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I’m currently watching S2E3 and it is a bit painful. Should I keep watching or will I hate the rest too?
So this show definitely has some ups and downs. It has an interesting story and world building, while the writing I feel was not very good in S1 (I had to try very hard to ignore some plot holes and illogical actions by characters to enjoy it).
I heard S2 was much better, which is why I was excited to give it a try, since if S1 was alright then S2 must be great.
2.5 episodes in and I fucking hate Clarke. Right from the beginning of the season when she threatens a crying girl that is very obviously of no threat to her, I was skeptical about what’s going on with her character.
This keeps going over the next few days, where she keeps being skeptical of everything and assumes everyone around her is evil, seemingly for no reason? How is that in line with her character, that tried so hard to make peace with the Grounders, even after they literally killed their friends? I thought I was going crazy until Jasper says himself that she is their biggest threat.
Now I realize that she is probably right and we’re gonna find out some spooky shit (there has to be a storyline), but I’m pissed that the writers gave us no reason to believe that her character would act that way with the knowledge she currently has.
The peak for me was her attempting to save Anya, which is where I paused the episode, because WHAT. That woman tried to kill you and your lover. That woman helped lead the attack on your base and killed so many of your friends. You literally authorized a plan to burn all of the grounders alive. Why the FUCK would Clarke all of a sudden be like “oh my god poor grounders I’ll help you!!!”??
What reason does she have to believe that the civilized people that helped them and let them into their own base are somehow worse then the fucking grounders she fought against the entire last season? Fine they keep them in a cage and use their blood as medicine or some shit, but so what? You burned these people alive! these people caught your friends and used them as live bait! Now you think it’s too much?
Sorry for the rant, I had to let it out. Please let me know if my post is silly and I missed some important detail, or if you have another POV that justifies Clarke’s actions (still trying to avoid spoilers though!), I wanna like this show, but it’s hard.
Who is the strongest character?
If they were all to battle with a weapon of choice like in the conclave, who do you think would win out of the main characters? I personally think Octavia (as Bloodreina) because she has no morals and won’t stop. But then again, Clarke would probably be able to outsmart her in particular circumstances.
This show had one of best s1-s5 imo.
When i rewatch s1 to s5 its so fucking good man. Like, imo it equals some of best shows ever made.
Im not gonna talk about s6-7 (s6 was decent tho)
Clarke and Roan
I’ve been rewatching the 100 and I am so mad that they never pursued anything with Clarke and Roan. The chemistry there is OFF THE CHARTS! anyone else agree?
Do you rewatch the 100 a couple times a year??? Is this the best show that was made or ever will be?
I watch this every year beginning to end my favorite show on Netflix by far how bout you
I liked the ending, kinda was bittersweet though
The ending was heart warming and all but I can’t understand how they would be happier just staying together in the wilderness till they die? One by one they have to see their friends die when they could live forever when they transcended, but I guess it ties it all together in a way. Death is life.
(I also never understood during the series how they never got bored lol what r they even gonna do for like another 70 years)
Also I just finished the entire series for the first time today! (I was so addicted I finished it in 1 month lol) This post is marking the day I finished one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, maybe even the best ngl
I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts and different perspectives on the ending!
Am I the only one glad that Bellamy and Clark were best friends and nothing more, it proves that the main characters can be best friends and not have to get together like every show and Bellamy and echo were a good couple they get too much hate
Kids running everything
What is it about kids being the main warriors, leaders, masterminds and calling most of the shots? The show is entertaining, but I find this slightly annoying as it is so unbelievable. Does this appeal to you or bother you?
raven wasn’t 100% in the wrong!
so i’m in the middle of (re)watching season 7, ep. 3; raven had the eligius welder guys go into the reactor area thing + fix the coolant pipes, exposing them to radiation, killing nikki’s love.
yes, it’s sad and it’s a life that raven inadvertently took.. but 1 : the rest of the sanctum/eligius/grounder/ark population??
raven should’ve made the severity of the situation known though.
Paige Turco (Abby) is such a great actress!
I’m on season 5 and Abby is hooked on pills. She plays this role SO well!!! Even the way her voice sounded was spot on. And the withdrawal scene?! Wow!
The 100 was an amazing show until it crashed and burned after 6 seasons-ish
Out of all the shows the CW has put out over the years, they’ve brought out some god awful shows: Riverdale, The Flash, Roswell New Mexico (never watch this show if you like your sanity). But one of the best shows they have every released, is called the 100. Now, I have to admit, that the first 3 episodes of the show are not peak television. The first season is not Game of thrones, or Breaking bad good, but it is still a pretty good first season of television, and the four seasons after it have phenomenal writing.
