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Biweekly update on @0xProject
4th July — 18th July

Shut down of the Exchange v2.0 contract and migration to patched version, Dev update

Greetings to 0x fans and all crypto friends! This is our second biweekly update on 0x protocol and we are pleased to note that these weeks the team was immensely active as usual. They have made a number of improvements across the protocol and its associated tooling that makes 0x easier and better to work with. The 0x team published the monthly development post that digs into all the technical updates from the 0x Core Team: 0x Mesh upgrades, ZRX staking contract designs, contract-fillable liquidity documentation. Also, last week the 0x team announced that they had become aware of a potential exploit on the 0x v2 exchange contract. To protect users’ assets, they shutdown the exchange contract. A review of the exchanges transaction history confirms that no users have fallen victim to this exploit, so props to the 0x team for acting quickly to mitigate the issue. On behalf of the 0x core team, Will Warren sincerely apologies. As for upcoming events, Clay Robbins will be talking about “The Future of Automated Finance” on the main stage at BuildETH 2019 in San Francisco on July 19th. Additionally, Tom Schmidt of 0x will lead a workshop showing you “How to Launch a Decentralized Exchange in Minutes”. Last week the team announced the addition of Theo Gonella to the 0x Core. He will be working with the Protocol Engineering team as a Product Manager. Timur Badretdinov put together an article on Trade Execution Coordinator by 0x covering the motivation (spoiler: it’s the frontrunning), current solutions, and the long-term view. The 0x community is quite active and it constantly grows. And last but not least, 0x relayers Radar Relay, Ethfinex, and Paradex now have the lowest slippage for $1,000 buys on ETH/DAI! Keep on powering decentralization! Stay tuned for 0x biweekly updates in the coming weeks!

#0x $ZRX #ZRX #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @AttentionToken
4th July — 18th July

Brave Ads now available on Brave Android browser and Partnership with and Theta Network

During the last two weeks, BAT illustrated the average level of social activity. To start with, Brave is making the first advertising platform built on privacy available on its Android app. Users can donate the BAT earned from viewing Brave Ads to their favourite websites, YouTube creators, or Twitch streamers. Moreover, Brave and Theta will become a Verified Publisher in the Brave browser, while Brave will become a sponsor on, running ads alongside its top streamers. The Brave browser will also become an officially supported browser for relaying video on the Theta Network. Users can earn BAT rewards for consenting to viewing ads in the Brave browser, while at the same time earning TFUEL for relaying video on the Theta Network. Stay tuned!

This report is not financial advice.
Biweekly update on @loomnetwork
4th July — 18th July

Plan for multichain DeFi ecosystem, Early preview of Binance Chain integration, Alice becomes 1st DeFi project on Loom, Listing on Defiprime

Greetings to all Loom lovers and followers! Have you noticed that the project hits a home run? Loom’s PlasmaChain has recently integrated with Binance Chain, which means users can now easily deposit and withdraw BNB between Binance Chain and Loom. Check out the guide written by the team which walks through the basics of building a simple web app that lets users deposit and withdraw BNB between Binance Testnet and Loom Testnet. For those who are a little behind of times, Loom’s PlasmaChain was also integrated with web3 providers Portis and Fortmatic, and with TRON, which means TRON developers can directly interact with all dApps built on PlasmaChain. That lets developers build dApps without extensions or downloads! Read about Loom plans to integrate BTC, TRON, and others into a Multichain DeFi ecosystem in their recent blog post. And check out their synopsis of the current DeFi space with Maker DAO, Uniswap, Dharma, Compound, and dYdX. A few days ago, Defiprime listed Loom Network. As for the social side, the team wasn’t very active during these two weeks. However, Loom CEO Matthew Campbell was speaking at the Blockchain Gamer & Pocket Gamer Connects event in Hong Kong. The room was so full and the audience was trully fascinated! Developers have been working exceedingly hard these weeks so many updates on ecosystem appeared. Alice app, first DeFi project on Loom, has officially released on Play Store and App Store. Experimental hosted tournament sponsored by OpenSea. Neon District redefines ‘Early Access’. Axie Infinity highlighted in Bloomberg Business and featured in Wizard of dApps podcast. The Loom community keeps growing. There is a constant slight grows in the number of token holders and subscribers of Loom social media channels. Stay tuned for Loom updates in the coming weeks!

