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But they're poor downtrodden victims who only behave like that because of their socioeconomic status and because of systemic white racism. 🙄
I wonder if they will create an anti-white register and a register to compile the statistics of non-white crime against whites. The facts and figures would be truly enlightening to many many millions of people but of course they would never do that. Their agenda is entirely anti-white. Notice the comment from the 'Metro' Facebook page actually endorsing a register for those who do not conform to the imposition of a forced multicultural and multiracial society upon them. A register for daring to think differently is not far-fetched it is entirely in keeping with the modus-operandi of the left over the decades.
Forwarded from Mark Collett
The classic Scottish derby...
Another victim of someone who should never have been here. The levels of non-white crime carried out on whites would off the scale of the statistics were ever compiled. Just imagine the numbers from across the Western world in nations which have had the multicultural and multiracial tyranny imposed upon them.
The children of London are hungry.
Demographic replacement is a racist conspiracy theory just you remember that. Bigot.
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The children of London are hungry.
'White Privilege' it seems is to be shot dead and to be ignored as a white woman whilst blacks shot are routinely described as being black and the motivation always assumed to be about race.
Imagine my surprise.
2% of the population.
Whenever subversion is at play you can be sure these people will be there or thereabouts.
More enrichment in the streets of Britain.
There are many explanations given as to why Europe and the West finds itself in the position it is in today demographically and culturally. One of those explanations is the feeling of guilt and the sense of a collective need to atone for the past wrongdoings of their European ancestors. However the guilt instilled into the European consciousness is an entirely sinister ploy to psychologically turn the European against himself. The European didn't wake up one day and decide to beat himself with the guilt stick. No, the European has been the subject of a concerted psychological assault upon his consciousness. He has been imbued with this false sense of guilt and has been turned into an ethnomasochistic and suicidal nihilist. This has been allowed to happen due to the long march through the institutions of the Cultural Marxist left and their Globalist overlords who understand well the power of psychology and who have a subversive nature and atavistic hatred of Europe and the West. Those protagonists of anti-European and anti-Western propaganda are part of a hostile elite who stand back and watch as their virus in the form of Cultural Marxism poisons the well of Western Civilisation. The collective state of mind of the European is not a result of the European all of a sudden feeling a need to 'make things right.' It is due to decades of indoctrination, manipulation and psychological warfare being waged against us by our enemies who are inside the gate and who control the institutions pumping out the civilisational and societal poison. What we need is our own long march back through the institutions. Our own psychological reconquista. A Western world free of subversion and cognitive rot would not be in the position it is in today. Our emancipation from Globalist tyranny starts with the individual and his rejection of Cultural Marxism.
People may moan about 'political correctness gone mad' but they have no real understanding of what it's really all about. It is about the total negation of our identity as a people and the complete erosion of our culture and heritage via a sustained assault on every facet of our society.
So it has taken for a 'virus' to show that Nationalism is natures answer to protecting a nation and its people.