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Forwarded from Tehama Citizens for Trump (Shawn Greer 🐸)
Capt Seth Keshel is all about Election integrity. This is gonna be an amazing event! I encourage everyone to go.

If you know ANYONE in the elections office or any political office - get them to go!
Groundwater Control Public Hearing
Monday, June 20 @ 11 AM
727 Oak St

The Board will consider adopting a resolution imposing a $0.29 per acre fee for the administrative costs of the well registration program. There is a list of affected parcels and the anticipated cost as well.

Prior to the public hearing, written comments may be mailed or delivered to the Groundwater Sustainability Executive at 9380 San Benito Avenue, Gerber. For more information, contact Deputy Director of Public Works - Water Resources Justin Jenson at jjenson@tcpw.ca.gov or (530) 385 -1462 ext. 3020.

Good morning friends!

I survived my first prolotherapy yesterday - 70 shots in the neck!

For those who don’t know, I’m in Florida getting treatment for my neck which has loose ligaments - basically it’s not strong enough to hold up my head.

If you’re interested- you can see what I’ve been doing here:

Forwarded from Tehama Citizens for Trump (Shawn Greer 🐸)
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This is too funny - Newsom advertising for his run for Governor of California IN FLORIDA!!! 😂
From Kevin Kiley;

The Public Health Director of Los Angeles County has announced that a mask mandate will likely be reimposed by the end of July. 
In addition, school districts like Sacramento Unified have already brought back student mask mandates. The national teachers union is calling for nationwide compulsory masking to begin the school year.
The TV show Mom has a great episode addressing rape. Often women feel they were at fault because they were intoxicated or under dressed - it is NEVER your fault! And you always deserve help.

Empower Tehama has incredible resources for domestic violence and sexual assault.

If you need help, if you are being abused or have been assaulted, you can contact them directly - but if you’re scared about the process, you can also reach out to me and I will help get you in touch with them.

In addition to direct client help, they have a ton of educational resources for the community. You can help! Businesses can share brochures or place flyers in bathroom stalls. They’re also a 501c3 so you can make a tax deductible donation to help our county residents get direct help.

Individual Help
- Sexual Assault Response Team
- Advocacy & Counseling
- Housing & Medical
- Legal / Court Services
- Teen Dating Violence Prevention
- Stalking Victim Log

Community Education
- Human Trafficking
- Get Involved
- How You Can Help
- Brochures & Flyers

Lots of sickness goin around! Hubby and I caught a bad bug - been in bed with fevers and feeling awful for days.

We are away from home and didn’t bring any remedies (duh) - so today we are making quinine.

This can be kept up to 3 weeks in the fridge - we will be freezing in ice cube trays too.

It can be taken as a preventative (2 TBSP / day).

Stock up because when you’re too sick to get out of bed you won’t be able make it.

More natural remedies can be found at the link below.

Found a tick in the house last night - good reminder to share how to protect yourself.

Ticks with Lyme have been found in all 50 states.

A study of Bay Area parks found at least half of all ticks in each park carried Lyme+.

Most people never get a bulls eye rash or see a tick.

Mosquitos and spiders can spread Lyme too.

Local doctors are not well trained in tick disease and can only treat for 28 days. If they treat longer, they may be at risk of losing their license - so they don’t go there.

There are specialists trained by ILADS who can treat correctly.

There are natural treatments. How you treat us up to you. But you have to have the right doctor.

It took 8 years for me to get diagnosed. By then I was bedridden and disabled. I was on antibiotics for 5 years - 4 through IV.

If you have bizarre symptoms, PLEASE talk to me.