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It's here! Our theme 3 worksheet for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
You'll find everything you need to improve your English and Speak Out for Sustainability.
Keep an eye out for more videos and content which will help you answer the questions!
Download here!
Take a look the new article about choosing the right graded readers for young learners
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Hey teachers, hang out with us this summer!
Pearson English Assessments is hosting a new free webinar every Tuesday and Thursday from July 20 – August 24.
Check out our session lineup here!

We’re kicking off our Assessment Summer Camp webinar series with a fireside chat with Pearson’s testing experts, Rose Clesham and Bill Bonk.
Hosted by Nick Laul, this session will explore the latest innovations in AI technologies and how we bring a human touch into every test we mark.
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Summer Camp for teachers is officially in session!

Join Stuart Connor and Brigette Hughes as they share tools and strategies teachers can use to develop their students’ most employable skills.

Register today for the free webinar!

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Theme 4 · Water waste · This month we’ll be looking at our water consumption and all the things we can do to reduce water waste.
As always, trainer Harry (Renewable English) has lots of exciting things coming up:
💧Expert interview with Raj Phukan
💧Top tips video from the streets of Spain
💧Youth activist chat with Adarsh Ambati
💧Live lesson on Friday 27th August
#speakout_for_sustainability #waterwaste #envinroment #wateruse #climatechange
Have you tried the Pearson English Warm Up app?
It has recently been updated with some fantastic new features which will help you keep students engaged while they prepare for the Pearson English International Certificate exam.
👉 Discover what's new here!
New podcast episode 🌟
This month our panel talks to Harry Waters about Sustainability and why we should teach it in the English language classroom.
🎧 Listen now!
#ELTpodcast #learnEnglish #sustainability
Our water waste worksheet is live!
We have lots of fun activities to help you practice your English while learning how you can reduce your water wast.
Pay attention to our upcoming posts - we'll be sharing videos, interviews and more!
Download the worksheet here
We invite you to meet the lovely collaboration between Pearson and the NEVERTHELESS podcast.
Nevertheless is a podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology, supported by Pearson. The podcast and posters were produced by the team at Storythings.
Listen here!
Did you miss any of the free resources from our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme? If so, check out our Learning Journey Map where you'll find links to worksheets, videos, quizzes and much more!

Introducing Back to School 2021.
With the new school year fast approaching we’ve put together a fantastic series of resources to help you manage in-person, online and hybrid classes.
We’ll be sharing activities, materials, tips and more over the next six weeks to get your year off to a running start!
Read more over on the blog!
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The ice-breaking, rule-making, goal-setting blog post. With Back to School just around the corner, here's a blog to help teachers start the year with a bang!
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New podcast episode🌟

The panel poses questions from parents to English language school director Vanessa Hartson Walker. They discuss the issues around going back to school after months of disrupted learning caused by the pandemic.

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Introducing Week 2: Physical and digital worlds.
Last year many of us had to adapt to online teaching with little notice. For some that will continue this year too whether fully online or in a hybrid environment.
We have put together our top 3 blogs for teaching online to help you prepare for anything
Unlock the magic of learning at Pearson English's Disney Day!

Explore how you can help your students learn English and future skills using the Disney stories and characters they love.

Join our Disney Day webinars on Wednesday 29th September and sign up to as many of these free sessions as you wish here!
Today we’re happy to celebrate World Teacher’s Day!

A day dedicated to all of the wonderful teachers out there.