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Our new update today introduces Drafts, Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube and Vimeo videos on iOS, a new built-in video player for Android, as well as design and usability improvements across all our apps.

Read all about version 3.10 here:
Here's how your chats list will look in Telegram for iOS v.3.10 with a couple of Drafts and a video running in PiP mode.
Telegram for iOS was updated to version 3.10.1 today.

Picture in Picture is now available not just for YouTube and Vimeo videos, but for all videos in Telegram.

Chat preview (formerly only with 3D Touch) is now available for all iOS devices. Simply tap and hold on a chat to preview without opening.

We've also made a few minor improvements and fixed a couple of bugs. The app will no longer crash when sending videos to channels, and if you've seen an indestructible empty chat in the list, it will go away now (try terminating and restarting the app if it lingers).

Stay tuned for more updates on all platforms.
Telegram v.3.11. is out for iOS, Android and Desktop.

Trending stickers, personal storage, group previews for invite links, new camera interface for Android 4.1+, new in-app video player for Telegram Desktop, and more.

Read all about it the latest blog post:
And check out all those new stickers, they're awesome.
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Telegram 3.12 is out for iOS and Android!

1. You can now add masks, text, and drawings to your pictures. Telegram's sticker artists have prepared many stylish masks for you to try out. Naturally, you can also upload your own using the @stickers bot (by the way, that bot has learned a couple of new languages for the occasion).

2. In addition to this, you can now make your own GIFs in just a few taps. Simply record a video, then press the "mute" button to send it as a looped animation.

3. We've added a new Trending tab to your sticker panel, feel free to check it when you're out of fresh sticker ideas.

You can read all about the new features in this blog post:
Version 3.13 is out for iOS and Android today!

We're introducing a major update to Telegram's Bot Platform: Bots can now offer you rich HTML5 experiences, like games.

For a taste of what's coming, check out the @gamee bot. You can use this bot in inline mode: simply type @gamee in any of your chats to share a game and compete with friends.

Here are a few examples for you to enjoy:

Hundreds of games are coming your way – if you want them. We know you love Telegram because it’s lean and efficient. This is why the new Gaming Platform is strictly optional and won’t add a single byte to the size of our apps. The only thing we're adding today is countless more fun moments in your chats.

Read more in the Telegram blog:
Telegram 3.15 is out, adding pinned chats and powerful @IFTTT integrations.

You can now pin important chats to the top of your list and use Telegram to control more than 360 services and Internet of Things devices.

For example, you can now receive your new Twitter mentions in a Telegram group, automatically post your Instagram photos to a Telegram channel, or change the color of your Philips Hue by sending a message in Telegram.

Bonus: Android users will enjoy three extra features in this update: high-precision rotation for photos, Picture-in-Picture mode for Youtube videos, and forwarding into Secret Chats.

Read more in the Telegram blog:
Introducing The Telegraph Bot and API – with logins, page view stats, and more.

You can now use the @Telegraph bot to log in and manage your Telegraph posts across any number of devices. In addition, this bot can give you page view statistics for any post on Telegraph.

Developers are welcome to use our new Telegraph API to create similar bots for other platforms or standalone tools.

Read more in the Telegram blog:
Some media claimed Telegram did little or nothing to stop ISIS content from spreading on its platform. Nothing can be further from the truth: every day we block over 60 ISIS-related channels before they get any traction, and over 2,000 channels are blocked every month.

For daily updates on the number of ISIS bots and channels blocked by Telegram, follow @ISISwatch.
Telegram 3.16 is out, allowing you to unsend messages and view network usage stats. We've also added stylish links for Telegram profiles, channels, and public groups.

Also, Android users get another bucketful of improvements for their app. How come they always get more? Well, we have a lot of Android users. But, more importantly, one of them has all our money.

Here's more about this update:
If you already have Android Wear 2.0., check out the Play Store on your smartwatch for the new Telegram for Android Wear 2.0., our new fast and powerful standalone app.
Android users, rejoice! With the new version 3.17 you can customize the way your Telegram app looks using Custom Themes and the new Theme Editor.

We've included two new default themes made by Telegram's designer: a dark theme that is good for telegramming by night and a fresh blue theme with fresh blue text bubbles.

Here's a blog post with more details:

Many of our users are already busy making new themes. Check the @AndroidThemes channel if you want more.

If you're on iOS or other platforms, don't worry – we'll have some other good news for you soon. 😈
Btw, our brave volunteers from the Telegram Support Force have collected some tips and answers to the most popular questions about themes on this page:
A big update is coming to Telegram soon. It is currently delayed because Apple is keeping the iOS version "In review" – it's been stuck in this state for more than 10 days.