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Makes my heart swell with gratitude to realise that 100% of iSuccess members who take 100% Actions and apply what they have learnt about iSuccess Methods of Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing or Personal Development has achieved these milestones

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With 101 Million programs out there and so many choices you will end up more confused!

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Trainings can be great but if cannot apply you are back to square zero!

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Learning will only make you smart

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Suria Sparks
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My Digital Profit Launch (DPL)
Genius Positive Parenting πŸ’•

I was a banker for years before I operated my own tuition centre for about 4 years. When business started to pick up, Covid happen and MCO implemented. All classes stop and my income was affected greatly to the extent I decided to close down the business.

At the start of the MCO, when everything on 'brake' and school has not pivot to online class, I search for any alternative via online. I came across Suria Spark, offering Passion Purpose Profits Program in April 2020 through Facebook, free for 5 days. I was inspired by her introduction right away and decided to commit myself to join the 5 days session. I am so glad I did! There was alot of AHA πŸ’‘moments for me and this really made me want to learn more. More than what I expected, not only I can learn but can earn at the same time. Turn my smartphone into πŸ’°.

I do this Digital Profit Launch (DPL) because I want to start take action and implement those skills I learn from mentor Suria. I definitely will not earn anything if I just forever β€˜marinating’in learning and no action taken. I love this DPL as I can leverage on Suria's expertise in different business categories. Honestly DPL does scare me a little because this is totally out of my comfort zone. Never in my life in social media I went on Facebook live. I need to keep on practise not just the skills but also to boost my confidentπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

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