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Here's the next free phonics worksheet with the r-controlled phonogram /or/!

Hope it helps your child learn just that bit more easily.
So, one of our articles got featured in @SingaporeMotherhood!
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10 Signs your Preschooler may have Dyslexia

A six-year-old child I taught could use polysyllabic words (very long words) to describe a very enjoyable school holiday vacation. However, when asked to spell…
We are conducting a training course open to all in the mid-term break from the 18-23 July 2020.

Here’s the link if you’d like to find out more:
I've used the Lindamood-Bell method for my dyslexic students who are able to read fluently but have difficulty understanding what they read.

They now offer a Complimentary Diagnostic Screening for Learning.

Their comprehensive Learning Ability Evaluation is available online and helps identify your student’s strengths and weaknesses in learning.

If you'd like to find out more, this is the website for their Singapore branch:
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Chill (adjective)
1. Cold
2. To relax

As many of us may know, there are double meanings to many words in the English language.

With students tossing around words like “lit”, “chill”, and “thirsty” to describe a dress, what they do after school, and how they are feeling, adults sometimes get confused.

However, when facing comprehension passages, the very same kids are often befuddled when a passage asks them to find similar words describing when a lamp is lighted up, how the weather is in winter, and what people in a drought face.

A series of three worksheets have been created to help our children to learn both new and old school definitions of various words.

Check out to purchase