#LOOM #PlasmaChain #Blockchain #Crypto
Biweekly update on @tezos $XTZ
4th July — 18th July

TezBridge has been updated to v2.1.5., Netezos.Rpc is implemented, Tezos Analytics Explorer, Updated Migration Strategy by Cryptium Labs, Mininax explorer, An indexer for Tezos

We wish the world would be as stable as Tezos development. Its teams keep showing steady progress over the period, and Tezos dreams seem to come true: 1 Self-amending update, more than 100 meetups, about 470 bakers in 30 countries, 6 Global Foundations and excellent 80% staking rate. Only bonafide teams are working towards making Tezos greater: The protocol team has been steadily reviewing and testing all the MRs that are flowing in the branch proto-proposal; the Michelson team has been busy too with quite a lot of changes; LIGO and MARIGOLD team onboard new collaborators to both of them, rewrote much of the codebase, and began some exciting new projects.
So far, so good, we will hopefully see more progress in the coming year. TezBox team currently has two core goals — in the short term, they want to continue to offer a high-quality wallet on various platforms, in the long run, they are aiming to work on Tezbox API, and the Tezbox Browser. Besides, CryptonomicTech worked on Mininax, a retro block explorer. Decentralized nature of Tezos helps teams all over the world to be socially active: SmartPy and ConseilJS participated in the Tezos meetup in Douala, Tezos Africa had a fantastic turnout at Tezos 1st meetup there. The celebrations of Tezos birthday are planned worldwide — you can attend them in Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna and New York. Moreover, Ryan Jesperson, President of Tezos Foundation, had a fantastic interview.
The community is thrilled with all the Tezos processes, the number of followers on social networks is sharply increasing. Success is coming down the pike! Stay tuned for the upcoming Reddit AMA after Week 29 with us!

Bake your Tezzies with us —

@LabosNomades #Tezos
Biweekly update on @FunFairTech
5th July — 19th July

Real-time Affiliate Payments Across Casino Network

During the last two weeks, FunFair community illustrated the average level of social activity. FunFair Technologies, the market-leading blockchain casino platform provider, is now live with its innovative, real-time affiliate technology across its white-label network. The innovative technology, which changes the rules for affiliate and referral partnerships, guaranteeing real-time payments based on wagering, not player losses, and is available now to both affiliate partners and individual referrers. Significantly, affiliates no longer need to wait until the month or quarter-end to receive payments, with smart contract technology ensuring revenues are paid on-chain in real-time in FUN, direct to a nominated Ethereum wallet. More to follow!

This report is not financial advice.
Biweekly update on @enjin
4th July — 18th July

MineCraft Player’s Guide, Blockchain SDK for Unity3D, App Development Studio, Collaboration with Chief Keef and Crystal Rose

Hello, dear community! It is a nice day to talk about one of the most iconic gaming blockchain projects — Enjin. We hope you ain’t forgotten these guys. There is so much news we want to share with you. Let’s begin!
First, EnjiCraft player’s guide has just been published. You would wonder what EnjinCraft is? It is a demo Minecraft server that showcases a robust form of blockchain integration made possible by the upcoming Minecraft Plugin. EnjinCraft access codes have been sent to everyone who signed up for closed beta! Here’s what you should know before you play. And now over 2,000 users have registered and get access. In our point of view, this has been the most useful case of Enjin so far.
Second, we are likely to notice the Blockchain SDK for Unity3D we wrote in the previous article. There is good news! The Blockchain SDK for Unity3D has been downloaded over 800 times. In Enjin’s opinion, because it’s an effective crowdfunding and monetization tool, it revolutionizes community engagement, and it can connect separate gaming worlds as one. Since the SDK improves the whole ecosystem development, we cannot in all conscience agree.
Third, we should say a few words about Beyond Horizon, app development studio. The team that built Kriptomat, Platformax, and Spletnik is proud to launch a new app development company that is 100% powered by Enjin. We have been so happy to discover it, because the extra team can create extra applications and the result is going to be the increasing of Enjin’s users.
Last, we’re going to tell you about one marketing thing. Enjin has collaborated with Chief Keef, an American rapper and record producer, and Crystal Rose, a prominent technologist, entrepreneur and investor and Forbes Top 10 Women in Blockchain, to auction off 2 special tokens for charity. As we know, both of them are quite well-known persons and, in our vision, their participation is well positioned to advance in the world.

