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Back at it with my The 100 RPG!

I've been running a tabletop RPG set in the 100 universe for a while now. A couple things I've changed for the game is that all the different factions throughout the show are existing at the same time in relative peace, and there was no Praimfaya to destroy the world again.

My players are free to explore the entirety of the 13 clan's territory (Eastern half of North America). So I've been having loads of fun coming up with more and more grounder lore, locations, finding some pre-apocalypse tech (from 2052- so future tech to us), a few new factions, more mutated animals, whatever cool stuff I can think of to work into this universe.

If you're interested in brainstorming anything at all about The 100 universe either post here or message me! This is all for fun obviously so go wild if you like.

The biggest betrayal ever

I just finished second season on Netflix. The biggest betrayal I have ever seen happen on a show. I hope Lexa chokes in a puddle of her own blood along with all the other grounders . Jaha was right, the grounders can’t be trusted. I don’t think I have the strength to watch the next seasons as the second itself was so gruesome and gut wrenching.

Give me a reason to keep watching (S6E4)

So I'm on Season 6 episode 4. Clarke just got her personality wiped out, and I immediately paused the show. Season 6 was feeling like shit to me immediately for several reasons, mainly being the complete and total erasure of Earth despite the whole point of the show being a dystopia focused around reconstituting Earth and making it habitable again, and the rebuilding of society with all the different tribes. Season 3 had it really rough with Pike and I almost stopped watching, especially when they just kept repeating season 1's plot points over and over again- War with the grounders, grounders bad, grounders not so bad, AH GROUNDERS BAD grounders good GROUNDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I do not like that Clarke's been denied the Flame for so many seasons. She's Nightblood now, it's known to everybody at this point that nightblood is a genetic modification and so any nightblood birth-based or not should be eligible to hold the Flame. I don't like this new Earth, I don't like the new society they've entered in to which is so highly advanced that they're serving processed cookies that you can buy in the snack aisle right now at walmart, and you know what? I was so perturbed by Clarke's erasure I actually had to go to google to make sure she survives it as the lead character, and I learned that while she does survive, she's going to basically get moved to the background and I saw the ending of season 7. What the hell happened to this show? Is there a reason to keep watching? Spoilers don't really bother me, if the content of the show leading up to the ending is still worth watching I'll keep going but.. really? Is there a reason to keep watching? Or does it continue the path of weird decisions and bad plot twists up until the human race goes completely extinct?

i just realized something in the show😂

i’m on my second run through and i was watching and all of a sudden i see shawn mendez ( season 3 episode 1) i don’t get how i didn’t notice before😂 i just thought it was funny.

Justify an action made by your least favorite character

The 100 is full of morally grey characters that have made questionable decisions. Can you see if you can justify an action made by your least favorite character?

ok yes the mount weather massacre in s2 was bad …

but clarke and lexa letting around 300 of their own people die when they could have saved them all is what haunts me from that season

TV Shows With a similar dynamic within the characters

English isn't my primary language so forgive me. I'm looking for a show with similar chemistry to Clarke and Bellamy, Bellamy and Octavia, basically the main people from the very first episode. Preferably one that is close to the show, but not necessarily post- apocalyptic. Some romance included, and more teen focused cast wise. Shows i've watched were:

The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf

The Originals



The Order

I know this may be a long shot but possibly something that lasts longer than 1-2 seasons? I like being invested in one show for more than a week.

something that bothers me

i completely understand how loved Lexa is and what she brought to the show (i loved her too and she was an amazing character). but on so many different platforms i see people say “the show got bad when Lexa died so I stopped watching” or “it was only good before Lexa died”. i get why die hard Lexa fans feel this way, but i think it’s truly unfair to the rest of the cast. especially since Lexa’s death was a result of Alycia leaving for FTWD and not a writing choice.
there are so many amazing storylines and characters after season 3 and for people to not even give it a chance simply because of one character’s death is honestly unfair to all the hard work put into the series. not to mention, Lexa wasn’t introduced until mid season 2, so i don’t understand why so many people say they only watch for Lexa. it honestly discredits all the other actors and storyline in a way.

back to hating clarke lol

I’m not surprised she helped jaha steal the bunker. The look on her face when octavia says she won is so funny to me, like yeah bitch maybe you should’ve believed in octavia a little more…. ugh she flip flops so much. she’s saving “her people” but I guess that doesn’t include marcus, octavia, raven, monty and murphy…… get your head out of your ass clarke. Stealing the bunker is beyond selfish. I understand she wanted to ensure survival in case Luna won but come on.. be a decent person for once

What is your opinion on Bellamy Blake?

