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Can't stand Abby's voice...
My girlfriend and I have an ongoing joke, everything Abby speaks she just like whispers in a raspy voice. Can't be the only ones to notice or rubbed the wrong way by this. Just speak normal please!!!
This show was extra as hell
Idk what to even say. I finished it. This was some of the worst writing and acting ive ever seen but i made it through 7 seasons so they must have done something right 😂
The Eligius 3 ship. Where is it?
At the end of season 6 the primes were going to leave for Planet Alpha and they got on the Eligius 4 ship to do so. What happened to the Eligius 3 ship that they came on? Unless I'm missing something (very well could be) they traveled from Earth separately from the other Eligius missions so they'd have their own ship right? Did one of the other Eligius ships drop them off on Beta/Sanctum because If not where did that other presumably gigantic ship go? They couldn't have used the Anomaly Stones right because they were never in the bunker/associated themselves with Gabriel.
S7 Finale
Contrary to most folks, I enjoyed how the show ended. I’m a huge fan of space exploration, impressive technology, and the whole concept of extraterrestrial life forms. Didn’t expect it out of this show because it came across as a post apocalypse survival series. But I guess everything that happened led them to where the show ended up.
A lot of people hate the transcendence concept, but I guess it didn’t bug me as much because there was a point in season 3 where I learned to just accept the show for what it is and not stress the details too much lol so I don’t mind that all their hard work is as for the human race to evolve into little yellow light figures that won’t ever die and won’t ever feel pain. And yes, everyone of the friends decided to stay behind with Clarke and live out their days together…it’s somewhat of a happy-ish ending. Sucks that Bellamy got smoked by Clarke. But if it’s true that there were some scheduling conflicts with the actor and director then I guess it is what it is.
I do agree with some of your posts about how they should have gone into a little more depth regarding the alien species/judges. Would have loved to know more about their origin and what their true agenda is.
One thing I wonder is if there was any of that gen9 left? In the episode where dyoza gets turned to stone, all it took was one drop. But that vile looked like it had quite a few doses left. Imagine Clarke takes that with her into the alien test place and just released it there…. Lol we all knew she was gonna fail that test. Cadogan probably would have failed also, but what better way than to take one of those aliens down with you? Would it have affected the entire conscious mind or just that one judge that was there for the test?
How did the rover survive Primefaya?
S5 Ep1
Surely that shit exploded for a real one once the entire world combusted, let alone the tiny ass rations
Is it an electric vehicle? Does sit require fuel? How did she fill up said rover
FYI I've watched the whole show before. Just on a rewatch
the 100 tv and book experience
I watched the 100 without knowing it was based on a book series. I have recently started the books (starting book 3 right now) and I absolutely love it. I think of the books more like a well written fanfic instead of source material. It is such a great story
Raven is a hypocrite
When Finn was dying from the poisoned knife she used wires from the ship to shock torture Lincoln for the antidote.
She made the bomb that blew up the bridge. And she was a huge contribution to killing 300 trikru with the ring of fire.
She also tried to set Murphy up to be traded for Finn. And when that didn't work she gave Clarke a knife to kill Lexa if she didn't let him go.
The whole lot of them have done terrible things. Usually for "my people" but they accept that they did them. Raven thinks she's better than them all and has done absolutely nothing wrong.
And kill Lexa? With the whole grounder army there? You think that's a good idea?
Location of landing
Spoiler for Season two episode two
Hi sorry if anyone has already asked this,
In season 2 episode 2 at 37:15, Jaha lands on earth and we can see a broken bridge in the background (sorry I can't put a photo in it wont let me screenshot Netflix). I was wondering if anyone knew what bridge that is?
I thought it could be the Golden Gate bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge just off the top of my head. I remember Jaha has to get to the commander in Ton DC (Washington DC) by horse so I assume it couldn't be that far away.
I feel like there might have been some more details that I forgot so I would love to hear everyone's opinion!
i really want to rewatch the show but it’s hard knowing all that happens especially since bellemy is my favorite character. anyone else have this problem?
Arthur Dayne vs Luna kom Floukru
Two of the best fighters in Game of Thrones & The 100 fight to the death, who wins?
[Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning](https://preview.redd.it/awojcfyksdpa1.png?width=1886&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=929e1d61c1cd614b243b4f0927341d2c6620f3be)
[ Luna kom Floukru ](https://preview.redd.it/n0gtymymsdpa1.png?width=640&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b24f7ee374ec8836cfa4f6b12ec76b078a5068ab)
* Standard gear for both Arthur & Luna
* Arthur doesn't wear his helmet
* Neither participant has information on the other
* In character
* No Black Rain
* Where Roan & Octavia fought Luna
* 10 Feet
He should have never died and Raven deserved her sexy nerdy bf. Literally her perfect match 😑
That’s it. That’s the post.
I am rewatching after a couple years.
he deserved better.
He put up with Clarke for so long and lied to protect her.
Favorite character by faction S1-7