#blockchain #gaming #minecraft @chiefkeef @crystalrose
Biweekly update on @Theta_Network
5th July — 19th July

An advertising partnership with Brave, Ongoing Pre-Guardian Node program

Hello and welcome to all Theta followers and community members! Paradigm is here to tell you some news about Theta Network appeared during these two weeks. Pre-Guardian Node program, an early preview of Guardian Nodes, the 2nd layer of nodes in Theta’s multi-BFT consensus mechanism, is still ongoing! You can now also check out the latest updates on TFUEL integration with at the TFUEL streaming roadmap — this will continue to be updated as new features are completed and added to the roadmap. A few days ago truly breathtaking collaboration took place! Two of the most widely-adopted blockchain projects is joining forces for an advertising partnership! Theta is now a Verified Publisher in the Brave browser, while Brave sponsors, running ads alongside their top streamers. Network statistics constantly shows impressive numbers. NASA’s events are streaming on The SpaceX Falcon 9 was launching these weeks and it was streamed LIVE on! The project gains ground. Theta community continues to grow. There are a constant slight grows in the number of token holders and subscribers of Theta social media channels. There were a lot of the killer Theta designs submitted by community members over the last weeks! Congrats to the top three community-submitted Theta designs: the winning design from Thomas Brace, the Theta Man from SatFam and Theta lucky cat from Choip gamer! More to follow!

#THETA $THETA #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @ShiftNrg $SHIFT
21st June - 5th July

The latest Phoenix update was successful and the team is preparing a testnet update now

Hello, Shifters! Unfortunally, there was no essential news for you these weeks! In our previous report, we told you about Shift Core v7.0t activation. This major release introduced the foundation of a storage-based p2p economy that thrives on the utility of the SHIFT token. Storage capacity is managed by Lock transactions that use an in-built pricing mechanism, while Pins on the blockchain permanently save data to the Phoenix IPFS Cluster, all in a trustless fashion. Shortly after the launch, the team released an interactive storage demo that allows any user to experiment with the functionality by which Shift is reinventing decentralized cloud hosting. They also were instigating a reward program for those that set up a storage node and join the Phoenix testnet cluster. As for marketing and social encounters, the team is still fully focused on development. As Shift vice-president Werner Heisenberg mentioned: “The concept of conferences is something for the future”. The community of shifters continues to grow slowly. Social media dynamics shows that it remains virtually unchanged. There is a slight fluctuation in the number of subscribers of Shift social media channels these weeks. More to follow. We hope to see some great updates from the team in the coming weeks! As Ralf S mentioned yesterday, the latest Phoenix update was successful and the team is preparing a testnet update now, so they can vote the delegates back in asap. Stats are looking good! Stay tuned for a seamless user experience, integrating IPFS with the innovation of the crypto space!

#SHIFT #Shiftproject #Blockchain #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @beamprivacy

5th July — 19th July

Beam First Hard Fork will happen in Mid-August, BEAM available on Cudo Miner, Celebrating Mimblewimble Day, Bright Boson 2.3, iOS — Release Notes, Atomic Swaps: Qtum & Beam, UX+ for Beam mobile wallets

