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We work for the Empowerment of the People.

As some said:

"Our demands most moderate are, we only want the Earth"
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Administered by the Court Services, with no oversight by the Oireachtas, money belonging to people who are Wards of Court has been gambled away on Stock Markets and lost.

People taken into wardship (about 300 every year) are abused, denied due process and families left without access to vital information... the services are mismanaged and the Minister is neglecting it.

We urge support for this event in Dublin tomorrow.
Join in at Leinster House at 1200hrs.
The May issue of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER is available.

If you would like to receive copies (free), to share with friends, please message us here, or contact the editor, Diarmaid Ó Cadhla ( directly, thanks.
The June issue of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER is available.

If you would like to receive copies (free), to share with friends, please message us here, or contact the editor, Diarmaid Ó Cadhla ( directly, thanks
Why is British & #NATO warship HMS Enterprise tied up on #Cork city's Quayside?

Weaving her Butcher's Apron!

Where is the outcry against war?

No such warships should enter our seas, let alone harbours, not Russian, not American & not British!

Media is too big
British Navy / NATO warship in Cork city is challenged by THE PEOPLE'S PAPER.

Video by Corruption Awareness Ireland
HMS Enterprise ran out of Cork on high tide this morning... ahead of schedule, planned for next Tuesday or earliest at high water tonight.

We have a march organised for 5pm... they are cowards!

We will now have a scalled down event, on Lower Road, by Kent Station as arranged... and will issue statements.
Tonight Cork Citizens will be Determined Not to stand idealy by while warmongers Breach our Sovereignty and Violate our Neutrality.

If you are pro-peace and pro-neutrality you are invited to attend this peaceful assembly on the quay beside this Canadian / NATO Warship.

By being in Ireland, HMCS Halifax is Breaking the Hague Convention on Neutrality.

This event is hosted by the Irish Neutrality Campaign.
Diarmaid Ó Cadhla is before Cork District Court (Anglesea Street) tomorrow (Monday 11th) at 2pm.

He is charged with organising 2 marches against the lockdown last in June & July 2021. These summons were delivered to him while under arrest & locked up last month, for objecting to the NATO warships in Cork.


He broke no laws, he was peaceful & respectful at all times.

Basic Human & Civil Rights are not respected in Ireland, not when the state is the abuser!
Here is the report from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla's appearance in court today:
The Irish Neutrality Campaign ( are hosting a Public Rally on Wednesday 20th 11am at Cork City Hall.

Please SHARE & support this important event.
Can you help promote the petition to say 'Yes to Irish Neutrality'.

Please SHARE it, SIGN it, and promote it if you can ...

The issue is important, we must stop Government efforts to drag us into militarism.

#NATO #PESCO #WAR #PeacefulAssembly
The August issue of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER is available if anyone wants to pass on some to friends?
Issue #37 will be available on the streets of Cork tomorrow, between 1pm & 3pm outside Dunnes in Patrick's Street.
Organised by the 'Campaign for TRUTH & Civil Rights'.

Speakers will address the real nature of the economic crisis & how our natural wealth is being robbed by globalism.

We must go beyond mere protest & complaining ... we need to set out a plan to remove all the vested interests from power & establish rule by the people.

Together we can build a bright future, but we must organise for that.

Join in?
Media is too big
We need to build independent NEW MEDIA, so that we can decide the issues to debate and offer analysys based on our own needs.

Already THE PEOPLE'S PAPER reaches out, but we need other media types and more to get involved.

If we allow the monopoly controlled media and social media to set the agenda, and censor debate, then we will remain enslaved.

Can you take a few copies of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER every month to share with friends?

Message us here.
We are supporting this 'STOP the WAR' event next Tuesday in Dublin.
Media is too big
The November issue of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER is in distribution. If you would like to receive some via Post, to share with friends, please contact Diarmaid Ó Cadhla here on Telegram (@GraTire) or via SMS text to: 086-3805005
Media is too big
Report we did on TUSLA, the so-called 'Child & Family Agency' ...
Four Dutch Navy warships are coming to Cork next Friday, these are part of NATO which is an active and aggressive military alliance.

We have organised peaceful assemblies to express our opposition to their presence in Ireland, they are in violation of the Hague Convention on Neutrality.

Government should not allow NATO forces into our national territory, but we are not surprised that they do, they already have us collaborating with the creation of an EU Army and working with NATO.

Last week the Fine Gael Ard Fheis voted to abandon the ‘Triple Lock’, to remove the requirement of UN sanction on the deployment of our military overseas.

Let’s defend our NEUTRALITY and demand an end to all warmongering.

Organised by: