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🎉Telegram Community Chat is here!

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Bitmart just started taking deposits for Sauna!
If you haven't registered yet, click here.

If you register here URL, you can participate in the $SAUNA bonus event hosted by bitmart.

Please register your BitMart account and be ready for tomorrow.
⚠️Beware of scams⚠️

There have been reports of a scam posing as our Admin, @SaunaSingapore.
Please be careful. This account will never message you privately or ask for money.

The Telegram IDs are similar, but Scammer has probably created a TG account with a space after the admin ID.
The TG system recognizes it as a separate ID, but it is invisible to the naked eye.

Anyway, our Admin will never do this kind of private messaging or ask for money.

Please be careful.
🎉Pancake LPLöyly Farming

Stake CAKE LP to earn new tokens.Rewards are calculated per block.
SaunaFinance Official NFT®
There are 2 illustration versions of the NFT.



Basically, it will be sold on BSC platform, but number 00000 will be the only polygon limited edition sold on Opensea.

Coming soon!


🐸Coin Gecko



$SAUNA Welcome Party

🚜Pancake LPLöyly Farming
*Stake CAKE LP to earn new tokens.Rewards are calculated per block.

🎁$SAUNACold PooL Staking
*Stake SAUNA to earn new tokens.Rewards are calculated per block.

🎨NFT Marketplace Launch
coming soon…

👀Original Official NFT Collection

・Polygon ver.(edition00000)

・BSC ver.(edition00001〜)
coming soon…
Hello Coin Market Cap!!

*TOKEN icon is different🤣

The icon of SAUNA FINANCE TOKEN should be Uncle Sauna🧖🏼‍♂️We are going to ask CMC to fix it.


$SAUNA is now listed on Coin Market Cap🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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Polygon Edition launch at OpenSea on Sep 26th🎉

To celebrate launch NFT Airdrop →100 lucky people🎉

*Normal, Kira, or Holo gift 🎁
Winner DM →Sep24

How get?

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Pls🙏 Cool introduce for @sauna_finance
Hello! Natural Water Pool!

*This pool acts as an auto compound with the contribution of those who earn SAUNA bounty.

Also, Salt Sauna/Barrel Sauna/Smoke Sauna will be added to Löyly Farming in the near future.

Enjoy it!
Salt Sauna/Barrel Sauna/Smoke Sauna

SAUNAFINANCE Future Launch Schedule

・boiler room *Stable PRJ
・Official NFT launch on Open Sea
*Polygon ver.-Trading card format
・NFT Marketplace Launch
・SP White Bear Minting NFT (BSC ver.)
#Boiler Coming soon🔥


Boiler Token/1boiler = 1USD

The Boiler Token is an algorithmic stable token issued by SAUNA FINANCE backed by BUSD: 80% / SAUNA: 20%.

The Boiler is 80% backed by BUSD, which is fully backed by the US dollar. The remaining 20% of the Boiler is backed by SAUNA.

For example, if you try to get 10boiler, the boiler's Minting engine will ask for 10BUSD.
From that 10BUSD, you keep 8BUSD in the contract and purchase 2BUSD worth of SAUNA with Pancakeswap and keep that SAUNA in the contract.

When you try to redeem Boiler, you will receive 80% in BUSD and 20% in SAUNA stored in the contract. SAUNA you receive depends on % of Boiler you want to redeem. e.g. if total number of Boiler issued is 100boiler and you redeem 10boiler, you will receive 10% of SAUNA in contract.
Pancakeswap will making Boiler-BUSD pair/Boiler-USDT pair/Boiler-USDC pair/ LP and 1:1 price.
The mechanism to maintain this price is assumed to be maintained by an arbitrage mechanism for investors.
SAUNAFINANCE Question Bounty vol.1

1000 people Giveaway 5 $SAUNA🎁
+50 $BUSD to the 20 people who ask the best questions🎉


Until Oct 10, 2021

Follow & Quote RT & 3 Mentions!

Please fill in your question.

*Tweets without a specific question will not be eligible for the Giveaway.
*No language is specified.

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Hi Please check!



Launch of Boiler Token is coming soon.
We will have following high APR poolsMoney bag

1)Boiler-BUSD LPLöyly Farming‌
Total Reword/1100k (SAUNA)

2)Boiler-SAUNA LPLöyly Farming‌
Total Reword/950k (SAUNA)
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SANA Normal.240/Kira.24/Holo.4

SANA Normal will be distributed to a total of 268 winners.*Give a Kira and Holo to the person with the coolest words

How get?

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Cool introduce for us


Boiler will be launched tomorrow🔥

⇨ 16 October at 12:00pm UTC+08.

A high APR pool will be released at the same time.