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SMOON investments are made from SMOONV1 wallets. We are going to version 2 as SMOON. At this stage, send all old SMOON tokens to your SMOONV1 wallets.

You can earn 20% instant commission by selling SMOON on our platform. And when new SMOON is produced, 20% of your deposit will be airdropped.

To buy new SMOON:


To Sell SMOONV1:

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The world's first anime token is now on its way to becoming a coin. Investments are increasing day by day. Currently, the total investment in new coins has reached $65 million. Thanks everyone! #SMOON $SMOON #saylormoon #SailorMoon

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🎯We've integrated the FANTOM ecosystem

⭕️New Farming pool
$MATIC APR 12.60% / 30 Days

‼️SaylorMoon ONLY supports FANTOM MATIC‼️

Farm at high rates with MATIC👇


#Farming #YieldFarming $SMOON
🎯We've integrated the PancakeSwap ecosystem

⭕️New Farming pool
$CAKE APR 15.60% / 30 Days

‼️SaylorMoon ONLY supports PancakeSwap CAKE‼️

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#Farming #YieldFarming $SMOON
🎯We've integrated the #TRON ecosystem

⭕️New Farming pool
$TRX APR 11.50% / 30 Days

‼️SaylorMoon ONLY supports TRON TRX‼️

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#Farming #YieldFarming $SMOON
🎯We've integrated the #TRON ecosystem

⭕️New Farming pool
$USDT APR 14.50% / 30 Days

‼️SaylorMoon ONLY supports TRON TETHER(USDT)‼️

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#Farming #YieldFarming $SMOON
🎯We've integrated the #BSC ecosystem

⭕️New Farming pool
$SMOON APR 30.75% / 30 Days

‼️SaylorMoon ONLY supports SMOONChain SMOON‼️

Farm at high rates with SMOON👇


#Farming #YieldFarming #saylormoon #SailorMoon
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#SaylorMoon $SMOON is the first anime token. We are now transitioning to the V2 version. We are on the way to becoming a coin. There is an investment of over 65 million dollars. Are you ready to go to the Moon now?

#cryptocurrencies #Crypto #cryptocurrency
Evaluate your SMOON Tokens. Farm with 30% monthly, 2 months 45%, 3 months 60% and 4 months 80% net profit rates! You can also withdraw and sell your daily farms and withdraw them to your wallet! $SMOON #SMOON #SailorMoon #SaylorMoonArmy

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Hello. We will soon be listing a new metaverse project on our Saylor Moon exchange! Now they prefer our stock market and system more! Because we are getting stronger every day thanks to our fan base! Thank you for your support. #SaylorMoon $SMOON #newlisting #Metaverse
Hello, our fans and investors who support us. We will release the new metaverse project coin on 15.09.2022. This project consists of a solid mass that invests in the metaverse world like us in coin. Now, our family is getting stronger with every project coin! #newlisting $SMOON
Welcome Glovy Token $GLV! Now our first project is ready and we are announcing its initial public offering. The world of Metaverse has won a brand new big project!

About Glovy Token:

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