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_O ________________ God's Word

Surely, I fear no sword
And love God's Word

He watches what we patch
And warns us from others hatch!

Let us leap not before we look,
Don't you see wisdom in His Book?

Only to Him, I do put the flight
Only for Him, I must do right + fight

Your head, do you scratch?
To Democracy , what a latch!
_ 1 ________________ Prawns, let us fry!

Prawns, let us fry!
Why was I born & will die?
How should I dive or fly?
Winner if I know how & why?!
Loser If do not know how & why?!
Exploited if I know how but not why?!

Wait! why I was given ear & eye?
Guided to the how only if I know why
To make a hole in the dry
Or a ladder in the sky?!
_ 2 ________________ Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll
Drive & Stroll
Go shopping Stalls & Mall
Juggle One+One ball
Get installed & Install
Click & Scroll
As long as there's soul!
Before going to a windowless hole,
Does on that rotate our goal & role?
Let's go to Poll
And hang it up the pole!
_ 3 ________________ New World Order

Played AC+DC
From Sky+Sea
Without Mercy!
Here is AC
In need of PC+WC
But wanted to be DC!

There is DC
In need of PC+WC
But wanted to be AC!

AC or DC?
Just want to see

For those who know ABC
Where is the fallacy?
_ 4 ________________ President + VIP

VIP: In politics, I am not supposed to engage
Though everything in wreckage+garbage
Never stop giving you White Image

President: Have you received the Package?

VIP: More important now is to whiten my image!

President: Any Leakage?

VIP: Have been re-flipping the Same Books page by page
Mine, I am supposed to suppress to a single usage
But, thanks to the free time & high wage
mmmmm, I have been trapped by Underage
Next morning, & on every Frontpage
The Opposition has taken Underage hostage!
And the people stage a protest of Outrage
Day after next, 3 images on every Frontpage
The hostage in bandage!
A Deaf & Dumb in cage!
VIP waving to huge Crowd down the stage!
_ 5 ________________ Democracy

Till when we allow Kapi+Soci play their demo game.
Flipping & Rotating us with parties shame.
Neither has solutions for our problems as they claim.
Where, when, how & by who they came?
Who gave them the right to speak in our name?
How do they know Man's ins+outs & aim.
Being tools in either hands, ourselves we have to blame
_ 6 ________________ Arabic Type

Type is nothing but to Assemble, Compile & Shuffle
... Letters on lines to make people bubble
Towards that end, PC fonts are handled & tackled
The inspired by butterfly & Candle is lovable & durable
But the inspired by beetle's tentacles is terribly horrible
Plenty are the Samples but few are the Examples
In Type, every movement is probable: Scramble & Scribble
Ligatures & Kerning are the most distinguishing variables
Ligatures is to bundle: couple, triple & Quadrable
Kerning is the art of snuggle & nestle
In these, the Arabic script has no double.

Before I make it, I fondle from all sides & angles
My fingers, I do wriggle & fiddle
For "o" I go round in circle, like a spindle
When the "Alif" goes like needle & the REST flexible,
I wrestle & wrestle to make it wonderfully single
As Twins are not allowed, unless the new outlook is remarkable
Ending my riddle, one thing that will puzzle U & baffle
I dont even own a bicycle, & my bills I hardly settle
To the 99% I do belong, & gainst the 1% I still struggle & wrangle
With Flowers, hope I have kindled a candle