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5000 Peer Reviewed Scientific Medical Studies and the 122 Health Effects of RF Radiation from Sell-u-a-Liar, Wifi, ETC.,ETC.,ETC.,
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Again thank you!
I would like someone to check out my math, since I'm wandering around this RF Radiation hase as most all are at 100 Times what 80% of the rest of the world has to put up with. OR "us of A" the greatest RF Nation in the world!

The following is taken form the fine people of the project!

SO.. here .... for now...we need to multiply each by 100%, and subtract the amount REPORTED so you can have the more accurate VAERS numbers....!
Except for the Amounts of SHOTS / Stabs aka, according to the 1 % of the VARERS reports, (or the LACK thereof,) which are more than likely HALF, or more, of the amount jabbed with the "Poison Needles!"
[Copied and Pasted verbatim....math in -> ( ) <-- Parentheses ]

505,013,980 coronavirus shots injected in the U.S. and
983,756 reports of injury to VAERS
20,622 reports of death
34,615 reports of permanent disability
3,365 reports of miscarriage
following coronavirus vaccinations.

Sobering numbers as this troubled year draws to a close:
505,013,980 coronavirus shots injected in the U.S. and territories[1]
(that is more than 1.5 times the population of the USA, plus the so-called territories don't have enough to pump up that "LIE" even if anyone with an IQ above their waist size, did the figures!}

983,756 reports of VAERS
(times 100% Minus reported EQUALS 97,391,835

20,622 reports of death reports of VAERS
(times 100% Minus reported EQUALS 2,041,578
OR 5,750 PER DAY DEATHS for the 355 Days of fake 100% SYNETHIC Deadly "vaccines!")

34,615 reports of permanent disability reports of VAERS
(times 100% Minus reported EQUALS 3,426,885..... or 9,653 Per Day PERMANENTLY DISABLED humans, And FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!
Now how about that "love your neighbors / others / as thyself?" HUH!)

3,365 reports of miscarriages reports of VAERS
(times 100% EQUALS 336,500 Minus reported EQUALS 333,135 MURDRED PER DAY!

(Now we are going to ADD the "Real Total Deaths," with the extrapolated adjusted 1% reported to the100% minus the
2,041,578 PLUS the "beating hearts living beings inside a mothers womb of
333,135 OR...
2,374,713 (that is TWO MILLION, Three Hundred Seventy Four THOUSAND, Seven Hundred and Thirteen,) or.... 6,689 PER DAY DEAD, or "HEART BEATING" LIVING BEINGS DEAD because of murderous Poison Patented Lethal INJECTIONS!
But our 1.2 Million lawyers, or our "front line of defense, (along with the happy quactors,}" are ONLY... "suey suey suiting" Piggy Pharma, and not DOING C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L CHARGES!)

While the RF Radiated, and technically Con-Trolled, go about their ways, happily socializing on their "INNER-NET" that they are so comforted within!
And if you don't believe that TRUTH....
L@@K up José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado – Wikipedia

And also watch some of his videos of HOW THEY ARE CON-TROLLING the masses, today, who are allowing the MURDER without Criminal Complaints!

So that's the REAL MATH PROBLEM!

here is a doctor who.... says......
Here is some LAW via the us supreme Court...

"Living as we do under a common government, charged with the great concerns of the whole Union, every citizen of the United States from the most remote states or territories, is entitled to free access not only to the principal departments established at Washington, but also to its judicial tribunals and public offices in every state in the Union,"
(READ IT OUT counter the Bull Stripes of the "public fool / stool system," THAT COURTS ARE FREE, IN EVERY STATE In the union!"

Stick that up to their NOSE, and let them see it CLOSE UP, if they can't understand it at "ARMS LENGTH!"

