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🔥 Hot out of the oven: “The Baking Sheet - Issue #31”

We are now switching to a weekly cadence of the Baking Sheet as we deliver news and insights from across the Tezos Ecosystem -- also now with more commentary and short form articles!

Asia's biggest wallet for Ethereum users, which is responsible for ~10% of all Ethereum transactions, has implemented Tezos. imToken will also be a Tezos Baker for its 11 million users in more than 200 countries around the globe.

Tezos is the 12th public blockchain that imToken has added to its wallet. Welcome to Tezos, China!

In light of the recent announcement of baseDAO, Tezos Commons will be evolving the Community Rewards Program into a DAO by Q2 2021. This pilot will enable greater community participation and involvement for the CRP. Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, January Nominations are open, let us know who you think deserves tez for their contributions. There is up to 5000 tez distributed monthly to community members
🔥 Hot out of the Oven: “The Baking Sheet - Issue #32”

As we enter the last voting phase of the EDO proposal, this week we cover the emerging NFT space, the DAO movement on Tezos, and the latest news this week from across the Tezos Ecosystem