The basic premise of the 100 stated on IMDb is “Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.” It’s a pretty basic synopsis, but the show gets more complicated as it goes on. So this will contain spoilers for all seasons of the show so don’t read if you want to watch the show and haven’t.
If I had to say the main strength of the 100 is in it’s characters, because it’s a character driven show. The decisions the characters make effect the story, one of the main examples is in season 2 when Finn goes looking for Clarke and ends up massacring an entire Grounder village, and after Clarke kills him in episode 8, the alliance between the Sky people and the Grounders begins. Over the course of the show, the characters evolve and change, like Murphy: going from the selfish asshole willing to do anything to do survive, to being a better person and sacrificing his life for the people he loves. Or Echo, going from the totally loyal, hothead spy , to being a level headed-ish leader in Bardo.
For the most part, the first six-ish seasons are about the characters and their relationships with one another, so it's about shipping. This is most prominent with Clarke and Bellamy, the two leads of the show, starting off as enemies, with Bellamy wanting to kill Clarke, to co-leaders, into friends. Which sparked the ship Bellakre, and this got more popular as the show went on and their relationship grew, which reportedly was going to be something more, but just wasn't. Or Raven and Murphy, with Murphy shooting Raven to them being besties. Most of the relationship are like this, but are different dynamically and don't feel the same. There are some ships that start off as friends into lovers, there's a ship type for everyone in here, unless you don't ship anyone which is cool.
Another thing the show should be praised for is how the show treats its audience like adults, because seeming this is a tv show for teenagers, it has some pretty dark stuff. From Jasper being speared in the chest, to a 12 year old killing herself, to the genocide at Mount Weather, this show is dark. And when characters are killed off by our protagonists, it’s not triumphant, it’s sad and dark, apart from Pike getting stabbed by Octavia. One of the main themes of the show is how no one is a good guy or bad guy, basically meaning everyone is doing what they need to do to survive, like the Primes in season 6, killing people to live forever . Or Mount Weather when they take the bone marrow of the 47 so they can get to the ground because the mountain wasn’t supposed to house them for that long. And at the end of the Mount Weather arc when Clarke and Bellamy kill everyone in the Mountain to save their people.
Though with every great thing the show has to offer, it has something annoying and/or dumb, which is why I implore people who are on episode 1 of the 100 to skip past the monologue because it's just bad and pointless exposition, even more bad than 2021's Dune's pointless 20 minute introduction. See, I think the show's main problem was it's season cliff hangers at the end of the season 4-6, paired with unresolved plot points. If I was Jason Rothenberg (creator of the show), I would've gone with Game of Thrones root after season 2, where it would be a war between Skaikru and Trikru vs Azgeda, which would've
culminated in a giant final battle in the last episode and having like a few month time skip with everyone at peace and Clarke and Lexa living happily and it would had four seasons in total. (I'm rambling now).
The 100 should've ended after the window scene and the screen faded to black in season four, it didn't really need to go on for another four minutes, to conclude with Clarke and her daughter, and a ship that did not include the characters that went to space. Most fans think the show should've ended in season five, when they reach the planet with two suns, but ending the show like that is like ending Stranger Things in season 3: not all of the characters have satisfying character arcs and it doesn't have a final season feel to it. As the show continues, it's greatest strength, is pushed over for spectacle and drama that isn't event that good, and it is made apparent in season seven (the last season), with Bellamy ending all of his good relationships, because he saw some light in the vision and is subsequently killed by Clarke because she wanted to protect her daughter, but her daughter gave herself up and got paralysed, only for the ending to prove Bellamy was right and he never got to Transcend, and everyone's living happily without him even though none of them would have gotten there without him and is the heart of the show through season four into the last season!
The show was it's best when it focused on characters and the relationship between them, not the plot like season 7 and after a while it lost that sense of greatness after it's fourth season. Though I think you should watch regardless of what this says, as it can teach writers good writing lessons.
But that's just my thoughts, what are yours?
Ok so I've just finished the show yesterday after binge watching it. My opinions on the ending? i thought it was a great one, the main characters get to live and continue the human race and all that! Well, i didn't really pay attention to the last words "Lexa" said and only now i found out that they are sterilized and don't get to have children and repopulate. This is legit so sad and my view on the ending has changed lol. Like i understand they care about Clarke and chose to stay for her but me personally i think it's really sad that they'll just see each other die instead of "living" peacefully forever.
I actually want to know your opinions about it. What did you think of the ending?