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Dear 🇺🇸 American Nationalists from all kinds, Conservatives & Trumpists, Libertarians & Anarcho-Capitalists, Royalists & Clerical-minded people, Fascists & National-Socialists, subscribed to BA, this is a post directed to you

At this point all the tips have already been given and we at Bellum Acta (and our other friends at Telegram) believe that you, dear reader, already understood that:
Police & Security Forces are not your allies
Traitors are everywhere. Everywhere.
Massive Censorship in mainstream social medias is imminent.

Therefore, before everything goes down finally:

For months, you, Americans have witnessed your country and your people being undermined and subjugated with a clear and cruel Color Revolution, perhaps the longest and most obnoxious one

However, if the flames of a (Counter) Revolution, that is, a Konservative Revolution, born as a reaction of the forgotten man of America, come back shine in America, definitely DO NOT LOSE THE MOMENTUM.
Wtf, I love boomers now
Gary Player's son is a massive cuck
🇺🇸 US President Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter!
You might be surprised to know that this article was not written by The Onion or Babylon Bee.

South Africa has been regarded as the poster child of Globohomo Diversity™️ ever since the end of apartheid in 1994 when the terrorist government of Nelson Mandela took over.

Ramaphosa, the current president, would like to tell you about all the progress that they've made with the help of democracy: top 5 murder rate in the world, widespread corruption in government, anti-White labour laws, veiled Communism, a super majority party winning every election, Whites as a minority group, daily power cuts, bottom 5 education system in the world, and many other examples of greatness that you can witness on this channel.

If the South African government says you're doing something wrong - you're heading down the righteous path.
Media is too big
Border War Boomer

Reposting this classic to remind you what they fought for
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The president and his fellow communists laughing at the fact that you will be in a perpetual lockdown for years to come.
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List of recent Telegram bans/censored channels & chats.

-The Gray Hour
-Fascist bot (edit: false claim?)
-Shitpost Gang
-Bellum Acta (post censored)
-Family Matters (post censored)
-💥Accelerationist Revival ☄️ (post censored)
-Hatelab (deleted)
-Eco-Fascist Central
-Union 88 Gas Co
-Kill Lab
-White Makes Right
-Moon Central
-Cascadia Pacific Northwest
-Warrior Worldview
-RW Bookclub
-Nogals Redpills (post censored)
-BennyPilled (iOS ban)
-Terrorwave Restored (deleted)
-RightWing Renegade
-Incorrigible bigotry
-Corona Chan News (iOS ban)
-Skelter Order Numen
-The Snake Pit
-Multiculturalism (post censored)
-Western Masculine
-Acceleration Architecture
-Krypteia (deleted)

Note: Some channels have been deleted, others simply had their forwarded posts displaying messages from moderation.

Contact us at @CIGtel_bot and let us know which restrictions were applied.
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Wuhappening is gone
South Africa Reports
Wuhappening is gone
Our friends over at The Great Reset, @wuhappening, have been removed from Telegram without warning
Land grabs taking place again outside of Potchefstroom. Photos were taken on 14/01/2021.
Jackson Mthembu, one of the biggest ANC officials, has died from COVID. Press S to spit.
Forwarded from The Afrikaner-Boer

Quite an accurate portrayal of Africa and it's black inhabitants. Western (read White) countries keep pouring in aid (food, meds, & money), yet they just consume and continues to be a drain on the rest of the world.

White people: STOP giving aid to black Africans that cannot produce or do anything for themselves! It leads to an abnormal inflation of their numbers, and creates havoc on their immediate surroundings (fauna and flaura is wiped out).

The solution is to leave them to their own vices. They don't want you there (look anywhere where they become a majority - they kill, loot, and rape), yet are quick to ask and demand aid when the inevitable famine comes...

Nature will correct itself when left on its own. Read that again
Some of our good friends' channels were removed today.

Luckily, they've made backups - please join them below:

An extract from A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson:

Throughout the nineteenth century the world’s monetary system was based on the gold standard, which had been developed and maintained by the Rothschilds. The discovery of the largest goldfields in the world on the Witwatersrand in 1886 created a new source of supply, which had to be controlled, if their dishonest financial system was to survive. Unfortunately for the Rothschilds these new mines were located in the independent ZAR

Streams of immigrants and speculators soon arrived in the country. Some of them were British, but a larger number consisted of mostly Russian, Polish and German Jews, with roving propensities and no strongly rooted attachment to an old country. The gold mine owners were almost entirely Jewish. The leading company was the Eckstein group named after its managing director, Hermann Eckstein. This combination included Consolidated Goldfields and S. Neumann & Co.

Professor John Atkinson Hobson writes in The War in South Africa Its Causes and Effects that “Rothschild has a controlling interest in Goetz & Co.” and that “Rothschild stands for the Exploration Company which is in effect Wernher, Beit and Rothschild” Furthermore he adds that the dynamite monopoly and “the rich and powerful liquor trade, licit and illicit, is entirely in the hands of the Jews”; “the Stock Exchange, is needless to say, mostly Jewish” and “the press of Johannesburg is chiefly their property”.

By the early 1890s the foreign workers and speculators had started to outnumber the Boers. In 1896, after the abortive Jameson Raid, which tried to overthrow the Transvaal government, the South African League was founded as a Rothschild front in order to agitate for the granting of voting rights to the uitlanders or foreigners. In order to protect their status the Boers would only grant the franchise after a period of 14 years of residence. On 30 May 1899 at a conference held in Bloemfontein, the capital of the Orange Free State, President Paul Kruger, offered to reduce the period of residence to seven years. The British High Commissioner, Sir Alfred Milner, was unmoved and held to his point of view that it was “reform or war”. Eventually, Kruger “bowing his head between his big red hands, hot tears streaming down his bearded cheeks” cried out in anguish “It is my country that you want!”

In September 1899 in an act of provocation, the British started to mass troops on the southern Transvaal border. A request on 9 October 1899, that Her Majesty’s government cease “the constant bringing up of troops to the borders of the Republic, and the sending of reinforcements from all parts of the British Empire” was ignored. Two days later war broke out. Although the Boers had only a part time army of mounted horsemen, they enjoyed stunning successes in the initial phase of the war. However, they were ultimately outgunned and outnumbered. From June 1900 onwards the Boers resorted to guerrilla warfare. A tiny force of never more than 6,000 active Boers was able to frustrate and tie down almost 450,000 troops of the world’s largest empire.

Peace was signed at Vereeniging on 31 May 1902. The war had been an unmitigated disaster for the Boers. The Boers’ homesteads were razed to the ground, wells were poisoned, their cattle were slaughtered and their women were raped. 155,000 women and children were herded into 46 concentration camps and housed in tents, where in some camps during winter temperatures fell below zero. 34,000 of them died of malnutrition, poor sanitation and exposure, of whom 81% were under the age of 16. The British also suffered high losses with 21,942 being killed and 22,829 being wounded.

The bankers had the satisfaction of obtaining full control of the gold and other mineral resources of South Africa, of financing the war in the amount of £222 million and thereby adding a further £132 million to Britain’s national debt. For Nathan, Alfred and Leopold Rothschild the Anglo-Boer War was a consummate victory