Hey, BEAMer! These two weeks were super fruitful both on development and social aspects of BEAM life. The team strived for quality and tried to polish every little detail on BEAM mobile wallets, provided specific enhancements on Bright Boson 2.3, in general, 9 authors have pushed 28 commits to master and 51 commits to all branches, on master, 51 files have changed, and there have been 4841 additions. Besides, BEAM is ranked #12 ( based on commits & development ) among all crypto on Github. Furthermore, Beam has implemented the atomic swap function of Beam/Qtum. The code was merged into the master branch of Beam project. Atomic Swap allows atomic cross-chain transactions of cryptocurrencies on two separate blockchains without relying on third-party trust endorsements. Also, thrilling news: Beam will execute the first hard fork as previously announced in the Roadmap. This first network upgrade will occur at Block Height 321321, expected to be reached on August 15th, 2019. BEAM keep spreading its ideas worldwide: they managed to present Beam in the 5th Blockchain International Congress, at the Bankia headquarters in Granada, BEAM & BTC Meetup in tech-savvy Krakow, where the attendants learned a lot about financial privacy, Beam Ambassador Rafael Hauxley spoke about Mimblewimble and Beam at TEDxYouth. Beam coin is now available on Cudo Miner, a crypto mining platform that allows automated mining, reducing manual configuration and intervention by up to 95% without losing profitability.
What is more, BEAM is one of tech stack sponsors at Proof of Moin Hackathon. The community is creative and supportive; a lot of fun stuff appeared in social networks and chats. Happy Mimblewimble Day, guys! Stay with us for more!

Mimblewimble is great for privacy, but not so friendly for the people. We, at BEAM work hard to eliminate the usability gap..”
Sasha Abramovich, BEAM Head of Product

#Blockchain #beam #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @KomodoPlatform
5th July — 19th July

Make Your Blockchain In Just Minutes, AtomicDEX, Rebranding

Hi, everyone. We are glad to see you again. We are back with a few excellent news about Komodo Platform, a solution to create own blockchains.
First of all, we are happy to say that Antara Framework is live on the Mainnet. If you don’t know what it is, we’re going to introduce you. This web application lets anyone customize and launch a Smart Chain, complete with full seed nodes and mining nodes, in a few minutes. Yes, we know it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to create your chain and start making the world better. There are so many features we like the most. For instance, with 18 different parameters, you can customize your Smart Chain in hundreds of millions of different ways, and you can activate the modules you need and start building (Assets, Oracle, Faucet, Price Feeds, Gateway, Stablecoins, Channels, Rewards). Even if you are not a professional coder, you can configure all the parameters you want to set, ranging from pre-mine supply to block rewards.
Second, we hope you remember AtomicDEX, the third generation of Komodo’s decentralized exchange technology. And there is a piece of excellent news about it. Registration for the first round of the AtomicDEX beta was a huge success! One thousand people signed up and are ready to test. Sign-ups for the second round of the AtomicDEX beta are now open. So if you are interested in Atomic Swaps, you should sign up and try it.
Third, Komodo did a rebrand. The new Komodo website is now online featuring Komodo’s new visual identity, messaging, and user journeys.
To sum up, we are proud of these guys and their progress. We are grateful to the contribution to the development of the crypto community, and we are looking forward to the next step forward.

#crypto #blockchain #tokens #coins #cryptonews
Biweekly update on

5th July — 19th July

1st hard fork was a success, Security audit update, 2.0.1 planning, node & wallet sub-teams, The GRINOIRE is almost ready

Welcome to our first update on Grin! Let’s get acquainted — it’s a lightweight implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol, a blockchain protocol that provides privacy and scalability gains by verifying that all tx are valid without needing to store the entire history of the chain. Grin team had a successful hard fork session. One of the most fundamental changes introduced on the Grin network is a tweak to one of two mining algorithms. Grin supports a mining algorithm that is friendly toward both general-purpose computing devices called GPUs and specialized hardware called ASICs, but recent fork looks to dissuade specialized machinery from being built for the GPU-friendly algorithm.
Moreover, wallet developers have been busy preparing releases that are compatible with the 2.0.0 hard fork, such as Niffler, Grin++ and wallet713. Grin team coped with a substantial amount of work: we can follow the current state of development via Meeting Notes, which are freely accessible on GitHub. Besides, CoinCodeCap listed Grin so that you can track the progress there as well. The community is just amazing; they constitute a loyal group of people, who are ready to help and support any noobie newcomer. They seem to be members of an excellent anonymous cryptofamily with local jokes and strong ties. For instance, they have GRINOIRE, “cypherpunk coffee-table book bound in leatherette with gold embossing and printed on bible paper is now in its final stages awaiting copies from the printer”. I love it.
Hope to know this company better — I bet they have something cool to tell the world. Let’s figure it out with us!

