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Channel name was changed to «Dr Chan @ The Habits Pharmacy - Let Habits Be Thy Medicine»
Channel name was changed to «The Habits Pharmacy - Let Habits Be Thy Medicine»
Today's video for FOOD for thought is this

Dr Chan shares how many people see exercise as a license to eat badly or as the reason to reward themselves with an indulgent unhealthy treat. We should build healthy habits that we enjoy and have no need to force or discipline ourselves to do.
Today's dose of Habits as Medicine:
Is Prediabetes a 'Big Deal'?
It need not be, if we do everything we can to improve our lifestyle and eating habits to combat and prevent progression of prediabetes to diabetes, then prediabetes need not be a 'big deal'
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Daily Dose of Habits as Medicine

Today's Food for thought
A Daily Walking Habit is not just good for our physical health, but it can also help us building resilience to stress.
Video - - Dr Chan shares 5 Ways you can turn a Daily Walking Habit into a powerful medicine against stress.
You need to Optimize your Eating Habits even if your Blood Sugar is already well controlled with medications.
Dr Chan explains why in this 1-min video :
A Daily Walking Habit can be a Powerful Medicine
Dr Chan shares 8 Health Benefits of a Daily Walking Habit in this 1-minute video
Combating Diabetes Holistically - Good Stress Management Habits is key
In this 4 minute video Dr Chan highlights the relationship between Stress and Diabetes
A Habit of Spending Time in Nature can be Powerful Medicine
Dr Chan shares in this 1-minute video »
Healthy Eating Habits can be Powerful Medicine
In this 3-minute video Dr Chan shares 3 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Food as Medicine
Today's Habits as Medicine 1-DAY CHALLENGE: Are you game to commit to have less Added-Sugar in your diet today?

Duration of Challenge : 1-Day ( Today ) Challenge : Consciously cut down on added Sugar in food and drinks.
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I am Game for this 1-Day Challenge! I will cut down on Added Sugar in my beverages for today.
I am Game for this 1-Day Challenge! I will not have my high Added Sugar dessert/snacks today
I already have very minimal Added Sugar in my diet. But I shall challenge my friends to do so.
Why we must choose Healthy Self Care
In this 1-minute video Dr Chan shares why self care is important and why we must learn to choose healthy lifestyle activities as our self care choices
In this video Dr Chan shares why a Habit of Sitting Less can be a Powerful Medicine
Can improvement in Lifestyle Habits reduce Blood Pressure medications needs? Find out more in this video
4 minute video about Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH)
3 min video
Diabetes Case Study - faced with a worsening blood sugar control, Emily has to choose between Friends or Health
Launching soon, a new online course - : 'Eat Rice Better to Beat Diseases' to tackle all the Must-Know, the common Mistakes and Misconceptions about rice and its impact on blood sugar as well offer practical tips on holistic healthier eating habits that will help minimize any possible unhealthy blood sugar spikes from rice consumption. To find out more -
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