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"Running is very personal. It's just between you, the nature around you, your run and your footsteps," Dr Ben Tan, OSIM Sundown Marathon ambassador.

Today's highlight is an article featured on Dr Ben Tan by Channel NewsAsia. If you are not inspired. We don't know what will.
OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020 is proud to partner with South-east Asia's fastest growing online delicious, healthy food brand, AMGD. They are working closely with Dr. Ben Tan, Sundown's ambassador who has published a book "Running for Your Life" and have come up with 50 Sundown meals, our very own nutrition that can fuel your marathon training. Get EXCLUSIVE SUNDOWN DISCOUNT OF 6% on AMGD PASSES. Promo code Sundown6% and be the first to fuel your run with good nutrition before the meals go live this weekend. Limited sports nutrition meals daily.

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Taking on OSIM Sundown Marathon come 23.05.2020? Prime yourself for the perfect performance with these nutrition strategies.
The food you consume weeks before the big race is just as important as the calories you consume. Your nutritional choices now will have an impact on your finish time, but also on increasing your energy levels, preventing dehydration and optimising your recovery time during these crucial weeks and months. The good news is we have partnered with a leading delicious, healthy food online business, AMGD to provide meal subscription plans at 6% off for all Sundown runners. Start eating right today and you can ensure a positive, successful running experience all the way from here to that finish line.πŸ’ͺ🏼
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Running is a state of mind. In running, ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Ordinary people can attempt the extraordinary.

Know anyone who has conquered the extraordinary? Nominate yourself or someone that inspires you in the "Sundown Inspiration Award"

Details will be launched on our website 01.02.2020. Save the date!

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January always calls for the time for planning.
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Did you hear? The annual OSIM Sundown Marathon is back again this year!

"It is difficult to train for a marathon; but it is even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon." -Aaron Douglas Trimble

Start training now & we will see you again this year!
2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The Rat is the first of all zodiac animals. In Chinese culture, rats are seen as a sign of wealth and surplus.

So in 2020, let's celebrate CNY with the adorable rat family by running for happiness, wealth, prosperity and good health! Let the new beginnings signify a new chapter of success and joy, filled with prosperity and health.

We wish you the best of luck to keep you going in all days of this new year! Use promo code: OSDMHUAT (valid from 25 Jan – 1 Feb) for 8% off Early Bird Rates!
Sundown wishes all a Happy Chinese New Year!

#OSIMSundownMarathon2020 #SleepCanWait
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We have all been guilty of gaining weight during the festive period. It's hard to resist so many tempting goodies on the buffet table!

But don't worry, when it comes to staying in shape during CNY, we've got you covered with our nutrition partner, AMGD. They not only have produced a special series for Sundown runners to prepare you for your run but you can also check out their Keto diet and get back in running shape!

Use promo code: AMGD8% to enjoy 8% off all AMGD passes. Promo ends 1st February. Whilst stocks last.

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#OSIMSundownMarathon2020 #SleepCanWait
Running is a state of mind. You don't want to just survive your first marathon, you want to make it to the finish line in style! #FinishStrong

Follow these tips OSDM2020 Ambassador, Dr. Ben Tan, for a great run:

#1: Start training early.
#2: Set milestones.
#3: Find ways to combat boredom.
#4: Take the road less traveled.
#5: Feel the pain. Then forget the pain.
#6: Test your race #OOTD.
#7: Take power naps.
Dr Ben Tan will be introducing video logs on Sundown's website. Under his mentorship and guidance, runners can reach new heights and tear down the walls of the impossible.