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ORU - Oral Roberts University.
Anyone who advocates for or have attended ORU could be mind controlled ministers today, maybe even run Reawakening Tours. Did Amanda Grace ever defend ORU? Did any "Profits" both past or present support ORU? What an odd shape for a tower, almost like it's sending some type of frequency.... Hummm. You need to run from those who are caught up in ORU, you have no idea the programming you are messing with. Stop listening to those who are associated with ORU.
Media is too big
Is the problem the Government enforcing what they created? Or is the problem the Greed for the coin, The bribe? 501c3 is a choice, Your already tax exempt without it. So, why aren't Pastor's fleeing from the 501c3? Do you think this won't be enforced again in your lifetime? FLEE FROM THE 501C3!!!
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You gotta lose her number? Did he lose his Church secretaries number? Did he get delivered from the Spirit of Adultery? Is he qualified to pastor anyone without his own house in order? This is nothing more than another one of his marketing schemes! Controversy sells, speaking of sells we have duct tape bibles on bats specials running all next month on the global vision gift shop on your way out! Just like Satan sent him in to the College Revival with his marketing bus for his movie. He was used by Satan himself to help kill steal and destroy that revival. He's prophesying his own Doom against his own ministry!
Kim, FBI, Stargate, Recruited, Forced, Prophet? Coming soon...

Dig Dig Dig can you follow the money?
A patriotic american is not more important than a Kingdom of God representative. We here at SIU make room for you to vote and agree we should do so righteously but your daily lives should be consumed seeking the Kingdom first above all else, and God will give you everything you need.

It seems that practice has been replaced by patriotic prophets who urge you not to fear, and seemingly have all the ear tickeling words to make you feel at peace.

Isn't that Christ job? What about the Spirit of God? Aren't we not to have any fear at all because we are a new creation seeking a path and a destination bigger than ourselves?

Saving America is God's job and will place you, his representative in the right place at the right time to do his work.

But this human allegiance will only bring more suffering and confusion in the name of national unity.

We should be unifying with sanctification and pure motives, not darkness for a good cause. There are just as much darkness in these patriotic influencers as there are in the motives of men. Ambition, Position, Greed, Secret plans and alligences.

Don't believe for one second it's about our country for those who are speaking now, they are men, flawed, and the manipulation is very clear to see with discernment. It's a campaign, it's been a campaign and as soon as it looks like all is lost they will say, well we have a guy for you to follow. - watch out, the lion has been waiting speaking softly but still a predator.

Please we beg those whom we can reach, to seek the Kingdom and learn to discern those who wish to use your vote and funds to build their own Kingdom for a good cause.

Good isn't God, and Christ Kingdom is not of this World. Do not be fooled into following fools. They both will end up in a ditch.
Read The Signs

Why would this book cover be covering his eye?

What do we know about those who cover their eye in this fashion?

More to come, you Discern.
Media is too big
I want you to share this with everyone you know, the people deserve a choice to hear both sides of the story. Not just follow a few voices who claim this man is a legitimate prophet. You should really do the research on those you follow, and we ask you to pray and discern.

Do not just emotionally dismiss this one. Your faith and relationship with God are too important for you to have placed this man and the hope on the words of a Psychic in between you and peace.

We are really sorry we had to make this, but someone has to tell you the truth. The Goon on the Reawakening Tour isn't going to, nor is his merry bands of grifters and false prophets.

Enough is Enough

Repent, and Share 🙏
We are not seeking agreement, or approval. We want you to have the tools to seek the truth in prayer and discern what is true and false so you may not be fooled if there are people who come in the name of the Lord, or if there is a pro-fit coercing their way into your pocketbook, or if they even lead a nation down the wrong path.

We have trained our senses to know the difference between right and wrong; willing also to call out that wrong or right with a fair evaluation. We also urge you to do the same daily.