""We find then, on just theory, a total failure of the original right to tax the means employed by the government of the Union for the execution of its powers.
The right never existed, and the question of its surrender cannot arise. . . .
That the power to tax involves the power to destroy; that the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create; that there is a plain repugnance in conferring on one government a power to control the constitutional measures of another, which other, with respect to those very means, is declared to be supreme over that which exerts the control, are propositions not to be denied. If the states may tax one instrument employed by the government in the execution of its powers, they may tax any and every other instrument. They may tax the mail; they may tax the mint; they may tax patent rights; they may tax the papers of the custom house; they may tax judicial process; they may tax all the means employed by the government to an excess which would defeat all the ends of government.
This was not intended by the American people. They did not design to make their government dependent on the states."
"A case of another character in which the taxing power as exercised by a state was held void because repugnant to the federal Constitution, is that of Brown v. state of Maryland."

(Crandall v. State of Nevada 73 U.S. 35 (1867))

The first part is the FREE, (as in ZERO, NADA USD,) access to the courts, (and a court has a JURY TRIAL and it is NOT a court if it does NOT have a "Jury TRIAL!"
As for the second PART, or quote of the state no TAXING authority.....VERDICT... states can't TAX TRAVEL!
SO if they are "taxing" you, for any kind of "TRAVEL," they are without AUTHORITY to do so, under the COLOR of LAW or "prima facie" PRETEND A LAW!
And that includes TOLL ROADS!
FINAL WARNING about Doing UR own thing!

Well now.... since Google and IPeePhoneys all use OUR personal IMEI of our phone, than BOTH know who UR , where U GO, Who U Contact thru UR Contacts, and UR browsing HISTORY aka cookies (not the tasty ones,) and what U SPENT, ($$$$$$$) on any device, connected to ANY Google or IPeePhoneys, or credit or debit cards, since all are connected to UR IMEI numbers in UR phones!

And since THEY .....Google and IPeePhoneys have and use UR IMEI (phone ID number,) than they BOTH know UR Banking, you play mates, er ah... friends, or anyone you ever talked to on any Google. or IPee Phone.

And since the CHIP (IMEI chip,) is located IN the phone and the phone is usually in UR hand, when starting it, or using it to do something, besides just blah, blah, blah...
BOTH know where UR located, who you UR talking, what you are SAYING, from BOTH ENDS, or Texting and who THEY Talk to, or Text and the AI.... DWave Computers, KNOW everything about U, that U do on their PHONE(S).

And The AI can turn them on, and RECORD audio and video anything at any time, anywhere, you go, talk to ETC. ETC. ETC..

And that IMEI CHIP is in either UR "LEFT or RIGHT hand!"

So give up the IDEA that UR NOT ALREADY "Chipped!"
But that certain IMEI IDENTIFIRE Chip knows, U you and U...can NOT BUY OR SELL unless IT KNOW all UR buying and selling!

THAT is HORRID, but most RF RADIATED, don't GIVE a Rusty TRUCK, about any of the FACTS, and just "wander around in a RF Daze, in duh RADIATON, fooling themselves about being "FREE" beings, doing what they were TRAINED as FREEDOM!

THERE is... more than likely coming....SOON THIS YEAR,
UNLESS Everyone who can PROTEST, Do PROTEST! (Did U'LL happen to NOTICE the WORD = EVERYONE?) not just other ones ....while, the REST do THEIR THING, and let the protesters do their THING! NOPE, that stuff don't flush, nor cut the BONDS!

TRUCK NO ....ALL or Nothing!

Glad you asked.....

BECAUSE IF WE ***ALL*** DON'T ACTUALLY PROTEST, besides the 1. already TOTALLY physically DISABLED or
2. MENTALLY MALFUNCTIONAL, AGAINST this. . . "Patented" Plannedamnic" than the THEY are going to MANDATE the only way that U'LL can come and go, and back again, ANYWHERE... U'LL will have an OR CODE, that says that you have been VACCINATED, to go, and come back, again.

And don't for a second THINK that U, and UR's can just "give up the phones, tablets, or computer and still "come and go" THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!
And please Do NOT WAIT to find OUT! IF UR Right or NOT!

OR ELSE U'LL will NOT go out, and NOT come BACK, without that OKEY DOKEY vaccine "OR Code" saying U've had the "Lethal Injection," that will allowing U'LL to do ANYTHING in this life that U'LL may want to do, or go, or work at, or WHATEVER!

