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Official statement from the technical team

Due to the high workload that our technical team is suffering, tomorrow we will post the official announcement of the future of the project with the roadmap and a document that will explain in detail how SViolence and its new products will be developed.
Comunicado oficial del equipo técnico

Debido a la alta carga de trabajo que está sufriendo nuestro equipo técnico, mañana colgaremos el anuncio oficial del futuro del proyecto con el roadmap y un documento que explicará con detalle como va a desarrollarse SViolence y sus nuevos productos.
Mañana Roadmap, se vienen muchas sorpresas
Dear Holders, we have here de updated ROADMAP for mid term. Take a look. HOLD and welcome to STOP VIOLENCE PROJECT
Queridos Holders, por y para vosotros, aqui os presentamos lo que será la hoja de ruta de STOP VIOLENCE PROJECT (SViolence) a partir de hoy.
You can talk to @violencepricebot for real-time SVY and SPC pricing, as well as SVY token chart and supply.
We have to communicate to our community that we are moving to a new english chat group. The actual one is giving us problems with our bot helper. That is why the bot is not working correctly and is not banning the spammers.

Please join our new english chat group. We are going to delet the actual one 3 days. Tuesday at 4pm UTC the chat group will be deleted.