Honestly, he's never been a character that I'm that fond of. In seasons 1, 3A, and his few appearances in season 7, he's insufferable. But aside from those seasons, I find him to be pretty boring. To me, he's always been someone who's always there(except for the majority of season 7 in which he wasn't). A lot of people really seem to like him but I never understood the hype.

But how do you feel about him?

Also IDK why but, this community doesn't let me do polls so upvote which comment you lean towards

Really Lincoln???

One of the things that brought me to watch The 100 were social media post talking about Lincoln dying and how terrible it was and how great of a character he was. Honestly for me he was a good character but not at the level that people were making him out to be. His death was not that big of a ending of a character. I understand it was huge for the development of Octavia but just did not seem to be that big of a character to make a stink over his death.

The heck is up with Marcus Kane's relationship status?

Spoiler season 6 how does he say abby is the person he loves more than anyone else when in the first season he has a wife? I am so confused.

Twins on the ark

Let’s say a woman got pregnant with twins on the ark,what exactly would they do about that?it’s not exactly the mothers fault.will they kill one baby as so as it is born or will the float the mother and/or father?

This was just something that popped into my head while rewatching.

Rubbish ending

Spoilers Season 7. Not sure how to flair

Clarke deserved better. Bellamy deserved better. They all did.

Man that scene with Clarke and Madi in the second from last episode. It moved me to tears because I knew what Eliza Taylor was going through from personal experience. At least to some degree.

I wish they made the ending non-canon and did a new one. I feel like the prequel will be tainted by what happened with this ending. It's just not fair to the characters.

A better ending would have been Clarke reiterating to Bellamy that while Madi is her family, he is her family too and she's not going to forget that anymore. Cut out Madi's scrapbook entirely. Sheidheda shouldn't have had it, Jackson had it last. The prisoners, the Sanctum cultists and Wonkru were on their way to being aligned. Clarke could have pointed out to Bellamy that they could have killed the prisoners or cultists but didn't, because they're being better. Blood must not have blood. Monty's experience, Jasper's experience, Finn's, Kane's, hell even Lexa's have all culminated to this and they've been exercising it. Yet somehow Clarke falls back into the same old habits? She could just reiterate all of this to Bellamy and he'd see reason.

Hell, you wouldn't even need to redo the entire season. You could say it was all one of those mind hallucinations that the Disciples use to test people like they did with Echo, Diyoza, Octavia and Hope, but this time they used it on Clarke and Bellamy. The entire last three episodes could basically be explained by that, then they wake up and the real stuff happens. You would just need to redo the last three episodes, maybe in the form of a movie. Don't do the exact same thing. Let Clarke and Bellamy wrestle philosophies once more until Clarke sways him yet again by going over their history and winning him over with Blood Must Not Have Blood.

Then, once the dynamic duo is back in action, they overthrow the cult leader Shepard, there's an awesome Octavia Sheidheda fight somewhere, they free the Disciples from the tyranny and use the wormholes as ways to travel across the Galaxy. Part of them stay on Sanctum to build their colony (because Earth still wouldn't be survivable according to Monty. Making it survivable undercuts Harper's and his entire sacrifices), half of them decide to explore the galaxy because they feel like they're not suited to a quiet life.

Maybe Clarke and Bellamy get together, maybe they don't. Maybe one stays on Sanctum and one goes to chart the universe. The epilogue would be all of humanity progressing, but better this time. More peacefully, with each group's knowledge and expertise coming together to revive the human race and eventually becoming one people, or Wankru.

Gah. What a waste...