Please START at about 12:00 into the following video,
TO SEE Where U'LL won't be doing, and or GOING, because most everyone wanted everyone ELSE to PROTEST FOR THEM!

WARNING: the previous "LOCK DOWNS" were easy peasy and sleasy... but the ONES coming up are more like "CONSITRATION CAMPS," or as the CDC kindly named them as "GREEN ZONES" more than 3 MONTHS AGO!

And what will most do, WITHOUT any "INCOME" coming in?
And wouldn't PROTESTING NOW be better than starving to death, or "suicide" LATER?

So PLEASE do NOT ....
"Put off till tomorrow what U'LL could have done ALL-READY!"

HERE IS THE OTHER PROBLEM... incentives for "Covid-19" faking and the MURDER of patients, via hospitizational DEATHS!
COPIED and pasted....

Sadly, the Covid medical reimbursement system is structured such that hospitals receive a higher incentive for a death than they do for a life saved.
[I do hope you did NOT just "skim and grin," at that FACTUAL Statement, which would mean, that you are also part of the DEATH Machine as will as the doctors and hospital staff, who pretends to "CARE" for patients.]
They even receive a 20% bonus on a patient’s entire hospital bill for using Remdesivir, the same medication that failed the ebola trial by killing 53% of the recipients with kidney failure.

Then, there are deaths from restrictions of effective treatments for hospitalized patients. It has been estimated that more than 800,000 deaths in America’s hospitals, in COVID and other patients, have been caused by approaches restricting fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and therapeutic doses of anti-coagulants.
[Again, that is a FACT, that MORE than 800,000 patients have been MURDERED, by "WHITHOLDING" treatments, restricting fluids [MAJOR reasons for the COVID SEASON,]

As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones.
[NOW that is a firm way to STOP the "Evidence of the CRIMES," from the "witnesses" who would, and should FILE FEDERAL CRIMINAL Complaints, for the GENOCIDE of their relatives / family members! Did you happen to NOTICE.. that 800,000 is OVER THREE (3) QUATERS of a MILLION DEAD PEOPLE! OR is that amount to small or to large to mentally DIEGEST?]

Patients need to now take unprecedented steps to avoid going into the hospital for any reason, including truly understanding the 3 stages of the COVID disease process, understanding accurate dosage of outpatient therapeutics, or risk submitting to the federally funded protocol, which begins by using an experimental FDA-withdrawn PCR test on asymptomatic patients.

Many wonder how this could be?
If the government-issued hospital protocols are killing most hospitalized patients, the incredible doctors and nurses wouldn’t allow themselves to participate, right?
[MILLIONS "wondered" the same exact "WHYS" back between 1933 and 1945 IN NAZI Germ-any, and didn't do a "THING" about it back then NEITHER!]

Coercive tactics such as loss of medical licensure and livelihood, with hundreds of thousands amassed in school loans, are highly effective motivators. Sadly, these clinicians are virtual captives by sheer economic force. The idea of walking away from specific training and lifelong dreams if one simply questions the establishment requires extraordinary courage and certainty. But this courage is what will save our country from government directed and funded socialized medicine under the guise of “evidence-based medicine” protocols.
[End of copied and pasted with comments in Brackets.]

SO welcome to NAZI Germ-ANY!

I hope that you all don't DO SOMETHING, like PROTEST WHOLE HEARTEDLY about the above mentioned 800,000 (which many was counted as COVID-19 DEATHS as a "Title 18 USC 3 and 4 COVER UPS," and got paid for it in the MULTI-BILLION$" to zip their lips and push the POISONS!"

BUT WAY TO many citizen sheep.....,
1. Believe the PUMPED UP LIES about who died of what, during the FAKE Plannedamic!
2. And would rather just "wade around in DUH DENIAL River," as "accessories during the facts," to assist in the COVER UPS, of doctor, nurse, and most hospital staff, COVER UPS, that were BRIBED to do so!
There was NO, as in never, any Covid-19 Pandemic UNTIL is was "manufactured" as such by the GUILTY 1. News gurus
2. Doctors, and nurses, and other hos-PIT-all staff, claiming "Covid-19" cases, and "Covid-19 DEATHS, when it was the 5G (SIX BILLION HERTZ,) that was causing most all of the symptoms, of a FALSE virus, and have been doing so for OVER 100 YEARS!