Good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun.” — Linus Torvalds

#Blockchain #Grin #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @IOStoken
8th July — 22d July

Top Japanese Law Firm as Partner Node, Bithumb Global support and IOST as the fourth among all projects on the world’s first PoS staking platform

This report is not financial advice.
IOST Foundation continues to increase its presence as one of the leading crypto projects, and its primary emphasis is being placed on innovation and growth. Over the past two weeks, IOST made good progress in partnerships. Japan has officially recognized Bitcoin as a legal payment method. IOST announced that Zelo, a leading Japanese law firm, has officially joined the IOST ecosystem as a Partner Node and will empower IOST’s development in the Japanese market by providing legal advice, technology and business support. IOST is now the first project in the entire blockchain industry to receive direct support from a prestigious law firm. Moreover, Bithumb Global, the trading platform under Bithumb, one of the five largest Bitcoin trading platforms worldwide, officially supports IOST and will open IOST/USDT market. The IOST Foundation was recently added to CoinInn, the world’s first PoS staking platform. IOST ranks the fourth among all PoS projects in staking on this platform with AA level liquidity, moderate mining complexity, right income level, and AA level potential. Subscribe to Paradigm Fund to keep up with the latest goings-on.
Biweekly update on @omise_go $omg
8th July — 22nd

A lot of progress with the Ethereum integration, AMA with Vansa, The team at Bangkok Fintech Fair 2019

Greetings to all OmiseGo followers! These weeks, the team was working assiduously as usual. Over the past two weeks, the eWallet team has been working hard on the Ethereum integration, and they’ve made a lot of progress. They are now able to generate a deposit wallet address using an HD wallet system and send funds to the wallet from an Ethereum account. Internal tokens can be turned into ERC-20, and smart contracts for new ones can be deployed from the eWallet. Things have slowed down a bit on the Potterhat side because Unnawut, OmiseGO Integration team software engineer, was helping to review all the Ethereum integration PRs. He was away for a few days, giving a talk at the Elixir conference in London. As for Plasma, things are moving fast and furious on the abstract layer contracts implementation! The team has almost reached feature parity with the existing contracts — they’re able receive ETH and ERC-20 deposits, store block hashes, and support standard MVP exits for payment transactions. On the child chain side, they’ve started working on support for the abstract contracts. This includes some fundamental changes in how they handle transaction types. Go.Exchange is now live and open for public signups! If you want to learn more about them, the team’s visions and how they plan to become an exchange used and trusted by people all around the world, please read their latest blog post. And keep in mind that Go.Exchange referral program is live! Refer and earn to help the team grow the community! As for the social side, OmiseGO CEO Vansa shares her insight on how to ensure regulation promotes innovation and growth in the blockchain ecosystem instead of simply stifling it with rigid policy. This month the team was inviting her to respond to community questions on OmiseGo subreddit. Also, Vansa was joined by Tipsuda Thavaramara, the new OmiseGO Regulations, and Compliance Advisor to answer a bonus AMA question. Find out the video on OmiseGo Youtube channel! The team attended Bangkok Fintech Fair 2019. Last month at the Techsauce Global Summit held in Bangkok, OmiseGO VP of Commercial and Business Development, Dennis Keller delivered a talk titled “Digitalizing the world of financial transactions, assets and payments. Can blockchain succeed?”. In a recent blog post, the team takes a closer look at his talk, OmiseGO in the world of digitized assets, and the potential of blockchain to securely store, verify, and transact data. As for upcoming events, the team will be at Devcon 5 in Osaka. So far so good. The community constantly grows. There is a slight increase in the number of subscribers of OmiseGo official social media channels. OmiseGo fans, keep track of updates! We’ll show you more stuff along the way of social activity and development in the Public Alpha of Samrong! Time sure flies when you’re busy BUIDLing!

