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This is the official news and information channel regarding Southern Paws Furry Convention of New Zealand.
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Shirts and hoodies are now available, with two designs (by Inka!)
If you're interested in getting one, hit the link below.

(you'll need to be coming to con to buy one - we'll be handing them out at registration!)
Registration for Southern Paws will be closing in 1 day, on the 2nd of April, at 11:59PM. The second of April will be the last day when you will be able to register for Southern Paws. This includes day passes.
Hi Everyone. If you have dietary requirements and have not replied to the email that was sent out last week please reply to that. We need that information by tomorrow evening. If you are have missed that email then please contact myself directly here on Telegram @Votter and I can also directly provide it to you as well.
Hey all! There's only a handful of days left to order shirts and hoodies for the years event - you can look at the options and order on the following page -
With just over two weeks left until Southern Paws, we're starting to get ready to go! This means we'll have to close shirt/hoodie sales and panel/activity applications in the next day or two.

If you'd like to get a last minute merch order in, click here. We have both shirts and hoodies in a wide range of sizes.

If you'd like to run an activity, game, or panel, click here.
Today is the final day to order shirts and hoodies. Please get your orders in by midnight.
With Southern Paws less than two weeks away, I’m sure a lot of you are getting pretty excited for the event. But before it can happen, we need to take a step back. How does this all work? Our survival guide will cover everything you need to know about the event, including opening times, emergency details, and more.

If you're coming along, please read this post! It has a lot of important information, including a list of what you need to bring.
Heya everyone! We're still very short on people to help out and volunteer during the event - primarily to help with serving food and helping tidy up/clean after meals. If you think you'd be interested in helping, throw me a message @rubberfox!
Hey Everyone. Emails with your room allocations should be arriving in your emails any minute now. If you have not received them by morning please check your junk emails and then contact @Votter as he will be able to assist.

If you have any issues please contact Votter as well.
It's 4 more nights until con!
Three more sleeps until we'll be at Southern Paws 2021!
With just over 48 hours until the start of Southern Paws (!!), we have a few quick reminders to make.

* The site opens at 2PM. You will not be allowed on-site before this time.

* We don't provide bedding. Bring bedding. And bring warm clothes, it can be cold.

* If you're a dealer, bring a float for change!

* Also for dealers - if you need power, please bring an extension cord/multi board. We'll try to put you as close as we can to a power plug, but the room is large and we can't provide cabling.
Hi Everyone. We are closing the con chat tomorrow night. We will be leaving it as history so that people can view it, but the invite links and chat name will be changed to make it unable to joined by anyone else.
We will also be disabling chat so that nothing new can be added.
If you want to keep in contact with people you haven't messaged then please do so before tomorrow night, and if you want to join the other NZ chats then please ask for links, I am sure that others can provide those links as required.
Thank you all for a great con this year
- Votter
Hi all. I know it has been a while, but just wanted to let everyone know a survey has been sent out for the post con feedback. Please take some time to let us know how we went.

It should have been sent via email. Look for a google form link