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Hey guys 😊

Small update from my side:
1. Sorry about the downtime of The reason for that is, our webadmin can't access his computer due to medical reason. I don't know for how long but it can take several weeks or even a few months. I'm very sorry about that... and I can't even do anything about it 😢

2. As I already wrote several times, the next update will be based on Oreo (V3.0). As sammobile wrote recently, they expect samsung to release Oreo around the end of April. So my suggestion will be you will see an official update (from samsungs side) around the middle of May (think about it, the Note 8 didn't even received the update yet). Till then, this rom won't be updated. Thanks for your understanding!

WIsh you all a nice remainder week👍🏼
Forwarded from BatMan News Channel (Andreas TheFreak)
Hello everyone,

at first i want to to tell you that is up and running again.

As you surely noticed we had a really long time out. The website was mostly down and if online, just for a few days. I really want to apologize for this. It was totally my fault and the other teammebers couldnt do anything about it, even if their wished to.

So what happened?

Due to medical reasons i was gone from home from one minute to another. I was brought to hospital and had to stay there for a long time, after that i went to a rehabilitation-center to get back on my feet.

If you want to know more about this, please contact me in private. I hope you can understand that it´s hard for me to talk about it that openly in public.

There were no backup plans ´cause damn, im 27 and never expected anything like that to happen. But i can promise you, such thing won´t happen in the future, there are plans to avoid this. Im teaching Tkkg1994 to keep everything running and if some problems occur, to fix them.

Im already back and "laptoping" again since a few days. The website was as some of you already noticed online but in maintenance. I took the chance to make alot of changes and additions, before we were goin back online.

I will show most of them in my blog (oh yes we got a blogging system now 😉 ). Please, if you got any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or one of the teammembers!
Hey Guys

Just a short update on the SuperMan-Rom V3.0 (Oreo). It will be released when it's out officially. Which means the source code for the kernel has to be released first and official files need to be available from sammobile or a similar site.

On our reworked website we new have an ETA page which shows you the current state of development. For the SuperMan update it's this page here:

If anything changes, I'll update this post (with percentage, what's already done and so on).

Also I saw that many many chats here on Telegram are getting out of hands with spam. The only official supported Chat for the S7/S7e is the SuperMan-Rom one. All others are EOL (End of Life) and NOT supported any longer. I couldn't delete those groups so I suggest you to simply leave them. (I did the same).

Wish you a good time and hear from you when Oreo is released officially 😊
People have been installing unofficial GBWhatsApp and GBInstagram files for a long time. Installing those from unofficial websites contain scam most of the time.

That's why we have setup 2 threads with the developers of the GB mods! Containing useful information, download links and more 👍🏼

This can also be useful in case you don't know yet what the GB mods stand for 😊

WIsh you a nice day!

GBWhatsApp Thread:

GBInstagram Thread:
I know, BTU and other CSCs are getting Oreo, this are great news!

Before getting too much hyped about that release, make yourself sure that I need official odin files for the BL. Plus I still need the kernel source.

Also, I won't start developing on the s7/s7e till the S8 and N8 updates are finished. They have priority.

To get the source code for the kernel in order to create a rom, please do the below steps as on previous releases, thanks a lot guys!

1. Go to the opensource website:
2. Click on the "inquiry" letter on the right side of the website
3. Enter your informations (Name/Email and so on), click on "inquiry type", "request for source codes"
4. Source code type: "kernel"
5. Write a message to request the G935FXXU2ERD5 source code (it's important that you mention the base)
6. Agree the terms and send it to samsung
Too long I haven't said anything on this channel. Lets update what's currently going on:

I have finished the Oreo update for both devices (the S8 and the Note 8). What does this mean? The next thing I'm going to develop is this rom! 👍🏼

I'm sure you ask yourself now when is Luca going to start. The semester of the university is over, means I got finals right now. Currently I'm learning for them. After the finals are done I'll start with this rom. Life comes first guys...

Cheers! 😊

The same thing can also be checked here (and yes I'm updating it as soon as something new happens):
Fixed, new TWRP version update from my side. Includes full Oreo support! Means after removing encryption, this TWRP will show data storage without any issues!

Other kernel developers may need to adapt (add quota to their fstab).

S7 img flashable:!xEdWwYQZ!IdTYbSyUzDptG-ArdvDZt1_hKG5qBbwP3P-mkcJCelo

S7 odin flashable:!tMVCBYrB!Bcvd2tGuvvRfpCPdWvpGwy53f25Oe5qe_zCOSLX_-rA

S7e img flashable:!oFd2RIpa!M2JYNFiurMlDp_jAblE8a4E2qQEYZ-yMXx8eMHhBZ7I

S7e odin flashable:!4JcmXKpK!BANHL1q1ZiDfL_R-YlM4pWERjnO724EFn84C413BJuY

When you guys can confirm that all is fine, I'm going to release them on XDA TWRP threads 👍

This recovery may not work on Nougat/MM or Oreo with an unsupported kernel.
SuperKernel V3.0.0:
- This kernel can only be used on OREO stock based roms (No ports!)
- Updated kernel source to most recent ERG2 code
- Updated ramdisk to ERG2
- Changed toolchain to google 4.9 for better compatibility
- Updated AIK to 3.3
- Updated f2fs to most recent available
- Updated linux to 3.18.118
- All previous features are included!