Good ole "WHITE SMOCKED," [or other colors,] GODS of DEATH!
Just like they did back in NAZI Germ-any!

AND IF YOU ALL DO NOT GET ENERGETLY and entirety INVOLVED NOW.... YOU WILL DIE the same, un-needed way, on what DUH they have PLANNED in the NEXT 6 MONTHS!

Want to BET your life, and the LIVES of your families, and relatives, and so-called friends, and co-workers, and neighbors against that WARNING?

DO YOU really doing the LEAST you could do?

HERE, and turn the VOLUME UP, like your LIVES depended on really HEARING this.... 👂🏽<-----
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his (sic) patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease“ —
Thomas Jefferson
[A signer, and "framer" of the united states CONSTITUTION, who placed in the "RIGHT NOT TO CONSENT," before forced into doing something DEADLY!]


And that was BEFORE manufactured foods, boxed GMOs, and dead non-live-enzymes junk was called "food!"

And Spraying POISONS on the plants, that killed the bees, and the "UNINFORMED" into shoaling that "STUFF" in their own mouths, and the mouths of their families!

DID you understand that WARING given BACK in the "GOOD old days" before "industrialize, manufactured poisons" were a common place in quactors offices, and hos-PIT-alls!

Well the GOOD News, not from DUH "news gurus" is that this Genocide is going to be in the international Court in 10 days, with a grand jury TRIAL ......

Yea see.... I know good news also, and not just the "geocide" situations!

In caw anyone need a "CASE" and LAW to stop any 'emergency" STABS with their "POSION NEEDLE"...

Here is THEIR OWN LAW.......

21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 - Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies
(e) Conditions of authorization
(1) Unapproved product
(A) Required conditions

(ii) Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed—

(I) that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product;

(II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and

(III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available, and of their benefits and risks.

So did DUH head of the FDA ever, stated anything about the ADVERSE EFFECTS of his "EUA" directly about each and every one of the TRIAL PHASE so-called "vaccines" which are still in their "TRIAL Phase" and have not FINISH or Concluded their "TRIAL Phases" for them to be decaled safe of human intake!

Has the FDA, anyone at that NGO, non "Positive LAW" agency ever done any of the following Publicly, and or, on national news.....
ANY . . . .
". . . .of the significant known and potential benefits . . ."
". . . .and risks of such use, . . " OR
". . . .and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; . . . and,"

DID ANYONE, FROM the FDA or CDC or HHS EVER STATE any of the following.....
" . . . (III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product,. . . ."

Did any of DUH "news gurus," on either side of POLITTLE-CUAL coin ever STATE on their "news guru's shows" (and that is just what they are "scripted shows," paid for by Piggy Pharma... EVER STATE....
". . . (III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, . . ."


Allow me to answer that.... NO!

WHY it is in Title 21 United States Code
Food and Drugs.
Not revised, codified and enacted into positive law."

BUT that CODE is for THEM to OBEY and follow or be considered as "CRIMINALS" for violating any CODE that pertains DIRECTLY to them!

IF they, any of them "they" caught us, any of us, out here in the NON "governmental" arena, VIOLATING any United States Code, they would NOT take us into any "CIVIL" court, since they would 1. Charge the non-governmental beings with CRIMINAL CHARGES, and 2. Drag us into "CRIMINAL Court!

Since they have VIOLATED 21 U.S.C Sec. 360bbb–3
Side NOTE......

As I was researching the "EUA" Emergency Use Authorization that supposedly poofy duh Secrutary (lol!) of duh FDA Okey Dokey the use of "so-called" vaccines, to fight against a so-called virus!
AND THERE IS NO Such law, or statute, or code for he/she/or it to use to "EUA" anything related to any 'viruses or vaccines!"

