no other answer.

In either case, you can surrender to Him now and have that peace! Say and believe, "Jesus, I'm sorry I messed up and didn't follow you. I know it was wrong. Please forgive me. I know you died and rose again so I wouldn't have to live like this. Please help me to follow you the rest of my days. Let your Holy Spirit come into me and give me your peace!". Many times, the peace will be immediate, but sometimes it comes in like a tide slowly and almost not noticeable. Be not discouraged!

For those of you that say, "I don't want that peace. I want to be angry so that stuff gets done. God wants this world to be angry, so they'll fight for it". I challenge you to find that in scripture. Yes, Jesus had anger and sinned not, and that is possible. But I can assure you that when He turned the tables in the temple, He both had the peace of God, and a righteous anger. The peace of God only comes in obedience to Him, and you will not have it if you sit on your laurels and don't do what He's called you to do. If you're wondering if you have a righteous anger or if it’s just anger; take a close look at how you respond to an interruption in your life and what comes out of you. When we're operating in obedience to God, the fruits of the Spirit come out of us, which includes kindness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Obedience generally requires doing.

Having God's peace doesn't mean that we won't sometimes be sad, or disappointed, or even angry. These are all emotions that are common to man, and we can have emotions and sin not. Jesus did. It does however give us an assurance even during unpleasant emotions. Even our emotions may rage, and yet we're peaceful and calm in the center of our being. This only happens with a relationship with God, and it is out of this that the joy of the Lord springs.
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Media is too big
Pray for Canada
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“Freedom of speech is one of the most precious rights we have under heaven, and this censure is nothing more than an attempt to limit my speech. I represent hundreds of thousands of people and the majority of them are with me and want me to be their voice. You are really censuring them. I do not apologize, I will not back down and I am sorely disappointed in the leadership of this body for colluding with the Democrats to attempt to destroy my reputation. In the end, I rejoice in knowing I do and say what is right and I speak as a free American regardless of the actions of this corrupted process today.”
I understand that my friend, Senator Wendy Rodgers, was just censored by the Arizona Senate, for voicing her opinion? Freedom of Speech is one a fundamental rights of free societies, why are our elected officials censuring someone for speaking up? I know Wendy, and I know she stands for the rule of law, and I've NEVER seen her post anything that suggests otherwise. Wendy is 100% Wendy, and I LOVE her for it. She is genuine, and real, in the world where so many are fake. I RESPECT her so much for the way she stands up for what she believes in. This doesn't mean we agree 100% on all issues, but who does? Most elected politicians are too much of a coward to even mention where they stand on controversial issues. Wendy is no coward.
I couldn't agree more. Keep fighting Wendy!
Request Constitutional Carry in FL!

Please call FL Senate President Wilton Simpson
(352) 688-5077

FL Speaker Chris Sprowls
(727) 793-2810
Going live with Dennis Hendrickson again in ~7 minutes. We're going to talk about Wokism, Disney, Blackrock, and other topics.