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We believe that the Broad, Gates, Poltical Agendas and Private for profit groups DO NOT belong in schools. Along with programs such as BLM, CRT, REI and SEL.
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WOW! This is a doozy!
Very interesting to look at the key players in all of this. Even though other states were stating that Say Yes did not work Guilford County continued to push through.

Pay attention to their names. Pay attention to the name changes. Pay attention to where the money has gone.🤔

Congratulations! How great that Guilford County will have an advocate fighting for our children! #FixIt #NewVisionNewDirection
If you have any information that you would like to share with TakeBack we will happily forward your information on. Thank you to Alan Branson for Guilford County Commissioner for taking a stand. #fixit
Guilford County Schools has three different agencies that help with their SROs.High Point Police Department, Greensboro Police Department, and Guilford County Sheriff's Office. It is vital that  you are paying attention to the JULY elections.

Greensboro City Council and the current two Mayor candidates had no concerns regarding the City NOT paying their portion for GPD to have SROs in GCS. Why? How could the safety and security of our children and staff not be a top priority?

🇺🇸 We in Guilford County have the opportunity to write in Chris Meadows for Mayor‼️ This is more important than ever because we need a Mayor that supports our schools and Police.

It is very clear that the current city Council and Mayor DO NOT take safety seriously within our CITY or our SCHOOLS! This needs to change if we are going to protect our children.#fixit

Wow!! Parents have you been paying attention? Did you realize that by having SROs in your schools it was actually pushing the pipeline to prison? Did you realize these people you voted for are not concerned about our school safety? Not their issue😳

The July election will have consequences. Make sure you understand who you are voting for. Look at how they have voted in the past. #fixit

“How do we quantify the impact of Covid-related learning disruption on North Carolina’s students? Where is help needed the most? What is the NC Department of Public Instruction doing to address the impact of the pandemic on students and teachers?

Join us for a special Shaftesbury Society event with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt and Dr. Jeni Corn, director of research and evaluation at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, as we discuss these questions and more.”

“Organize 2020, the social justice protest arm of the N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE), recently sent out an email inviting those “committed to education justice” to join a new coalition aimed at fighting for topics that parents have pushed back on at their school board meeting during the last year; namely Critical Race Theory and saving “banned” books.

The new coalition is called Honest Education Action & Leadership or “H.E.A.L."

“This national effort is supported by the National Education Association (NEA), People’s Action, Dignity in Schools, and many others committed to education justice,” the email reads.”

“We do not have a voice until after the shots are fired”. Now read that again! We must do better Guilford County Schools to protect our students and staff.

Phil Byrd for Guilford County Sheriff understands what needs to be done and is willing to do it!

We encourage you to read the book Why Meadow Died to understand how our government has failed our schools.


This is not book burning! This is educating parents of the materials their children have access to while in government funded schools.

The book Crank the pastors are speaking of is in these Guilford County Schools, Grimsley, Smith, SEHS, Southern, and Welborn.

#fixit #NewVisionNewDirection

They keep saying that the safety of our schools is of the upmost importance… If so why have they still not done anything? This is not a complicated issue! It’s actually quite simple. They need to protect our schools the way they protect their government buildings. They know exactly what needs to be done they are just choosing not to do it. Why?
#FixIt #NewVisionNewDirection
If you have left GCS to take control of your child’s education why in the world would you want to partner with the same system that does not give you as a parent a voice and is teaching your child an agenda? #fixit
Who remembers this? A year later and they still have NOT put the safety of our children and staff first. Don’t be fooled by these scanners that teachers are going to have to operate. Teachers should be in their classrooms and halls paying attention to what’s going on. Not manning body scanners.
Teachers that are already shortstaffed and at their wit‘s end are now being given even more responsibilities. Responsibilities that they are not trained or equipped for.

People, this is not a hard thing to fix! It’s high time that we take all the safety and security that is offered to our government buildings and BOE board room and move it over to our schools!

Let’s see our elected officials walk the walk and put safety and security of our most valuable and vulnerable first! #fixit