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β€œChill out and meet the new friends from @FantomFDN ecosystem on Coin98Wallet this weekend πŸ₯³


Which tokens are you excited about the most? πŸ€©β€

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[ OCT-18 ] Exchange subgraph is now COMPLETE and accurately reflects pricing data for ALL PAIRS πŸ‘½

What does this mean? We can (and just did) apply to CoinGecko as an exchange (which is HUGE) πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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[ OCT-20 ] Releasing TWO NEW FARMS, stay tuned for time-lock release today!


We realize our community loves DAI and we wanted to enable a trades between DAI and our other pairs via a USDC route, which now includes SOUL πŸ’œ

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Check this out guys! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Thanks so much for making this #Infographic for us! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Everyone pls give FantomHub a follow to stay informed on the Fantom Ecosystem 🧠

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[ OCT-21 ] We updated the staking page to be more descriptive of the relationship between $SOUL and $SEANCE as requested by our community ⚑️

β€œIt’s the little things…” 🌝

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Today’s announcement involves NFTs… Prepare to be blown away by our latest partnership! πŸ’œ

So excited to reveal πŸ“£ β€” stay tuned for details, coming soon!

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Media is too big
@everyone It's time for our PURGE weekend event!
This week winning platform: SoulSwap Finance

The PURGE event will begin tonight at Midnight (12:00AM EST) and persist through Sunday night at Midnight. All platform fees for SoulSwap Finance will be reduced to ZERO during this time.

Note: The $GRIM Burn fee will be increased to 4%
[ OCT-22 ] Releasing 5 EXCLUSIVE NFTs (1/1) to our Community courtesy of FALLACY ☠️

ONE for EACH below by Halloween:
- Scarab Sender
- Town Hall Attendee (2x)
- Reviewer (YouTube, etc)


Win this at tomorrow's Town Hall πŸ’€

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[ OCT-23 ] Releasing our first NFT giveaway to today’s winner Unknown!

Congrats on your new NFT and special thanks to FALLACY for their exclusive collection!

We have 4 more to give away between now and Halloween, good luck!

Win this at next week’s Town Hall πŸ’œ

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[ OCT-25 ] We've reached our target of $10M TVL and will be releasing something extra special this week ✨

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continual support as we buidl Soul Protocol for our beloved community πŸ’œ

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