I just found this, that someone needs to tell other's aka their "news gurus" about!

Title 52 of the United States Code
Voters Rights
About 5G (or 6 BILLION) Hertz ..... is DOING this anywhere and everywhere that AIRPORTS are using automatic guidence systems for landing and takeoff of PLAINS. Including the AIRFORCE and any other air port for planes landing and takeoff! SAVVY!

"United and American Airlines CEOs - whose firms both have contracts with the federal government - claim the 5G airport crisis is OVER after Biden administration's chaotic handling of rollout

The 5G network went on line on Wednesday, except in areas around certain vulnerable airports such as Boston and Memphis

The communications companies - Verizon and AT&T - were furious that they were unable to complete their rollout as planned

Airlines were also furious, saying that they had not been adequately prepared for 5G, which they fear could interfere with their automated landing systems
On Wednesday only 48 percent of flights were cleared to take off; the rest were rescheduled ...."

Copied in PART... from

Oh yes, by the way, since all SIDES of DUH Po-little-caul COIN are "LIARS" and working for their own BIG Business concerns, which includes the US Military which is also NOT POSTIVE LAWED, and are actually "A CORPORATION" Under the FEDERAL Corporation, DBA as, the "United States of America" SEE Title 28 USC Sec. 3002 Sub. Sec. 15A ....and THEN read Sec 14 to get the other SUB Corporations that do NOT adhere to the united states CONSTITUTION!
And do NOT care to do so!


How bout this one..... Flights suspended !!
AT&T and Verizon will delay launching new mobile services near key airports after the country’s biggest airlines said 5G would interfere with aviation technology and cause massive flight disruptions.

Key points:
*US airlines have warned of major disruption to flights and the economy caused by 5G frequencies.

*Emirates has suspended flights to many major US destinations until further notice.

*The White House is working with airlines and telecommunications companies on a long-term solution.

SO GANG..... it DOES something to landing and takeoff systems, but the NON Positive LAW, DBA as DUH, FCC who has more TELECOM industry heads running IT WITH IT'S 1996 STANDARDS (24 YEARS AGO,)... says ...
"IT WONT HURT YOU, or me or any-body!


They are the other ARM of the PLANNED GENOCIDE!
And if the FDA don't KILL YA, and all you know before 2525 the FCC will do clean up!
And BOTH will be getting PAID to do their "deadly deeds!"
Bow Ahout that for KILLING BILLIONS, and making BILLIONS for doing so!

And ALL the "5G (6,000,000,000) Hertz" users, and those don't even need to use that spectrum, are just wandering around IN that Cell-U-a-LIAR... RADIATION,... most all say...
"Ahhh they would do dat, they be OUR Government!" DUHHHHHHH!

MO Bull Stripes!
IN Case you need a case!
That about "SUMS IT UP!"

And I couldn't have said that better myself!
Put on your Fighting Apparel and get ready for the Final Straw the killed the camel!
I more than likely have NOT explained the Biontech ROLL with not just Pfizer but a lot more!

Mostly has to do with Nanoparticles, or also called Nanites or Nanobots! And YEPPER they be AI receivers and transmitters that is not only picked up, after "Poison Needle" injections, of jabbed personal phones (mostly 5G,) but also transceivers / Transmitters, placed in a lot of different places besides a human body!

That not only do they TRACK YOU, OR anyone who gets duh stab, but anyone and everywhere they go, via coded graphene location CHIPS, the size of the head of a needle,
And tell if OTHERS don't have the chips/ Nanites it them!

And only can be seen under very, very high zoom of a really good microscope!
But very easily picked up by cheap receivers, that can be ANYWHERE!

So the LADY in the following VID, Karen Kingston, has such HIGH credentials that she is WORTH a good Listening TO! REALLY!

Since most all of my 1 years worth of research on Nanites, aka, Nanobots, has proved that this lady is "SPOT ON!"

And 90% of all the "killer dogies in this hunt," have them Nanites in them, for surveillance, in all that partake of um! And most all who don't if they get near a "jabbed" person who has the APP on their phone!

