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πŸ”₯ TelePay API update πŸ”₯

βœ… Added:
onchain_url field to the created invoices.

Now the API returns this new URL on each invoice once created. The on-chain URL is a deep link to optionally present it to your users.

The deep link follows each blockchain standard, examples:


Or in the Hive/HBD case: HIVE&memo=U5I8K0N4JU

You can choose to redirect your users to the checkout_url or the onchain_url, as you wish. TelePay will serve the hosted checkout experience in the first case, and will monitor incoming transactions to provided wallets in both cases.

πŸš€ Coming soon:
・ Memos will not be necessary anymore on TON deposits.
・ New webhook events to partially paid or overpaid invoices.

πŸ“„ Useful links:
・ Documentation (updated)
・ Python SDK (updated to v0.0.6)
・ PHP SDK (updated to v1.0.3)
・ NodeJS SDK (updated to v0.0.4)
・ Dart SDK (updated to v0.0.3 )

Any doubts? Ask in the comments.
The support chat is fill with questions from the community, that's why we've summarized the Frequently Asked Questions in this document.

・ What is TelePay?
・ Where is my wallet address?
・ Which currencies or tokens does TelePay support?
・ Which are the advantages of using TelePay?
・ How to deposit / transfer / withdraw funds?
・ How can I use the API to handle payments in my business?
・ How much are the fees?
・ How can i get a verification badge for my profile or merchant account?
・ What is the deposit / withdraw minimum?

Read the FAQs:

Do you have any other question not covered there? Contact us at or leave your message in he comments.
Today's update removed memos from TON deposits, improved payments by making them flexible, and introduced minor improvements in the API.

Read more details in our blog:
When creating an invoice, you need to specify the exact amount in cryptocurrency. Should we add a way to define the USD amount and convert it to crypto in real-time?
Anonymous Poll
Yes, accept USD amount as input and convert it to crypto amount
No, only accept crypto amount when creating the invoice
TelePay API update

Today we're adding new endpoints to support fetching an asset, creating, updating, activating, deactivating, and getting webhooks via the API. You can find the detailed documentation by clicking on each link below.

・ GET /getAsset
・ GET /getWebhook/:id
・ POST /createWebhook
・ POST /updateWebhook/:id
・ POST /activateWebhook/:id
・ POST /deactivateWebhook/:id

The next version will support more webhook events and a new withdrawal experience. SDKs will be gradually updated.

Is there any new endpoint you'd need? Tell us in the comments.
TelePay API update

New endpoints:

・ GET /getWebhooks
・ POST /deleteWebhook/:id

We now have 21 total endpoints, and more coming up in next versions. Keep building your apps!
Is your preferred SDK updated with the latest changes?

this Google sheet, you can find details of each API endpoint mapped by SDK. We'll update it regularly, so feel free to check there anytime.

Also, added to the docs:
Channel photo updated
The API's new documentation based on the OpenAPI specification is live.



Importing the schema file is possible into Postman or any other compatible client.
Introducing a minimum deposit amount for some assets to shorten blockchain fees on incoming/outgoing transactions.

Also, changes in the API:
・ Improved: Endpoint POST /createInvoice
・ Improved: Endpoint GET /getAsset
・ Deprecated: Endpoint GET /getWithdrawalMinimum

Read the details in our blog: