Anybody in here?
Good morning
Please respond if you get this message.
We’re all praying for KR
Anybody who wants to pray with me for Kyle Rittenhouse please call me at 5128066455.
Merry Christmas!!
Everyone check out and share my gay song with your friends to draw public attention to the suffering of J6 Political Prisoners. Thank you.
You can now download the official #JusticeForJ6 anthem for free at by clicking on the fairy wings. We have a power greater than violence. We have faith.
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RIOT THREAT LEVEL ORANGE: All major US metropolitan areas are issued an ORANGE ALERT for confirmed hostile political demonstrations and unconfirmed violent rhetoric on social media including arson-related rhetoric directed at churches and pro-life groups. Friday 6/24/22 2:06PM Central. Soli Deo Gloria. USCDN. Please repost!
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