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PolkaFantasy is the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross chain marketplace, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.
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PolkaFantasy Announcement Official pinned « Welcome to the World of PolkaFantasy! PolkaFantasy is the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts. Inspired by Japanese ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) culture, PolkaFantasy is an immersive platform…»
Upcoming AMA with our CEO SEP 19 @2PM UTC 💫

Tune in for our latest updates and learn more about what PolkaFantasy will bring you next 🚀

Venue: t.me/InfinityGainzz
💫🎙Don’t miss Live AMA: PolkaFantasy CEO Alex Hui x Evan Luthra!

💫Monday, September 20, 1 PM IST

🌍Venue: https://Instagram.com/EvanLuthra
🎙Join us for the AMA with our CEO and Founder of PolkaFantasy x Venus Queen

Tune in for our latest updates and learn more about our upcoming Landsale

💫Date & Time: SEP 23 @ 8AM PST
💫Venue: https://t.me/VQandFriends
Meryll & B-22 have arrived as our Epic #NFT.

Auction distribution coming soon
🚀We built the PolkaFantasy Wallet to bring you NFT experience to the next level

We can't wait to deliver the β version for you to have a taste of the world's 1st NFT wallet dedicated to Japanese NFTs. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Stay tuned for the official date 💫
Check out our newly forged weapon NFTs straight from our armoury ⚔️

You can soon upgrade your weapons with $XP to epic or even legendary

Stay with us for more NFT release news while we make the best weapons for you to forge 🔥
We can't wait to send you the NFTs! We'd like to thank you all for your patience and continued support for PolkaFantasy

Your asset security is our first priority. We are currently working on the safest way to distribute! So stay tuned for the auction distribution, Heroes!
We are thrilled to announce our Game Designer NFT series featuring popular character designers in Japan!

Our 1st collaboration is with Tomoyuki Kotani who previously crafted characters for SNK & KOF! A rare collection of NFTs with limited quantity to be released soon! 👀💫
Heroes never perish! We are rewarding a special tomb NFT in memories of our fallen heroes from the previous spectacular NFT auction. With this distinctiveness, you will be recognized as a fearless hero!

Be sure to stay tuned and discover the great secret behind.
We are ready to take the dynamics of GameFi to the next level with our utility token $XP 💎

Are you ready to explore the privileges $XP offers and travel through the realms of PolkaFantasy?

First look at how $XP may help you in upcoming Land sale 🌍

It's official

PolkaFantasy is joining hands with GameFi, a top-notch launchpad for blockchain games, to debut its first-ever Land Sale!

Be sure to follow closely for the sale date! 👀
We are excited to announce our partnership with TrustPad
to co-host our upcoming Fantasy Land Sale!

Exclusive land sale is also waiting for $XP hodlers. With these magical lands, you will be the next hero who unites the realms with your clan ⚔️

A sneak peek of our NFT Marketplace👀

The next-gen of NFT experience has never been this close with PolkaFantasy!🤩Unique opportunities to connect with Japanese artists and monetize your awe-inspiring masterpieces!

Are you ready to join us on an adventure of a lifetime?⚔️
We are elated to announce Treasureland as our strategic partner for our upcoming NFT Land Sale!🎉

Let's jump on a Play To Earn adventure together and bring forth a magical future for your fantasy GameFi assets!

Read on👇🏻

Mark your calendar🗓 PolkaFantasy is joining a series of AMAs with incredible hosts!

Look no further and explore the infinity of PolkaFantasy's magical lands together! 🎧
It's official Heroes!

We are extremely excited to announce our Fantasy Land Pre-sale starting on Oct 22.

Claim your territory, own lands of PolkaFantasy's magical NFT realms🏔️

Tune in to find out more about our Land system and exclusive benefits👇🏻

Heads up Heroes❣️

To join our upcoming Fantasy Land Pre-sale, you must hold a certain amount of $XP to be eligible for different ranks of land. 💫

Here are the requirements