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Why should athletes sign up to the SportsIcon #NFT Marketplace? 🤔


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🚨 Announcing Future Icons 🚨

The next generation of athletes who could change the world!

Now you can invest in their journey and take a share of their earnings.

Our mission is to democratise opportunity for athletes!

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NFL Legend Mike Vick will be joining us for a Live Twitter spaces tomorrow, November 1st at 1pm EST to discuss his SportsIcon marketplace exclusive Masterclass #NFT collection. 🏈
@everyone We have just surpassed 5,000 signups to our upcoming Sports #NFT Marketplace in only 2 weeks 🚀
SportsIcon CEO & Co-Founder Chris Worsey will be speaking at NFT London tomorrow at 4:25pm UK time!

He will be discussing “How NFTs Enable Athletes to Become Creators”, and all things SportsIcon (Marketplace, Metaverse etc.) 🚀
Only 2 days left to connect your Dapper wallet to the SportsIcon NFT Marketplace to get the first 3 chapters of our exclusive Mike Vick Masterclass #NFT Collection for FREE (9 #NFTs)🚨

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Connect your @dapperlabs wallet to the SportsIcon NFT Marketplace before tomorrow, November 10th to get the first 3 chapters of our exclusive @MichaelVick Masterclass #NFT Collection for FREE (9 #NFTs) 🏈

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We have 30,000 signups to our upcoming Sports #NFT Marketplace!!! 🚀
Collect all 9 Chapters of the Mike Vick Masterclass Collection to unlock its utility…

The opportunity to play golf with NFL Legend Mike Vick! 🏈⛳️

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