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Photo from SirBountiful.
You Rock !!
We had an amazing learning session yesterday, with
BitFxt CEO, Franklin Peters, all this wouldn't have been possible without you and we deeply appreciate you.

This is a thank you note from us at TheBasics.

We will be sending materials from the Webinar and also updates for the next Webinar on the 8th of May 2020.

Thank you.
Did you miss the last webinar?

Not to worry,
Unedited, unfiltered, watch the Webinar and enjoy what you missed.

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Your Host, Emmanuel Bountiful.
It's a beautiful day that the Lord has made.
It is a new week to do exploits, learn how to diversify your income stream.
We are concerned about your growth and success.

Just uploaded a video about the Relevant Skills During and After the pandemic.

Please click the link below to watch
Relevant Skills during and after the pandemic

We value you.
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Emmanuel Bountiful.
Your Growth is our goal.

Thank you for watching..

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Please Note,
No Spamming.
No Promoting of platforms.

Please understand that this is a value driven group.

Uphold that so we can learn and grow together.

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On TheBasics, we would be having an experience YouTuber , share how we can maximize YouTube, know the pitfalls, avoid the frustrations and learn how to build contents for making money.

Through him and his mentorships, I was able to upload a video that ranked first on Google search same day I uploaded it.

Come 15th of May 2020, by 6pm
He will be sharing more..

You sure don't want to miss this session.

To be part of it,
Simply visit - to register.
You will receive the meeting ID afterwards.

You can also Join our Telegram Channel.

To your growth and success,
Emmanuel Bountiful.
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And we had an amazing time with our Guest Speaker today.

There was so much to share and learn.

We would share link to the video by tomorrow, so you can catch up.

Meanwhile, if you are really particular about learning and maximizing YouTube, indicate on the Group chat or send me a message on WhatsApp 08135242755

- You must have a YouTube Channel.

We would want to take you on a journey of growth.

Thank you to everyone that joined.

We appreciate.

Emmanuel Bountiful.
Photo from SirBountiful.
What is your Why?

Yesterday I dropped an Image saying, your why is stronger than any Bullshit.

Our Whys differ.

When asked what is your why, it simply means, the driving motive behind everything you do.

Some people's Why could be, Financial Freedom,
The ability to be financially free, being able to afford what we want, when we want and how we want.

Some, it's the Family storyline.
The family they came from may have not seen major Breakthroughs from their family members, and they vow, to be the jinx breaker.

Some people's Why, could be the idea of being in control of their time and happiness, no boss dictating your life, when you should go home, resume, go to breaks, have a nap, and all that.

With these points, you have been able to understand what your Why is, and you can't allow the little issues, pain, disappointments, betrayals to stop your drive and focus.

You could share or talk about your Why with me on Whatsapp - 08135242755.

Emmanuel Bountiful.
Good afternoon,

We started TheBasics journey, on the 1st of May, 2020, and we have had 2 amazing and experienced speakers share their knowledge.

We appreciate you for being part of the journey so far, and we would love to serve you better.

To achieve this, we prepared a feedback form, to get your feedback, which will help us focus on your most pressing needs, for your growth and success.

Please kindly click this Link
, won't take more than 8 mins. Pinky promise 😊

Thank you.
Are you a Business owner here?
I have something for you.

Selling Better is a Free Training for Business owners to be able to learn and utilize a new system of selling, collect payment from international clients and most importantly for those who are low on budget having an ecommerce website, hiring a developer like me.

It's a mini-store.

No Limits to the number of products you can upload or sell.

The Training is for Free.
You can do everything on your Smartphone.

Training Date - 1st June 2020
Time - 4pm.
Venue Free Conference Call.
It's Practical Class.

Click the link below if you are interested in this training to join the WhatsApp Onboarding group.

Please share with friends that needs this.
Thank you.
Been A Minute.

What have you been up to lately?
Where do you need help in your growth and business ?

I'm here to listen and help.
You can chat me up on WhatsApp 08135242755.

Good evening..
Good morning,
During my first webinar, I made a promise that I will share a platform where you can be able to learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

So here is the good news!!
Every Wednesday and Friday, we would be having free training on how to trade Cryptocurrency on Zoom Meeting.

To get Access, Kindly join the Whatsapp group.

The meeting details will be shared on the group and other necessary information.

Remember our promise, To educate and empower you to make money online.

You matter.
Bountiful from TheBasics.
4 Hours to Lecture..

Start Learning about Cryptocurrency today..

Join our WhatsApp group for more info and link to class.

Click the Link Below 👇👇👇
As an Entrepreneur or Aspiring Entrepreneur, you will go through the phase of becoming..

What I mean by becoming is, doing that one thing you are exceptional at.

It's a process and it's okay if you are in that stage of uncertainties and undefined portfolio..

You are becoming..

Circle of Influence..

As an entrepreneur, your circle of influence is of key importance to your growth..

There are three key questions on this,
Who do you listen to?
Who do you talk to?
Who do you model?

Who do you listen to - Which of the entrepreneurs , either successful or becoming, do you listen to what they say or write.
You should also consider the content of their message for your growth.

Who do you talk to - who do you share your moments , ideas and processes with.

Who do you model - there is a difference between modeling and copying.
A copier will do as it is and produce, nothing different than not being unoriginal.
While when you model, you learn and apply better strategies to improve your business.


We would be launching a video course that would help Business Owners Register their business with CAC shortly.
A step to step guide on how to avoid mistakes and get your business registered.

Be on the lookout, worth every penny.

Have a productive day.
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You get the point now?
Fix your circle of influence..
E get why..

Top of the morning Fam..
Have a productive day..

Our CAC Video Course coming through...
A comprehensive step to step guide on how to Register your Business name.

For more enquiries, Please call 08135242755
The most important project you should work on is the 'YOU project'.

After all is said and done, you alone will be the last man standing alone.

And you sure don't want to imagine your life being on someone else's manual.

The only competition worth fighting for is the one within yourself.
Conquer yourself, for the greater good.