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Isn't this actual treason?

"So, here's what we know so far. 1. Hunter doesn't make a move without his Dad. 2. Dad (Big Guy) gets some percentage of all deals. 3. Hunter is doing business with a Chinese Spy Chief........... How is this not the biggest National Security issue of the century." -commenter Letha C

Everyone contact your local media and demand they focus on this story.
Forwarded from Ximy Gonzalez
From Jamie McIntyre post.
Why Melbourne was the chosen one
Rockefeller Chief placed in Melbourne for the last 5 years planning the “Resilience City” as part of the Dan Andrews led Globalist Coup.
By Jen Clarke
Toby Kent the Rockefeller funded “Chief Resilience Officer” who is based in Melbourne planned out, over the past 5 years, how to handle the city in the event of a pandemic. Rockefeller funded and started “Strong Cities Network” and Melbourne has been their “poster child” since inception.
Dan Andrews visited New York 3 years ago to learn about and then add surveillance structures and systems into Melbourne that complement the SCN strategies and system. The completion of the installation has taken place during lockdowns (look at your local roundabouts and intersections now). There has been a workforce here from China installing them – a group of these workers have been staying at a suburban hotel right by where I live – an incredible coincidence. Anyway….
The premise of SCN is that you surrender your policing policies to the Network ‘Think Tank’ (based in London) and they produce the guideline for you. They also provide the troops and training on militia-style tactics (the knee on neck is one of them and the stormtrooper approach is another).
The Rockefeller Foundation and United Nations have multiple networks in place that deal directly with city Mayors and leaders of LG municipalities – bypassing national and state structures – a form of infiltration so they do not have to go through ‘normal’ layers of legal, moral, and constitutional authority – they cut through all that red tape. The longer term goal being to do away with government as sovereignty and nationality are obstacles to a one government world – which is the ultimate and underpinning goal of the WEF and UN MOU they signed in 2019. (Yes the WEF and UN are now essentially one overlord organisation).
The first and most effective way to implement the one government world agenda is to first get hold of and control the local police forces – successfully achieved in Melbourne recently.
It’s all facts available online and from verifiable and official websites.
It’s all there in full view, you just have to be proactive and objective and emotionally detached from the truth to find it.
It won’t appear on the 6 o’clock news – as that would naturally spark riots and push back.
Govt is complicit and actually fund all of this – mostly unwittingly and likely to realise only when they are overthrown – they want the people to do that bit and when they do, the one govt world is ready to step in and complete their vision and future view.
PS: it is worthy of note that the UN have officially tasked China with the job of collating all the world’s data of human movement and activity (GeoInt) and so China will hold all data of all planetary human info. This was announced at the UN GA on 22 September 2020.
Also, China’s richest man (Jack Ma) along with Melinda Gates is heading up the UN’s Digital Cooperation Program – bringing all personal data of all people of the world into one central place. Program commenced in June 2020.
China, UN, WEF, Gates, and Rockefeller (plus more) all working together to know everything about everyone in the planet and with the capacity to control the people with resilient, well equipped and well-trained militia style police forces.
And finally, you may be interested to know that Jack Ma (China’s richest man) and TikTok (the social media site) have donated over 3 million AUD each to Melbourne’s Doherty Institute vaccine research.
Why? So many questions for Dan Andrews, they will pop his eyes.
Dan Andrews is on board with the entire program – a Globalist and a China servant.
Again…. Not my opinion, all facts you can find online yourself at official and verifiable websites (except the Chinese workforce that’s been in Melbourne – you’d have to sweet talk the hotel staff where they are staying like I did without even trying).
Daniel Vitalis is helping us get reconnected with the land... and developing true sustainability, including hunting and foraging skills, which have the added benefit of potentially saving lives in the future.

Here's the latest from his Wild Fed podcast, discussing taking 'first-timers' on their first hunting expedition. This podcast goes above the divide. It's awesome to listen to Daniel and be inspired by his passion. Enjoy the convo. 🌿
Media is too big
This is 🔥🔥🔥. The FIERCE MAMA BEAR archetype is WAKING US UP. Mankind, our hiberation is OVER.

Perhaps the single most powerful testimony in 2020 so far - now on Telegram. (21 minutes 11 seconds)
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
Stand Strong Quebec!! Defy All New World Orders!! Entangle the failed government with lawsuits and red tape. Foil their plans!!
2.4 MB
Full report on Biden's business ties with communist China. It is stunningly criminal that the mainstream fake-news media refuses to report on any of this.
Forwarded from Ali Zeck (Ali Zeck)

We are in an active marketing campaign, aka a psyop, whose goal is to get people to bow to the Big Pharma gods through fear and misinformation, and it is the nastiest, most covert form and destructive use of power and wealth that is killing and maiming people in order to make a profit. Are all drugs bad? Maybe not, but they are pushed through like crack in a back alley to many unsuspecting people who are conditioned to lean fully on the drugs and not take personal accountability for their heath. ⁣

This industry is corrupt and it’s behind this for profit.
Excellent wakthrough of the leaked report from a Canadian MP you've probably been hearing about. This outlines the apparently next draconian phase of the COVID agenda. (19 mins 47 seconds)
Was PCR really developed with the intention of diagnosing infectious diseases? Is PCR capable of diagnosing infectious diseases? How could a test developed almost 40 years ago be used to diagnose a brand new disease found less than one year ago?

Coronavirus Testing Suspended at Boston Lab Due to Nearly 400 False Positives

“Dead” Virus Cells Frequently Trigger “False Positives” In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds

Tanzania coronavirus kits raise suspicion after goat and pawpaw test positive

COVID Test Nasal Swab Punctured Woman’s Brain Lining and Caused Brain Fluid to Leak from Her Nose

Michigan Supreme Court: Governor exceeded powers during coronavirus pandemic

Federal judge rules Pennsylvania’s coronavirus orders are unconstitutional

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

Kary Mullis, Inventor of the PCR Technique, Dies–inventor-of-the-pcr-technique–dies-66256
Forwarded from Corona Investigative

Do you hear the people sing? Giant anti-lockdown protest in Poland the day before yesterday.