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Hi, hu
Wallet, Mining Pool, Explorer (soon block sync will be done and explorer will be fully functional) all in 1. Welcome - RavenCoin.World
RVN Web Wallet (ZERO Fee), Dedicated RVN Mining Pool (ZERO Fee), Explorer (Soon Blocks to be Synced and to be fully operational). Welcome Ravens! RavenCoin.World
Lucky Strikes :)
Forwarded from Ivan Jolicic

RavenCoin.World add 0.5% fee in order to support RVN listing on Bittrex. Big thanks to the negotiator from RVN community and to the Bittrex for listing RVN for FREE as 20000usd which needs to be donated are in fact money for legal papers work.
Also, big thanks to all pools who accepted pool fee to go to Bittrex

Pool.RavenCoin.World - Let's Support RVN Listing @ bittrex.com