This is a service to the body and no more, this channel isn't for those who believe or oppose our truth, but for those seeking it wholeheartedly and to then take what they see and pray and plead with God for more discernment. We all should make this a regular practice to keep us humble and in our right mind. There is a false light out there so be careful with who you follow.

We bless you here and hope we could be of some help in your search for Truth.
We were recently asked who do we follow? who do we advocate for that has the Truth?

our response:

Do not follow by a vessel (Man or Woman), follow those who have truth today, knowing that at any point the enemy could use them tomorrow. That is how you must be spirit led. If God could use a donkey to speak truth once, it doesn't mean he will ever speak again.

So must the evaluation be for everyone at any time, the spirit must confirm a thing to be truth, not a person's accuracy or history of being correct. Your soul is more important than an advocation who to follow and when. You should follow the spirit and discern all things.

We listen to the Holy Spirit. If a prophet, teacher, apostle, preacher, or evangelist speaks truths that resonate with the spirit of truth we listen. The spirit knows spirit; however, we do not believe on a sinless being besides Christ. Men can be compromised at any point in their walk so we don't advocate for following any one man or woman we advocate for listening to the holy spirit and testing each thing we hear against the written word or the spiritual word. Only those who are spirit can evaluate spiritual things. Those who are not of the spirit can't evaluate those who are spiritual, those full of the spirit can evaluate all things. 1 Corinthians 2:13-16

also 1 Corinthians 14:29
SIU - Spiritual Investigation Unit
We remember one of our very first post was regarding the 7 mountains mandate. We have really come full circle. The false prophecy movement today was created and initiated by those who had the vision of the 7 mountains. From country to country, state to state, city to city, church to church those Pro-Fits were raised up over time. Tradition says that if enough people agree on a thing it must be true. Unfortunately, it is tradition that keep us from hearing the Holy Spirit, and it's the crowd that blinds us to believe that everyone is a child of Abraham based on birth. You're only a follower of Christ if you follow Christ... not Pro-fits.

Few had the revelation that Christ was the Messiah because he wasn't a military leader; just like today few know true prophecy because a real prophet will call a nation and its leaders to repentance instead of politically cheer leading and playing off the uncertainty of today's woes. A true prophet keeps you in line with Gods will for (YOUR LIFE) not have you watching others to discern the times of blessings or curses. A message from God should be heavy not clouded in word vomit or feel-good comforts.

How far from true light are those who believe such people, how dark and short sighted the heart must be. Wake up those sleeping under your favorite Pro-fit, Wake up. The spirit of God is trying to wake you up to a relationship, a reading, a session, a repentance, a sanctification, a humble reflection, and a word of truth. Slumber not, in this very next season if you are truly not awake, if you have been listening to the words of false prophets and consuming the fruit of a heretic your lot will be sorrow and grief.

There is no vindication for those who have led you astray for 3 1/2 year, no there will be sudden and quick judgements. Your judgement oh prophet of deception is just and your repentance season is drawing to an end. Your barns full of plenty will go up in flames and your followers will unfairly be burned by your torments. Maybe your burns will be merciful those on the fence, but if you wish to avoid any flames remove yourself from under the cloak of a Pro-fit and turn to God alone. How jealous he is, and it is time for a cleansing.

Repent those who hope on a word.

Repent those who are paid for false words.

Repent those who carry the voice of the false prophet.

Repent oh you tricky deceivers who have sold your audiences a bill of decaying goods.

Repent you sheep from roaming the fields and return to the good shepherd who has sent many after your soul to bring you back.

Return to God


Be Judged
We don't normally share a whole video on this channel, but this one is too big to ignore. Great work, more people should call a spade a spade not a psychic a prophet.
Wait the seven mountains is man made kingdom driven by one lance wallnau?

He gets to choose the gate keepers in his Utopia.

Are you still going to allow this man to continue to spread this seven mountains heresy... If you support Kim clement you support this seven mountains movement.

Kim and Lance were best friends.


They both had the same visions of this Utopia. Now lance is in charge???

Stop following these false profits they want to build their own kingdoms.