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SuperMan-Rom V2.7.0:
- Based on latest DQIC release by Samsung (full rebase)
- Includes most recent August security patch (Samsung doesn't release the September patch to any device due to Blueborne fix)
- This base includes blueborne fix for bluetooth vulnerability
- Updated included modem and bootloader to DQIC for F/FD devices and BQH2 for W8 models
- Updated kernels to latest V2.9.0 versions build on DQIC source drop
- Updated Magisk to latest V14.2 beta
- Updated SuperSU to latest SR4 beta
- Updated sound mod with latest sound file, this should fix some issues with wifi calling
- Removed viper4android, due to the fact that it broke sound on s8 roms, you should flash ARISE or similar mods after the rom itself
- Updated busybox to latest 1.27.2
- Added some more apps to debloat selection, edge apps for example and some more voice files and for VR :)
- Removed OTA due to the fact that it wasn't working anymore, we will come up with a better solution in the future
- Added a switch in romcontrol to enable/disable high volume warning
- Added a new function to clear memory in pulldown menu
- Updated romcontrol application, changed name to SuperControl Free
- Updated included CSC
- Updated AppLock, ScreenRecorder and AirMessage
- Updated included bloat apps such as Telegram, Signal, Hike and Snapchat
- Included all fixes from last time, means Weather and alarm on lock screen works fine without any need to flash a file πŸ‘

As always you can choose to download directly from our servers, but due to our bandwith this won't be very fast if too many people try at the same time.

So just try to use either our servers or AFH, both can be found from below. Wish you a good start in the next week! 😊

Download Rom:

Download BL/CP:


Or via the pro app:
If someone is interested in a N8 full port please check the new IronMan News Channel below:

Wish you a nice evening πŸ‘
SuperStock-Rom V2.11.0 FINAL:
- Updated to latest DQJ1 base
- Includes latest October security patch
- Fixes blueborne
- Updated all kernels to DQJ1
- Updated SuperSU to SR5
- Updated Magisk to latest V14.3
- Added Magisk Xposed V88.1 into aroma selection
- Added Oreo emojis into aroma selection
- Updated modded camera
- Updated included bootloader/modems
- Updated the adblocker host file
- Fake system state to official

Some words why this is the final version: In the future I'll stop to begin 2 projects (odex/deodex) mainly due to one reason:
There isn't any difference between those two methods except the very first boot up is faster on the odex roms.

Also in my SuperMan-Rom (which will be updated of course) you can also choose to be fully stock (without any mods). There isn't really a reason why I should be keeping those two roms apart and double my work each time.

I really hope you do understand my point of view and respect it, as I am ONE SINGLE MAN updating 5 roms (and don't forget the kernels too...) right now, which is just too much for me.

Anyway now you can download the rom from below, have a nice day πŸ‘:

If someone wants to continue, he can of course, my source code is available at:
Hey guys 😊

We are all aware that the website is currently down. Our webmaster @TheFr3ak will take care about it as soon as possible.

That the website isn't reachable right now is due to the massive changes and code clean up, we are constantly improving everything but there can also be some hick ups from time to time.

However if you want to check whether the website is really down or just you can't reach it, please check:

Thank you all and have a nice evening/day πŸ‘
SuperMan-Rom Status Update

Good day dear readers. As you may have noticed I updated the SuperStock-Rom (to its final) base DQJ1.

So it's just normal that people begin to ask, will there be a SuperMan update to this base?

To clearify that: No, I will be waiting for a November Security patch base. Why?
I really hope it includes the critical Krack fixes! (Same goes for the BatMan-Rom btw)

I hope you can understand my point of view!
Have a great weekend guys 😊
There is a november security patch base out! Wohooo finally, so we just need to kernel source code as well. To get the code faster: the more people request the faster it will be released!

