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SafeDoge ($SFDOGE) is a deflationary meme token launched on BSC. It combines popular aspects of SafeMoon and DogeCoin. Check out our website for more info!
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Welcome to our telegram channel! We are excited to announce the launch of SafeDoge ($SFDOGE) token on Binance Smart Chain. We encourage positive discussion in this channel and are open to suggestions and ideas for the SafeDoge token. Please try to keep discussion on the topic of crypto/safedoge. Thanks!

Checkout our website: for more info about the SafeDoge project and where you can purchase tokens for yourself!
Thanks to our supporters SafeDoge ($SFDOGE) has almost reached a market cap of $10,000 USD!
SafeDoge ($SFDOGE) has now been listed on Live Coin Watch, we are now ranked #3241 by market cap. Our next goal will be to reach rank #2000 🚀🚀🚀.
We are happy to announce that the SafeDoge ($SFDOGE) liquidity pool on PancakeSwap has now been locked! This means that the liquidity provider which was originally associated with the token creators wallet cannot remove tokens from the liquidity pool, keeping the investors safe. For proof visit the following link:
Lets build a community for SafeDoge so he can feel like he belongs ❤️