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Finishing this weekend project up!
Photo from sunday night. Fox partial is 99% finished just needs whiskers and eyelids.
Finished weekend project.
Up next this week is rocket
Yeess so happy with the feathers for rocket! Going to finish his body today!
All that is left is his feet and tail!!
Pinned for placement check!
Morning everyone! Today I hope to finish rockets body!
Hey everyone, I'm calling it for the day! I never got any sleep last night and have been up for 29 hours now and I'm starting to not trust my judgement on work. I don't want to make a costly mistake on this suit so I have stepped back from it till tomorrow.
Also as a reminder I'll be leaving town for Christmas this year as we did not see any of our family last year. Will be leaving the 18th and will be back the 27th or sooner. Because space is limited I'll be bring Serendipity's head and Loui's head to finish while I'm up there. Work will continue like normal while up in Minnesota. My oldest queue is allmost finished so after theses last for work will really pick up as I'll only be focusing on one at a time and one weekend project at a time.
Tomorrow I'm shifting my hours around just a bit hoping to tackle rocket and finish most of him but tomorrow! I'll be starting working later in the day then in the morning to allow me to get out for a shot brake/walk at the zoo tomorrow morning!
Putting feathers in!