In the BatMan channel it was quite a success requesting the source code as a community last time, I'd like to do the same for the new Kernel source on the S7/S7e:

1. Go to the opensource website:
2. Click on the "inquiry" letter on the right side of the website
3. Enter your informations (Name/Email and so on), click on "inquiry type", "request for source codes"
4. Source code type: "kernel"
5. Write a message to request the G935FXXS1DQK1 source code (it's important that you mention the base)
6. Agree the terms and send it to samsung
I know, it's late in the night, flashaholics are still up and waiting for the base update? Because here it is!!

I really recommend you to update to this release, as it includes the critical Krack fixes! πŸ‘
(anyone with the proper knowledge can collect all data you are transfering via wifi, including passwords!!)

SuperMan-Rom V2.8.0:
- Based on latest DQK1 base released just a few days ago!
- Includes the latest November security patch
- This base includes Krack fix
- Updated included bootloader to DQK1 for F/FD models (modem is still the same)
- Updated kernels to latest V2.10.1 versions build on DQK1 source drop
- Updated Magisk to latest V14.4 beta
- Added Xposed V88.2 magisk (this xposed variant will only work if you select magisk at the same time!)
- Removed many 3rd party bloat apps, like this we save much space
- Added GBInstagram (modded instagram), GBWhatsapp (modded Whatsapp) and modded Youtube to allow background playing! (Credits go the the GBTeam and Zanezam)
- Added listview animations to romcontrol
- Added colorable screenshot text to romcontrol
- Fixed long press on settings icon on pulldown not enabling SystemUI tuner + fc
- Fixed imsservice crash with the switchable RCS icon
- Updated the updater installer binary
- Fixed notification panel custom image not sticking after a reboot

Find the download link here:

For support and donations:

Love you guys ❀️

And yes before someone asks:
Clean flash recommend 😊
The same kernels are included in the SuperMan V2.8.0 update, so no need to reflash them 😊

SuperKernel/SuperStock-Kernel V2.10.1:
- DQK1 source code shares the same source as DQJ1, that's why it's only a small change
- DQK1 ramdisk update
- Linux update to 3.18.83
- Toolchain updated thanks to @djb77
- Boeffla wakelock control added (SuperKernel only, use latest MTweaks application)


The SuperContro Pro received an update as well, it will possibly take a moment till it rolls out to all countries, it adds support to the latest V2.8.0 rom version 😊

Additionally the changelog is as following:
- Added listview animations
- Added new color switch for screenshot text
- Added indoniesian language
- Added hebrew language
- Added vietnamese language
- Added croatian language
- Added czech language
- Added slovenian language
- Updated gradle to latest 3.0.1 version
- Updated sdk to latest 26

Thanks very much for all translators helping me! πŸ‘

Get the app from here:
I will update the CSC Selection the coming days. If someone wants his/her csc to be updated, please upload the csc file for G935F to google drive, mega or a similar hoster and then share the link with @Tkkg1994.

Of course all people who already sent their csc don't need to resend. Have a nice day 😊
Hey guys ☺️

If you ever thought, why isn't there a good app to visit

In fact there is a similar app as tapatalk, which combines different forums.

You can find the app below, search for grifodev on it and login with your username/pw from the website.

Advantages: push messages from quotes, post and general notifications!

So yes it's worth it πŸ‘Œ
CSC Selection V2.5.0:
- Removed many carriers shutdown/boot animations, same for wallpapers, it used too much space on the zip file
- Removed ATT/TMB standalone cscs, they are both already included in the XAA multi :)
- Added a check for s8/n8 port. If the zip is flashed on a port it will warn you, as this selection is only for s7 based roms
- Fixed AUT/BOG csc wrong description
- Updated Applock/Airmessage apps
- Updated BRI csc
- Updated ETL csc
- Updated O2C csc
- Updated PHN csc
- Updated PRT csc
- Updated SER csc
- Updated TEL csc
- Updated H3G csc
- Updated DBT csc
- Updated HTS csc
- Updated NEE csc
- Updated THL csc
- Updated TMZ csc
- Updated TTR csc
- Updated VD2 csc
- Updated XAC csc
- Updated XAA csc
- Updated XEG csc
- Updated XEO csc
- Updated CHC csc
- Added 3IE csc
- Added TIM csc
- Added DRE csc
- Added CHV csc
Hey guys/girls, dear followers and readers of this chat 😊

The end is near, the end of this year I mean not of my development, I hope I haven't shocked you too much with the first few words πŸ˜ƒ

I just wanted to give you some kind of an overview of the development, I will post the same thing on all other news channel as well as on XDA, as it matches all roms.