“Look at financial systems today. Look at banks. There are barriers to entry, to just getting an account. Our view is that having the ability to transact money easily should be seen as a human right.”
- Vansa Chatikavanij, OmiseGO CEO

#OmiseGo #OMG #Plasma #DEX #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
Biweekly update on @cosmos
8th July — 22nd July

Proposal to increase validators set to 125 has passed YES 94.77%, New testnet upgrade, A summary of the ICF funding program, The team at HackAtom in Seoul

Dear Astronauts! We are going for a ride into space. Over a period of two weeks, members of the Cøsmos ecosystem, including validators, software engineers, and core developers have worked tirelessly. So there was a lot of essential news for you! Proposal to increase validators set to 125 has passed YES 94.77%! Moreover, all validators need to be prepared for the testnet upgrade today, on 22nd July! Check changes on Cosmos Github page. Community calls took place: in first Tendermint dev session the team dives you deep in the Merkle tree concept, in second they tell you everything you need to know about Tendermint Rust libraries, in third they discuss Testnet deployments. Several videos from Cosmos IBC Meeting were published, the weekly discussions on the Inter-blockchain communication protocol. Cosmologists, IBC is undergoing rapid development! And Cosmos is bringing you a year of hackathons around the globe! First, it was HackAtom Berlin. Read coverage of the event and winning POCs in their recent blog post. Than, HackAtom Seoul was the first in-person hackathon thrown in the heart of the Korean blockchain scene: Gangnam. The team received a total of 90 applicants, with about 20 teams that showed up and put their best efforts forward. Many hackers were new to the Cosmos SDK, and a few veteran users showed up to hack or mentor. Check out the winners in the recent publication in Cosmos blog. Read also how Chjango Unchained explained some strategies for staking and how to migrate slashing risk for Cosmos’ BPoS Network in AMA hosted by Huobi Wallet. The number of projects building application-specific blockchains with Cosmos SDK is steadily growing. FOAM is working with the ICF on Haskell based SDK and production level ABCI servers for Cosmos and Tendermint opening new language options for devs. This week the ICF published a summary of their funding program. See Github for list of funded projects. As for upcoming events, GopherCon in San Diego is coming in late July. Zaki Manian, Tendermint team’s head of research, will be presenting on the latest developments in multichain networks and Cosmos IBC during Web3 Summit 2019 in Berlin in August. The team announced the launch of the world’s largest HackAtom (to date) at this year’s SF Blockchain Week this November. Exiting times are coming! More to follow Cøsmonauts, keep shipping!

#Cosmos #CosmosNetwork #Tendermint #ATOM $ATOM
Biweekly update on @EndorProtocol
9th July — 23d July

No updates

During the last two weeks, Endor didn’t illustrate any social activity.
Biweekly update on @ethereum
9th July — 23rd July

Ecosystem and Projects’ Updates, Opinion and Research Articles

Happy Birthday, Ethereum!
Five years ago, on July 22nd, 2014, the Ethereum dream began! The Ethereum crowdsale went live, kickstarting years of developer, startup, entrepreneur, and enterprise fervor. Five years later, the blockchain ecosystem is diverse, global, increasingly decentralized, and growing in importance, recognition, and prominence. Still astonishing to reflect on how far they have come. We wish the Ethereum team to keep willing an idea into being, built a vibrant community, and spread the ethos of decentralization to the world! ◊

