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COVID terrorist attack exposed
Forwarded from Donald J. Trump
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

In yet another highly partisan story, the failing New York Times wrote a completely misleading, one-sided attack piece this weekend that tried to disparage our record-setting grassroots fundraising operation during the 2020 campaign.  Except for massive voter fraud, this was a campaign that was easily won by your favorite Republican President, me!
Our support in 2020 was so big—never before seen (received more votes than any sitting President in history, by far), that it has become a major threat to the Democrat Party, which explains why the New York Times immediately rushed to defend their Radical Left allies.  Before our two campaigns, 2016 and 2020, Republicans would always lose small dollar donations.  Now we win, or do very well, because we are the Party of Working Americans, and we beat the Democrats at their own game.  We learned from liberal ActBlue—and now we’re better than they are!  In fact, many people were so enthusiastic that they gave over and over, and in certain cases where they would give too much, we would promptly refund their contributions.  Our overall dispute rate was less than 1% of total online donations, a very low number.  This is done by Dems also. 
The New York Times knew this but buried these details in their story—they didn’t talk about, however, how the CHEATING Democrats circumvented State Legislatures (approval is required by the U.S. Constitution) in Swing States to rig the 2020 Presidential Election, or how Democrats paid for votes in many Urban Centers, in a little thing called “walking around money,” how Democrats threatened Union Members with the loss of their jobs if they didn’t vote Democrat, massive Fake Mail-In Ballots, illegal immigrants and dead people who voted (for Dems), and much more.  Our fundraising efforts, working together with the Republican party, were all done legally, and all with the goal of ensuring that my Administration could continue to Make America Great Again. The Election on the other hand, was massively rigged and stolen—and now look what is happening to our Country, and in particular at our southern border.  
If you are one of the record-setting 75 million Americans who voted for me, donated or volunteered, THANK YOU! The best is yet to come!
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[APR 6, 2021]

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Forwarded from Donald J. Trump
ICYMI: Why We Need Voter ID

Voter fraud in Georgia for the Presidential Election was rampant!
Michael Goodwin—New York Post:
"Reader Matt Conley calls voter fraud identity theft, and tells a story. He writes: “My youngest sibling lives in Missouri and found that a vote was cast under his name in Georgia. He asked the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office if that vote could be removed and not included in the presidential recount. He was told no.
After the Senate runoffs, my brother wanted to know if a vote was cast in his name again. The Secretary’s office told him that they took down the fake online account but would not say if votes were cast. Problem solved in their mind.”
Read the full story here.
Do you support the Censure of Peter Meijer for his impeachment vote?
Anonymous Poll
Forwarded from Patrick M Byrne
Patrick Byrne, General Flynn & Col. Phil Waldron are featured at Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Conference 2021 in Tulsa, OK, on April 16th.

▶️ https://rumble.com/vfrmkd-04162021-health-and-freedom-conference-2021-tulsa-ok-day-1-patrick-byrne-ge.html

@PatrickMByrne, General Flynn, Col. Phil Waldron, and more are featured in this 5 hour video! Organizer Clay Clark said the goal of the conference is “to teach Americans how to fight back against the tyrannical left who have been using COVID-19 as justification to steal the constitutional rights of Americans. Clark, entrepreneur and host of the Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark said, “Benjamin Franklin was correct when he wrote about those who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. It’s time to teach Americans how to fight back when tyrannical politicians attempt to steal our essential freedoms.” About 50,000 people reached out for tickets! Rhema Bible College holds 4,200 people. When we called Craig Hagin over at Rhema, the very first thing he said, "Yes, this is historic.”
Forwarded from Donald J. Trump

President Donald J. Trump will be interviewed tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News by Sean Hannity.

https://www.auntbelleskitchen.com will be hosting us to recruit volunteers for election fraud and reform wednesday 4/21 at 6:30pm. please join us if you can. same building as their new antique store at 8451 Belding Road. Banquet room is on the west end of the building. Hope to see you there.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4NhlhqohGI Good info on election fraud, reform and saving our country. His Look Ahead America has a top analysis of the Michigan election.
Busy week coming up. Ottawa County Patriots are meeting at Lighthouse Church again on Tuesday.
River City Patriots channel
Busy week coming up. Ottawa County Patriots are meeting at Lighthouse Church again on Tuesday.
Monday time is wrong. Their meeting starts at 6 so we want to be their early. Some of us will be there at 4:45 as some of the elected will show already at 5pm for a pre-meeting. Bring "censure meijer" signs and noise makers and good media.
Forwarded from James O'Keefe
Quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 1974 Essay, "Live Not by Lies":

“Yes, at first it will not be fair. Someone will have to temporarily lose his job. For the young who seek to live by truth, this will at first severely complicate life, for their tests and quizzes, too, are stuffed with lies, and so choices will have to be made. But there is no loophole left for anyone who seeks to be honest: Not even for a day, not even in the safest technical occupations can he avoid even a single one of the listed choices—to be made in favor of either truth or lies, in favor of spiritual independence or spiritual servility. And as for him who lacks the courage to defend even his own soul: Let him not brag of his progressive views, boast of his status as an academician or a recognized artist, a distinguished citizen or general. Let him say to himself plainly: I am cattle, I am a coward, I seek only warmth and to eat my fill.”