My plans are as following:
Start working again on the rom updates after christmas/new year. I also got some finals around january/february so I can't tell you yet how much time I'll get there to work on android things.

In general: I'll start to release rom updates with the Januar 2018 security patch base, that's at least the plan πŸ‘

In the meantime I wish all of you very nice holidays (I really hope you got at least some free days...), nice time with your family, an awesome christmas party (in case you celebrate) and hopefully many nice little presents for you πŸ‘Œ

Love you all, you're an awesome community! ❀️
SuperStock-Kernel and SuperKernel V2.10.5:
- DQLF still has the same kernel source code as DQK1
- DQLf ramdisk update
- Linux updated to latest 3.18.91
- Updated toolchain (thanks @djb77 )
- F2fs update to latest release
- AIK updated to v3.1
- Added Wireguard VPN support (SuperKernel only)



About the Rom development:
Waiting for a januar base to be released...
Finally there is a new base out with the January security patch (The other bases are older XXS bases and not XXU, that's why I will use this one as base):

To get the source code for the kernel in order to create a rom, please do the below steps as on previous releases, thanks a lot guys!

1. Go to the opensource website:
2. Click on the "inquiry" letter on the right side of the website
3. Enter your informations (Name/Email and so on), click on "inquiry type", "request for source codes"
4. Source code type: "kernel"
5. Write a message to request the G935FXXU1DRA2 source code (it's important that you mention the base)
6. Agree the terms and send it to samsung
You can expect the new January base update (based on G935FXXU2DRAG) in a few days (most likely around Sunday).

This release will be the last Nougat base update. The next rom update after this one will be Oreo (hopefully Samsung will release it soon for the s7/s7e) πŸ™ŠπŸ‘
YES in my time zone it's still sunday, so I could finish the update in time, enjoy! πŸ‘

SuperMan-Rom V2.9.0:
- Rebased on latest DRAG base
- Includes the latest January security patch
- Updated included bootloader and modem to DRAG for F/FD models
- Updated kernels to latest V2.11.0 versions build on DRAG source drop
- Updated Magisk to latest V15.3 stable
- Updated Xposed to V89.2 magisk
- Install Xposed app as user app, before it got installed as system app
- Updated TWRP to latest 3.2.1-1 version
- Updated GBInstagram, GBWhatsApp and modded Youtube (to play background videos)
- Updated busybox
- Updated included csc
- Updated applock, airmessage, screenrecorder
- Updated zeroprobe camera mod
- Added quicktiles for VoLTE and Wificalling

Things to note:
- This base will be the LAST Nougat release of this rom, next one will be Oreo. Before asking: when will there be an Oreo update? I will update it when samsung officially releases Oreo to our device, with proper source code and so on, not when leaks or betas are out
- After updating to this base and bootloader you may not be able to downgrade your bootloader anymore. So in case you wish to flash for example a MM bootloader, this may not work anymore via Odin.

Anyway, enjoy now and have a nice start in the week! 😘
I'm sorry about the downtime of the GrifoDev website in the last week. It's an issue on our side and we will fix it in the future.
However this isn't the main puprose of posting here, I've released the SuperKernel/SuperStock-Kernel V2.11.0 on GrifoDev (links below). The kernels are the same as you can find it in the SuperMan-Rom V2.9.0.

SuperKernel V2.11.0:

SuperStock-Kernel V2.11.0: