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Some people are wisely noting from my interview the 51% figure, replying along the lines of, “only 51%?“ Good for them. They are correct.

The sample that was questioned skewed unusually left. It was 40% Democrat, 26% Republican. If one does the arithmetic and adjusts the model to create a synthetic sample Distributed like the American population, it looks to me like it shows about 64% of adults believe that fraud played a role that was significant or very significant in Biden’s victory.
🚨Breaking Arizona News from @ArizonaRedRoots

Senate President Karen Fann is a Guest on The Jeff Oravits Show. She speaks about the audit around the 46 minute mark.

🚨She confirms the audit will be done at the Coliseum, and she says she's signing the Coliseum facility contract TODAY.

🚨 She does not address whatsoever what we LOSE from the audit process/Statement of Work by moving locations from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center to the Coliseum.

Audit expected to start on the 22nd.

She continues to speak about election bills and other AZ issues.

Ask yourselves: if the 19 biggest Chinese cyber-adjustments to those five swing states shifted 520,000 votes, then all 80 successful Cyber-adjustments in those five swing states shifted how many votes? I have already indicated an answer: a hair under 2.2 million in those five states.

Nothing about this: across the other 45 states there may have been 1500 successful cyber adjustments. That is the number we are going on right now, but our focus is still really honors five key states (and then Nevada).

I have not seen people remark on another number that I disclosed, though it is mind-boggling. The hammer system is loaded with the credentials of 4000 US government officials, from secretaries of State down through election officials at state county and local levels.
PS Hammer is connected to 150,000 voting and tabulating with this machines around the world. It’s not just the United States.

We have it all, folks. I’m not kidding. There is an army of lawyers typing up the things that need to be typed up. But it’s all been cracked.
Fulton County commissioners introducing challenge to Georgia’s voting laws

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent the following statement in response to Fulton County leaders.

“Fulton County has been failing its voters for at least 25 years. Each new election cycle brings a new failure and it is Fulton’s voters who suffer. The bottom line is that Fulton County’s elections leadership is responsible for running elections."
I’m so sorry this took a month longer than it should’ve. But here it is, the paperback version:
I did not tell people this was going live today because the last time I tease people and told them there would be a little treat, and the next day the Kindle version came live, there was a bunch of grousing of disappointment. I did not want to repeat the experience so I did not tease you to let you know it was coming.
I know this sounds terribly self-serving to say, but I hope you consider buying a dozen copies of the book in print right away.

It took three weeks longer than it should’ve to get through all the clearance processes with Amazon. It just went live 16 minutes ago, and yet you saw what they did with the Kindle version. Who knows how long this stays live.

As the subtitle of the book says, it really was written for people to give their friends. I spoke to people and crowds in those days in December and January, and I met many people who knew that it happened, they just did not know how to EXPLAIN why they knew. But anybody with any sensability knew something was sketchy. So I wrote this book IN narrative form, really thinking of that audience in mind. I wanted a book that you could give your friends and say, “You wanted to know why the whole thing seemed sketchy to me? Read this book!”

The last time it went live, on Kindle, in two days it was the number 17 product on Amazon… Then they suppressed it. So who knows how long it will be available.

But actually, I am grateful and moderately surprised that Amazon let this go live in print form. So I suppose I should not look a gift horse in the mouth.
The audiobook has now been uploaded. It says it may still take up to 30 days to get through all the approval processes.
ARIZONA RECALL the Board of Supervisors, Ducey, Hobbs Signing Events

Ahwatukee Plaza
1 pm - 5 pm
Ahwatukee Plaza: 5009 E. Elliot Rd., Phoenix, 85044

Mesa Black Metal Firearms
4 pm - 7pm
Black Metal Firearms: 7931 E. Pecos Rd. #168, Mesa, 85212

Queen Creek
8 am - 12 pm
Eggs Tc: 20852 E. Ocotillo Rd. D105, Queen Creek, 85142

Queen Creek
9 am - 1 pm
Ted's Shooting Range: 18618 S. 186th Way, Queen Creek, 85142

9 am - 1 pm
Next to Planet Fitness: 4874 S. Val Vista, Gilbert, 85298

Tombstone Tactical
9 am - 2 pm
Tombstone Tactical: 10011 N Metro Pkwy E., Phoenix, 85051

Monday - Friday
AZ Alliance Main Office
10am - 5pm
4225 W Glendale Ave, E116 Phoenix 85051

8 am - 2 pm
Speedway and Kolb @ the Walmart Corner

Want to help gather signatures? Call Debbie Hess at 623-219-6177