Science Fiction made REAL, now, months and years ago!
In case something "mo important" than SAVING LIVES of man, woman, AND CHILDREN (C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!)


Biochips made from Graphene Oxide and Graphene Hydroxide that transmit and receive data.

CRISPR Severs Genes in half, deletes Anti Tumor DNA repair

Graphene hydroxide and oxide in shots. –
2 frequency bands are graphene hydroxides – nano size razor blades, can’t be identified in autopsies and are the cause of people dropping dead.

Doctor murdered for reporting the discovery of Graphene hydroxides.

Hydrogels are made from graphene oxides were developed by DARPA. The hydrogels and quantum dots are made from graphene oxides.
And if close and just under the skin, magnates will adhere to the graphene, because it is metallic!

All the patents mention gene deletion via testing!

Coding cells with synthetic DNA. cDNA can be patented. Scientists added 4 plasmids to vaccine. E coli in the patents. Antibiotic resistant bacteria. Modified bacterium patented

Since "Shingles" is cause by the Herpes virus, and people are getting "shingles" from the so-called vaccines, THAN the Herpes virus must be in some of them "Poison Lethal Injections!"

Some of Moderna "poison jabs" literally snaps your DNA in half and they insert a synthetic code. Modifying the BCR1 gene which is a human tumor suppressor gene responsible for repairing DNA. 6:52.

All the COVID shots are deleting genes, genetically modifying humans, DNA, and turning humans into a species that is *patentable.*
And that is according to a US Supreme Court ruling (that is a BAD precedent).

Don’t forget the *sm102* that is on the banned carcinogenic list, since It gives humans, and animals cancer, and then it gets rid of the white blood cells so no immunity to fight it off.

Hospitals are filling up with heart issues/strokes/auto immune disorders.
Cancers & tumors growing wildly.

Men and woman in 20’s & 30’s getting myocarditis which is permanent damage to heart muscle.

DUH UK made up new PPSD disease to explain away what they think will be 300k new cases of heart issues. Just in the UK.

And ALL the so-called variants are IN THE so-called vaccines, and that is how all the Bull Strips are being SPREAD!

Except thru mother's milk into the NEW BORN babies!
And thru sexual contact fluids exchanges thru sexual intercourse! from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed!

And most of all.....the INGOR-ants are just going around, minding their own "businesses," and they all actually waited for "bad weather to set in, so they have another "lame" excuse NOT TO PROTEST!
And just when most are going around "doing their OWN business and MINDING their secluded lifestyles.....


So do you really THINK.... as in contemplate . . . that that ole Prime Minister, and family got to get an "unscheduled get-a-way" because of PROTESTERS in a colder area than DUH us of A, because of Trudeau's "FORCED VACCINES,"

Maybe, if we had the same PROTESTS HERE, the Big Shots, here would NOT TRY to FORCE their "Big Shots" HERE NEIGHTER !

Oh by the way... they are FORCING POISON Lethal Injections into 6 to 11 YEAR OLDS, but that don't matter to most, they just "Blink" or "shake there heads," and go on doing their OWN THINGY!

But NO PROTESTING Here, and NOW, in the land of the "FLee and Home of the slave!"

But REALLY who's doing that here, er... "PROTESTING?"
There are those who are trying to *Censor* their opponents, and have been doing so for 2 YEARS so far.

So what is coming after this PLANNEDamnic that is going to "finish off" them pesky worth-less eaters / not wealthy mass of humankind?

WHAT'S NEXT on their a-rat-a-cation agenda!

Well what do we know so far?
And here is what they do... in a country that has LESS RF Radiation CON-Trolling duh populace!

They shut down the entire downtown CITY of Ottawa!
In other words..... they shut off the "heart of the city!"

The said they are NOT going to STOP until Trudeau LEAVES OFFICE!

The POLICE there are "FEEDING" the truckers!

And they don't seem to be the "FAIR WEATHER" gangs of DUH us of A!

Than there protest that "WE the PEOPLE" don't hear about on Willy Hates's news gurus, stations.....

And over in Britannia ...

And last but not least....