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The future of money will start tomorrow! Less than one day is left until the
start of our token sale.
This is your chance to get your share of the future and your opportunity to
participate on the uprising Blockchain Technology company of 2018 and the
upcoming years.
Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz with CEO Reinhard Berger and CCO Oama Richson. Met at the airport, even the chancellor knows PECUNIO now!’s Seed & Venture Partnership made a significant contractual
commitment towards PECUNIO in the range of 5,000,000.00 USD, not including
top-up options. The PCO token reserved will have restrictions for sale to increase token value. got their share of the future.
Get yours now and gain a 10% bonus.
Our ICO is about to conclude less than 2 hours are left to get your share of the
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Plaak and PECUNIO signed a strategic investment agreement with a volume
of 3M USD to strengthen both companies development processes and underlying assets. We are looking forward to a very fruitful long term partnership!
In accordance with UAE and international rules and
regulations, we have started our KYC/AML procedure.

You are now able to submit your information and documentation.
We will have 2 stages (tiers) of verification.

Tier 1 needs to be completed by every PCO token receiver also
including airdrop and bounty tokens.

Tier 2 needs to be completed by every token receiver with an amount of PCO tokens greater than 500 in the dashboard.
After you have successfully submitted your information for Tier 1,
we will review the information and statements given and notify you as
soon as the documentation is verified.

You are then eligible to start with the Tier 2 verification. Once these documents are submitted correctly and reviewed by our team, you will be able to withdraw your PCO tokens to an external wallet of your choice.

Important! All submitted information needs to be correct and filled out with best knowledge and conscience, any fraudulent or misleading action, will lead to permanent account termination!

(Especially nationality and country of residence, regarding
possible violation of our black list policy will be reviewed in great detail)

Start KYC now:
Dear PECUNIO member,

as you know our ICO concluded, and PECUNIO was able to sell and exchange
tokens worth Millions of U.S. Dollars making it one of the most
successful blockchain projects of 2018.

However time doesn't stand still and there are plenty of tasks to fulfill
after an ICO. This email is to inform you about the most recent
developments and progress within PECUNIO.
This includes hot topics like KYC verification, recently formed
partnerships and, of course, progress with regard to exchange listings.

1. KYC verification

KYC/AML verifications are one of the most important procedures for a
company. It can either make or break a good project. Poorly executed
verification processes pose a major risk for even a best-in-class
Blockchain project.

PECUNIO is known for its accuracy and its extensive efforts to meet the
state-of-the-art standards and regulations, both UAE and international.
Thus we have experienced some delays in our KYC process for making it
compatible with GDPR (generell data protection regulation)

Those delays and hurdles have been sorted out and I'm glad to announce that
we could finalise Tier 1 verifications for our contributors by today.

Tier 2 verification, will be finalised by end of this week as well.

2. KYC for Airdrop and Bounty

Because of massive and unexpected volume of token claims, further
verification for bonuses, airdrops etc. will be done in consecutive batches
and will take some weeks to verify and confirm.
You will be notified via e-mail as soon as your KYC application has been
successfully completed.

3. Exchanges

Every crypto project profits from being listed on exchanges, both in terms
of visibility and overall liquidity. For several reasons our team decided
to seek for several listings concurrently, preventing token concentration
and preserving our company’s working capital.

We chose a range of trusted and liquid exchanges for distribution and
initial trading of our tokens. After successful launch we will constantly
add further exchanges, thus increasing volume and distribution of tokens.
For now, we put forward applications, respectively partnered with the
following networks/exchanges:

Dates and further listings will follow.

4. Partnerships

During the end and especially in the time after the ICO most of our time
and dedication went into strategic development, strengthening ties in the
blockchain industry.

Pecunio partnered up with the following projects: is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain
technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. Both
platforms aim at enhancing the experience of blockchain investing with high
end tech and revolutionary assets.

Bancor Pecunio integrates the Bancor Protocol to provide even higher
liquidity to investors and platform users. PCO token holders will gain
access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange
listings, via the use of the Bancor protocol. The tokens can be
automatically converted to any other token integrated with the Bancor

Welltrado connects more than 4500 P2P lending platforms into one seamless
network, powered by blockchain technology. The platform uses AI and Big
Data to minimise investment risk and save time while still delivering
profitable returns (4–35%). Just recently Welltrado was awarded both jury
and audience awards on the d10 conference, the biggest ICO pitch

XchangeRate an excellent multi trade interface powered with AI (Augmented
Intelligence), engaged in a strategic investment partnership with Pecunio.
XchangerateRobot presents a solution, based on an intelligent algorithm
that helps traders profitably navigate the complex cryptocurrency market in
one convenient platform.

Sharpay creates an innovational multi-sharing button for websites and
social media, connected to a token reward system that rewards users
whenever they share content. With their slogan "sharing is the new mining"
and a working MVP, they revolutionize the way of content promotion and are
one of the most high rated ICOs in the space.

More information and updates will follow soon. We thank you for your
continuing support and trust in our team and company.

- Get your share of the future

Best regards

Reinhard Berger
Today is the day our team and our token holders have been waiting for since the beginning of our project. Our PCO tokens are trading live on a digital currency exchange and are open to the public! We are proud to list our PCO token on LAtoken. A rising exchange that aims to be in the top 20 crypto exchanges by the end of 2018. If you have missed the PECUNIO crowdsale, now is the best time to get
your share of the future!