For all Ethereum lovers, we have a lot of essential news as usual! During these weeks, the team was working assiduously so they made significant progress with current development. Community calls took place: Core Devs Meeting, Eth2 implementers call, Plasma implementers call. Ethereum 2.0 development updates were published: Prysmatic Labs, Nimbus, Rockethouse. Trinity v0.1.0-alpha.27, Geth v1.9.0, Parity v2.6.0-beta and v2.5.5-stable released. For those who are a little behind of times, Justin Drake, an Eth 2.0 researcher at the Ethereum Foundation mentioned that the phase zero of Ethereum 2.0, which enables Proof of Stake, is targeted to launch on the 3rd of January 2020, only seven months from now! Also, Ethereum planning to reduce issuance by 10x in two years according to him. The ecosystem is impressive and it continues to flourish! New projects appear constantly! Developers have been working hard over the period of the last two weeks so many updates on projects build on Ethereum appeared: Metamask for mobile is out. Celer’s alpha-mainnet, Cygnus, launched. Augur launched Liquidity Partner Program. 0x Mesh p2p network is in beta. Dai Stability Fee went up first to 18.5% a few days ago and then it went up to 20.5%. Ocean Protocol went live on POA Network. Uniswap’s SOCKS got forked. WBTC added to Compound. KyperSwap now has limit orders. Microsoft made research on leveraging Ethereum to make machine learning models more accessible. And worth to mention, FEC said federal candidates can give ERC20 loyalty tokens to their volunteers. These weeks ETHNewYork videos, research and opinion articles were published. Vitalik Buterin wrote on sharding and on economics (visit forum for more info). The year is well underway, cherry blossoms have fallen, and Devcon is quickly approaching! The conference fifth incarnation returns to East Asia later this year! Save the date — Osaka — October 8th-11th, 2019, and stay sharp! Ether is more than tangible and serenity is just a matter of time.

#Ethereum #Eth $ETH #EthereumBlockchain #Blockchain @EthereumNetw
Biweekly update on @bluzellehq

9th July — 22nd July

Sprint Recap, Developer Bounty Program

Greetings to all. Remember Bluzelle? Yeah. Guys who develop database solution for blockchain application. So, we are glad to talk about them again. To be honest, there is no so much news and updates. Anyway, we are likely to tell you a few exciting things.
As we know, development is one of the most critical parts of any crypto project. So, the tech team is ready to show us such significant updates features as new CreateDB size constraint functionality, a random eviction policy on a per-database (UUID) basis and other great things. In our point of view, all the innovations are useful and give a great ability to specify a database you want to create.
Furthermore, there is the one latest thing for community developers. You would wonder what we are talking about? We are talking about Developer Bounty Program launched by Bluzelle and GitCoin. Through this program, the Foundation will be putting out periodic bounties, payable in BLZ, those reward developers for building real-world use cases for the Bluzelle DB. They will put different bounty tasks out regularly, as a contest that encourages the community to actively use Bluzelle to build new software in a reliable and competitive basis. You know, we always uphold the community development. In our vision, it helps the main project to grow and become more popular, more developed. So, we are looking forward to the first use-cases.
To end with, we are proud of Bluzelle. We see the future of this one and are going to share updates with you some more.

#Bluzelle #database #Blockchain #Crypto
Biweekly update on @Tardigrade_io @storjproject
9th July — 23rd July

Development Update, Mascot, Token Balances and Flows Report

Everybody, we welcome Storj.IO, the rapidly developing cloud storage platform again. We believe you still remember these guys since the last update on Storj and you have been waiting for any news. So, we want to share some things with you.
First, there is a development update. The development team did a big job. Developers made some network protocol level changes ahead of the network wipe. Also, they improved the file repair process to store pieces it repairs, even if it doesn’t hit the success threshold — this will give the file more overall durability. Of course, there are other new features can be viewed below. In our vision, all the elements are essential and can improve the network of decentralized cloud storage.
Second, Storj introduced the new mascot. During the Storj Town Hall on July 10th, the Storj team asked its community to vote for their favourite mascot. The community members voted for their favourites, told the group why they love the mascot they selected and ranked their selection from one (worst mascot ever) to five (best mascot ever) with a pretty clear crowd favourite. We think this fact is excellent news. The mascot introduction can be beneficial to become Storj more identifiable.
Third, Storj published Token Balances and Flows Report of Q2 2019. To sum up, Storj has 245M STORJ (≈$44M) Tokens long-term locked up, and the team spent 2.7M STORJ (≈$488K) of Operating Supply tokens. Considering that 2.7M is only about 0.9%, we can say it is a good result for the company.
To conclude, we thank Storj for a job well done. Storj is building this business from nothing, brick by brick, until it will be the most extensive cloud storage in the world.

#storj #cloud #Storj #Blockchain #crypto
Biweekly update on @SpaceChain
9th July — 23rd July

Technical Progress, SpaceTide, Partnership with Biteeu in Kazakhstan

Hi, everyone! We are glad to talk about SpaceChain again. As we said in the previous updates, SpaceChain is a community-based space platform that combines space and blockchain technologies to build the world’s first open-source blockchain-based satellite network, allowing users to develop and run decentralized applications in space.

