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Classic FPS old School First-Person game with a psychedelic theme.
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PSYMETRY Shotgun Showcase

Note that this isn't an official map but a development map. It's the map I use to test the geometry and features I'm building for the game so there's no goal other than for testing purposes. Like when you see an area with stairs, it's cause I was working on them and I built that area to test possibilities and limitations. This is why there's so much variety in this map. Real maps will be much more coherent :)
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PSYMETRY - Progress update (Oct 13, 2020)

Hey guys! Here's a progress update video showing some of the new stuff I added to the PSYMETRY project during the last few months.

- Blood decals on floor and walls
- Bullet Ricochets
- New monsters
- Better explosions and projectile FX and some sound updates.
- Flying enemies can land and take off
- Turn in place animations and leaning animations for more realistic Enemy movement.
- Music player with random pitch variations so songs can play slower or faster than normal to add a bit of variety.
- New much improved switch/door system
- New map

Lots more work to do but it is already a lot of fun just shooting things around so I'm getting closer to being able to release a test build you guys can enjoy. I just have to clean it up a bit cause it's a rather large project at the moment.
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PSYMETRY FPS Game - Legendary Shotguns

I did some work on the game's shotguns lately in order to make a Legendary variant and it turned out way better than I expected. What do you guys think of the new look?
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PSYMETRY Dev Vlog 01 - Distractions of a Game Dev