SuperStock-kernel update will arrive soon as well.

SuperStock-Kernel V3.0.0:
- This kernel can only be used on OREO stock based roms (No ports!)
- Updated kernel source to most recent ERG2 code
- Updated ramdisk to ERG2
- Changed toolchain to google 4.9 for better compatibility
- Updated AIK to 3.3
- Updated f2fs to most recent available
- Updated linux to 3.18.118

SuperMan-Rom V3.0.0:
- Based on latest ERG2 rom
- All kernels have been updated to ERG2 base (SuperStock, SuperKernel and stock)
- Updated adblocker (adaway)
- Updated GBInstagram and GBWhatsApp
- Updated youtube vanced
- Updated busybox
- Updated sound mod
- Updated zero camera mod
- Updated included modem/bootloader
- Updated CSC
- Updated CSC tweaks (can now be chosen individually in aroma)
- Updated magisk to v16.7
- Updated xposed to latest 90.2 beta 3
- Added mtweaks to the useful apps in debloat menu
- Reworked rom control, features are now almost identical to BatMan/IronMan Oreo
- More things I maybe already forgot in the meantime

Oreo and full deodex:
All oreo based roms (not only samsung, every OEM) has issues when fully deodexing the framework. Dalvik-cache will NOT be generated and hence the device is slow as hell. I've patched a file (sepolicy in ramdisk) in order to allow dalvik-cache to be built even with full deodexed framework. BUT: Magisk uses its own sepolicy. What does this mean??
Flashing the rom with magisk will result in a slowed down device. Please first flash the rom without magisk, boot the device 1 time (to build the dalvik-cache) and then flash magisk. This will prevent you from using a slow phone 👍
I assume many people will flash the rom with magisk and end up with a lagging device, please help them by tell them what to do 😊

More information:
CSC selection will be updated in the coming weeks to support oreo. The current one is only for nougat.
I will also update the pro app on playstore as soon as possible 👌
Some people still had random reboots even on rebuild kernel, I will update the kernels with a new source code (when released by samsung), because I can't do much more about it...

I will update the CSC selection in a few weeks. For that purpose please download your carriers csc (oreo) for the g935 model and upload it to gdrive/mega/dropbox.
Thank you 👍
As you may noticed, the latest Oreo kernels (ERG2 based) have some issues with random reboots. We did even test it with a full stock kernel build on this source, same experience..
In order to fix this mess up by samsung, please request the new source code for ERH1. Thank you!

How to request:
1. Go to the opensource website:
2. Search for SM-G935F/SM-G930F
3. Click on the "inquiry" letter on the right side of the website
4. Enter your informations (Name/Email and so on), click on "inquiry type", "request for source codes"
5. Source code type: "kernel"
6. Write a message to request the G935FXXU2ERH1 source code (it's important that you mention the base)
7. Agree the terms and send it to samsung

Thanks everyone for helping me to get the source code faster!
I know the ERH1 source code is now out. I've built a stock stock kernel from this source to test whether or not it still has the random reboot issues. If not, I'll update the rom + kernels.

The two files below can be flashed as img files in twrp. Thanks for your help!
Forwarded from Luca Grifo
37.1 MB
Forwarded from Luca Grifo
36.5 MB
SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1:
- Added unlock device with fingerprint without waking the device (only works as long as scanner isn't in deep sleep)
- Fixed edge panel crashing on s7 flat devices
- Updated kernels to 3.1.0 version
- Updated included busybox to most recent available
- Updated GBWhatsapp
- Updated youtube vanced

Oreo and full deodex:
This is still the same behavior with the magisk flash process (due to the same reason as on previous post)

Random reboots:
The new source code (ERH1) does still have the same issues as ERG2. This means for me that samsung will stick to this source and not going to change anything in the near future. I already spent too much time for this update and trying to fix the random reboot problem. For me the only real chance is to downgrade to ERF4 source (which has over 2000+ changes compared to ERG2/ERH1). But again, when we downgrade the kernel source code, why we even switch from nougat to oreo? I hope you get my point about it

SuperControl Pro:
Is now live and supports Oreo. This is only to support me and has no extra pro rom features (has translations added into a few languages).
Dear readers
I just got back from holidays and will update the long waited csc selection in the following week.

Also I will delete the SuperMan Group (due to EOL state of the rom). There still is a generic group where all my released roms/kernels are discussed.

Since it's a group for all devices, please mention your rom/device/kernel before asking something. This makes it much easier to help you guys.

The invite link is:

Wish you a nice weekend!
CSC Selection V3.0.0 (Oreo):
- Updated all included csc files to oreo
- Updated applock/airmessage/screen recorder to latest oreo files
- CSC features can now be chosen at the end of the aroma installation. Means if you don't check anything, no features get installed!

Don't use this on nougat or marshmallow based roms. Also I'm not sure how it acts on ported roms. Official I only support s7 stock based roms, no ports or AOSP roms (lineageos and similar).

Have fun! Waiting for your reports 😊

Hello to those still visiting this channel.

I wish everyone a merry christmas🎄, enjoy the time with your family and try to relax a bit while the rest of the year may was full of stress (like mine).

May the upcoming 2019 be one of the greatest years for you and hopefully you will be able to achieve all your goals.

With best wishes, Luca