In speaking of development, the team completed the update of the space node telemetry data acquisition module. Moreover, the updated telemetry data acquisition module adds new functions such as alarm value setting, background log alarm, and monthly log file division based on previous features such as timing acquisition and log generation. In our opinion, SpaceChain shows excellent progress in development on the way to achieving a healthy space system.

Furthermore, we wrote about SpaceTide. It is Japan’s first private space business conference organized to become an industry platform by connecting keyspace stakeholders such as startups, corporations, government agencies & related organizations, investors, engineers, designers and researchers. There Zee Zheng was one of the five startup pitchers at the conference alongside Jordan Vannitsen, Co-founder and CEO of ODYSSEUS, Adam Gilmour, Founder and CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, Yuki Hanyu, CEO of IntegriCulture, Inc. and Yozan Takahashi, CEO of OUTSENSE. So we hold it useful to advert the project in this way.
We told you previously about the partnership with Biteeu, Kazakh fully licensed and compliant virtual currency exchange from the European Union. So, there is the word about Biteeu partnering with SpaceChain, which is making rounds in Kazakhstan. Currently, interest in virtual currencies is snowballing from both private individuals and large companies and governments of different countries.

To conclude, SpaceChain is rapidly growing, and we like it. We feel that SpaceChain is well-positioned to become the leading space startup.

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Biweekly update on @helloiconworld
10th July — 24th July

Pre-Voting August, 26, ‘Fee 2.0’ to access ICON DApp without paying transaction fees, ‘DPASS’ launch to store private information and more

These two weeks were fruitful both on development and social aspects of ICON Foundation life. ‘Fee 2.0’, the new transaction fee system of the ICON Network, has been published on the ICON Mainnet. Users can now access ICON DApp services more conveniently without paying transaction fees. ICON has designed the Fee 2.0 system to reduce dramatically the costs incurred in using and operating DApps. Fee 2.0 consists of two main components: ‘Fee Sharing’ and ‘Virtual Step’. At the same time, ICONLOOP has announced the launch of ‘DPASS’, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity authentication service. DPASS is designed to prevent the private information users store in DPASS from being taken by a third party without permission, giving users the authority to manage their private information and data by themselves. Finally, starting 26th August, ICONists will be able to vote for P-Reps and earn ICX rewards. Stay tuned!
Biweekly update on @FUSIONProtocol $FSN
10th July - 24th July

295 active nodes and 13.6M FSN locked for staking, FSN lists on Binance DEX, Asset Gateway live with PAX

Dear Fusionites! The network quickly expanding! We love keeping track of the consistent growth we are seeing on Fusion MainNet! Every day more FSN tokens are locked-up for staking, and more nodes are participating in consensus. Rest assured, the numbers speak for themselves! As for today, there are about active 300 nodes participating in consensus and more than 13.6M FSN locked for staking, which is approximately 41% of the circulating supply of FSN. Moreover, yet the FSN reward rate is still about 40% per year. These weeks, the Fusion team crafted a short survey to capture your feedback on their new MainNet functionality. They want to ensure that you have the best possible experience when interacting with their features, so please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with them.

Fusionites, we did it! With your help and the positive votes received from Binance DEX validators, the team ran the listing command for a FSN/BNB pair to begin trading yesterday. To trade on the DEX, you need to get your hands on BEP2 FSN which their pals at Fantom have made easy using the Token Swap Bridge. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to execute the swap in Fusion official blog. Fusion’s Asset Gateway is live on MainNet with Paxos Standard Token enabled. Feel free to lock-in your Paxos tokens and give them access to the extensive functionality available on Fusion’s network.

As for the social side, Fusion participated alongside 20+ other firms, including China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, in TeqAtlas research paper on ‘Emerging Technologies for SMEs’ covering blockchain, AI, and IoT. Read the full interview in which John Liu discusses how to validate the truthfulness of smart-contract triggering events, what disturbances smart contract may bring to stock markets and more!

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