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⚠️⚠️⚠️ All community members please be aware that all Giveaways for our Project will be announced on our official Twitter page @Projectquantum_
Any other “Giveaway” you see is a Scam. we will never ask you to send us QBIT. Stay informed, Stay safe. Thank you ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Project Quantum Announcements pinned «⚠️⚠️⚠️ All community members please be aware that all Giveaways for our Project will be announced on our official Twitter page @Projectquantum_ Any other “Giveaway” you see is a Scam. we will never ask you to send us QBIT. Stay informed, Stay safe. Thank you…»
To anyone who is a long term holder or who wants to accumulate QBIT before launch let me just give you some crazy figures here that we just calculated.

If you got the original airdrop in May when we launched of 2bnb for 200M tokens (BnB was about 340 then) you have made over 61M in reflections.

That 61M in reflections is currently $7300+ dollars. You would have 10x’d your original investment IN REFLECTIONS ALONE.

Today alone, you earned over $100 in reflections.

Your initial 2BNB investment, is now worth more than $36k.

Tell me that isn’t insanely good value.

If you are thinking or paperhanding, thinking about those stats.

THEN THINK ABOUT THE REFLECTIONS WHEN THE GAME IS LAUNCHED and the amount of transactions done and the reflections generated then.
GITEX Presentation Schedule

🕑 Monday Oct. 18th / 2:00 - 2:15 pm

Fraser & Caitlin present Onboard

🕑 Monday Oct. 18th / 2:15 - 2:45 pm

Fraser joins 5 other guests to talk about Crypto Exchanges and the Digital Assets Ecosystem

🕒 Wednesday Oct 20th / 3:10 - 3:20 pm

Fraser and PQ Principal Designer Magnus Stone present Project Quantum with talk titled "AAA Gaming meets Crypto: The Future of Mainstream Gaming"

🕒 Wednesday Oct 20th / 3:20 - 4:00 pm

Fraser joins 5 other guest to talk about "Building a Gaming Empire with Blockchain"

All times are GMT +4 (Dubai)

Find the full Agenda here:

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🚨 AMA with PQ CEO is now Live 🚨

Have questions? Come join the talk!
📣 Dev Diaries Announcement 📣

As of Monday the 15th of November our game developers will be giving a detailed bi-weekly breakdown of the progress and challenges faced by the Project Quantum team.

These "Dev Diaries" will be available to read on our website.

Make sure to follow our TG Channel @ProjectQuantumAnnouncements and Twitter page for regular updates 🔔
📣 The first Project Quantum Dev Diary has been published 📣

You can read a rundown of the current development focus on design, programming and art on Project Quantum's Medium page below.

Make sure to follow our TG Channel @ProjectQuantumAnnouncements for regular updates 🔔
📺 Tune in to our AMA with CEO Fraser Gordon on YouTube 📺

🕘 Starting in 25 Minutes (9 PM GMT)
📣 Announcement 📣

We are opening the Onboard Official chat!

It’ll be muted for the time being until we reach a certain number of community members.

Please read the pinned message and check out the FAQ.

Also ensure that you have completed the captcha fully and correctly. Bear in mind that no admins or core team members will DM you first. Do not fall for scammers.

We’ll see you there! 👋
📣 Voice chat with the CEO is now Live. 📣

Join us now! @Onboard_Official
Channel photo updated
Forwarded from Fraser Gordon
Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone,

I hope you’re all well. I just wanted to give you some updates from our end.

The dev team collectively have been working to iron out a few bugs which have cropped up, mostly to do with animations around mantling / climbing, or transitioning from running to sliding to running so we can complete a pre alpha run through of a test map. This area is specifically designed to help showcase the difference between what a lightweight through to heavyweight seeker build, how that feels from a players perspective to how that affects gameplay.

They have also been working on a stable multiplayer build which we will showcase after this in hopefully a few weeks time where we can show off some squad based play and the basics of looting, reviving and combat. This is a lot more tricky.

The majority of the above will be in a dev diary which makes for some good reading.

From a business standpoint we are now incorporated in Dubai! We are moving our registered area of operations from the UK to here as they are WAY ahead of the game when it some time legislation from anything crypto based. Caitlin and myself will be based here permanently from January, and then hopefully we will see more of the core team move out here. We are here just not to deal with getting setup and all the fun bureaucracy that entails.

From an Onboard standpoint, it to has been incorporated here, so both businesses are now part of CV Labs based in the DMCC. We are ironing out a few bugs with that and also waiting on the appropriate license being granted before launch. Want to keep ourselves 100% right.

Thank you all again for your continued support.

We have some big news coming which I can’t talk about publicly yet, but, my linked in is always a good place to start.

Fraser Gordon
📣 Message from our CEO - Fraser Gordon 📣

So I have to write this out anyway and I thought it could be kind of fun to do it here because the plan is to turn this all into a lovely video for new year time.

So the plan is to recap what we have achieved as a company, a coin, a community and everything in between.

So let’s start at the beginning (a very good place to start):

- Successfully launched a token on BSC with a community circa 8000k strong behind us a a Unicrypt Incubator project.
- listed on Coin Gecko and CMC in record time (yeah cmc was slower but they are a law unto themselves)
- listed on coinhunt and livecoinwatch almost instantly
- SatoshiStreetBets talked about us almost instantly

- Partnered with one of the biggest gaming Art Directors and Art production houses on the planet, One Pixel Brush and Shaddy Safadi

- hired Jamie Magnus Stone, award winning film and television director as our lead work builder.
- got scammed by UpNextCrypto, what a crock of shit

- Been written about in A LOT of massive online new locations. To mention a few:

Coin Telegraph
Yahoo News
Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin Daily etc etc

- started producing unique, beautiful concept art and work

- worked with some of the best and biggest youtubers to name a few Tyler Hill (arguably the nicest guy in crypto) and Bit Boy to name a few. Just bang Project Quantum into the search bar into YouTube.

- partnered and started development and prototyping work with Dragons Lake Entertainment.

- been in the top 10 24hr / 7 day / 30 day on CoinMarketCap more times than I can count

- burned MILLIONS of dollars worth of tokens as promised

- airdropped millions of dollars worth of tokens as promised

- Had BOTH our companies at a Gitex in Dubai in October

- I was invited to a round table with CV Labs and Visa my second day in Dubai

- I was invited to speak on the Exchange stage twice and speak on two separate panels at Gitex.

- created arguably the most transparent development process seen in gaming and easily the most transparent company in crypto.

- built a following of over 25k on Twitter

- a massive bustling 15k+ Telegram community

- an amazing discord community

- got approached AND HIRED one of the best game directors in the business

- got approached AND HIRED one of the biggest tech directors in gaming ever

- hired numerous member of our community

- build a world class development Team

- released game footage (pre alpha) before the 6 month mark

- produced jaw dropping concept art which we turned into NFT’s.

- built a NFT marketplace, because you know, why not

I’ve deffo missed a bunch as I’m tired and it’s late, but if that isn’t enough to make you HODL to the finish line then I don’t know what will. We have massive news round the corner and I’ve said that phrase time and time again and not failed to deliver. Just wait.

Fraser - CEO
📣 Fraser and Caitlin are now live on Voice Chat. 📣

Come and join us admins to have a chat with them and ask your questions.
📣 New Schedule:

The AMA will take place at 10pm GST / 6pm UTC

Join us then on Youtube!

Kicking off 2022 in DMCC with CV labs to become part of an ever growing and expanding hub of Crypto experts. Giving PQ the opportunity to work along side some of the worlds leading minds in blockchain.