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George Washington the 1st President of the United States was a Freemason .
Same bloodline as EVERY single president of the United States 46/46 !
Same bloodline as the Queen of England and leaders worldwide
The games been rigged since the beginning.
The same bloodline has been in power for thousands of years .

I spent a lot of time on genealogy sites tracking the bloodlines .
These myths are not myths
They worship the “Gods”because the gods are in their bloodline.
The fallen angel bloodline 🩸
They want you to accept it
To make you think it’s just a normal shot .
No vaccine in history is normal or safe ,but these specifically were designed for a reason .
There’s always an agenda !
“by 2030 your phone will no longer be the most common interface - most of these things will be built directly into your body “

How do you think they will do that? 💉

Bill Gates was accused of putting physical chips into people with these vaccines
It was Fact checked and said not to be true

how he got around the question was computer chips now are liquid
Not a physical chip
So no he’s not putting a physical chip into people

It’s 2022 computer chips are made from liquid silicon 🤷‍♂️

Connect you to the cloud ☁️
Is a step in the
“Transhumanism” agenda
Graphene has magnetic properties when bonded with the human body

They put metal in your air , food & water .

Building the machine from the inside out !

If you received any of these vaccines your top priority is to detox as much as possible
They have been making fast food like this for a long time !

Why do you think bill gates is the number 1 land owner in the America ?
They could easily invest into to reproducing animals to get you real meat but instead they invest into stuff like this to bring you lab made meat …