Yep, another 'who's your favorite character' thread but hopefully with a bit of a twist this time:

\-Who's your favorite of the 'core five' - Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, and Murphy?

\-Who's your favorite delinquent?

\-Who's your favorite grounder?

\-Who's your favorite adult?

\-Who's your favorite character who was introduced post time-jump?

\-Who's your favorite villain?

\-Who's your favorite minor character?

The scene where Clarke lost me completely
Years ago I watched the first 3 seasons and stopped. I recently started binging it and today I watched the final episode.
I really liked Clarke in the earlier seasons, especially her interactions with her mother. Abby was (imo) totally insufferable and when she was arguing with Clarke, I felt like Clarke was in the right 10/10. Clarke was strong and really knew what was best for the greater good.
With Madi, though we got the whole Abby and Clarke thing again, but this time Clarke being Abby. Now that's fine of course. Kids don't want te be like their parents, but end up being like them anyway sometimes, it happens. However this just kept on going for 3 seasons and not once did she seem to really doubt herself.
The moment of no return for me was when she broke the helmet. She just decides the fates of everyone there in an instant. Madi rightly calls her out on it. It's strange to me she was the only one, because if I were anyone in that group I would've lost my shit. Extremely egotistical and frankly insane move.
This scene made me lose all hope for Clarke. She was just a nutcase to me then.
Was not in the least surprised she failed the test for (all) mankind. She honestly didn't deserve to transcend, though neither did sheidheda (wtf?)
If I were Murphy and Emori, I would've never returned to earth for her.
Eli Goree (Wells Jaha) in the Peripheral
I felt like Wells was kind of a one-note do-gooder character. I’m re-watching the peripheral, and it’s great to see Eli as Conner, who is a really complex character. Who knew Eli had such range? Maybe people who’ve seen him in his other roles. This is the first thing I’ve seen him in since The 100.
Lily’s character in the books deserved more. It just felt like she could’ve been a really good addition to the main character list and provided a really good storyline for the books. And I find it really evil how even after Clarke finds out that Lily was Bellamy’s girlfriend WHOM SHE KILLED, SHE STILL HAS THE NERVE TO PURSUE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER? I don’t know why, but this was really infuriating.
How long ago?
Wife and I are watching for the first time and are in season 3. I was totally into the idea behind it all until they flash back to when the nukes destroy the world and it said “97 years ago.”
97 years, and all of DC is grown over, and the grounders are at the rebirth of civilization? With a new language? I’m 46 and my grandmother was born 120 years ago. Also, Alexa is talking about generations of reincarnated leaders?
I literally thought this was all occurring like 2-300 years in the future.
How were Eligius IV prisoners radiation-proof?
How were the Eligius IV prisoners able to withstand Earth’s radiation? They were in cryosleep so they didn’t evolve like the grounders and they didn’t get exposed to solar radiation like the Ark people. I feel like their physiology should be more like Mount Weather people, which means they shouldn’t be able to survive without suits. Did the show ever explain this?
Rewatching for probably the 4th time and Jaha is the absolute worst can't stand him
He's insufferable, I wish he would have died in season 1 or at least by season 3