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Dear system developers, investors

To promote the development of the company as well as the interests of investors, we will donate an additional amount of USD converted into P2P tokens for investors when investing from $ 10,000 or more under the following program:
- From May 1st to May 10th: get an additional 20%
- From May 11st to May 20th: get an extra 15%
- From May 21 to May 30: get an additional 10%.
This program does not apply to the Thai market because it has not liquidated a $ 68000 loan. We will apply to this market after the loan is paid off.
Program "Thank for Connection": giving 5% to the person connecting customers who buy p2p coin of the company is still maintained until new notice.

We are pleased to inform the upcoming strategic markets of P2PCLUB, in addition to providing peer-to-peer lending products and services, we are applying for permission and completing a Blockchain Option (BO) trading platform. This is one of the major ecosystems that help drive the company's p2p coin growth, expected to launch in June. All transactions will be in p2p. The company is looking forward to your support and companionship
Thank you.
P2P Club Channel pinned «Dear system developers, investors To promote the development of the company as well as the interests of investors, we will donate an additional amount of USD converted into P2P tokens for investors when investing from $ 10,000 or more under the following…»
Hello P2Pcluber.
We are planning a continuous and steady increase in the price of P2P in order to launch BO exchange in June.
Hope you don't miss this wonderful event!
Thank you!
Big investment - Great future
Leaders of Thailand market please pay the final loan so that we can soon open the BTC and ETH payment gateway for your market to avoid disadvantage for your whole market. Thank you!
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Notice: Our BO trading platform is currently in the final testing phase before launch. We are pleased to inform you that we will list P2P tokens on the BO exchange for $ 1. Thank you all for believing in p2pclub. On the 15th, we will launch BO floor in Korea and soon Vietnam. Particularly, Thailand market will be connected to P2P trading port with BO trading platform after paying the last debts. Thank you!
Congratulations to Vietnam market on your eligibility to borrow from p2pclub. Conditions are guaranteed from the sponsor and the investment account of the sponsor and the borrower. The interest rate is calculated from 8-10% / week.
P2p company would like to send to p2p investors good news, we have reached a part of agreement with coinhe and Yobit. We are fulfilling the final conditions to bring p2p to these 2 exchanges as soon as possible and on schedule scheduled for August.
After working with the exchanges, in order to meet the listing floor eligibility, our management decided to change the listing price of P2P token. We expect to list the price on coinmarketcap as $ 0.5 instead of $ 0.75. Sorry for the inconvenience!
This is what we are waiting for!
I know it's very excited!
To meet coinmarketcap's eligibility for operational capacity of the company. We will work with the coinhe board of directors at Singapore headquarters to sign the decision and post P2P on the Coinhe exchange on June 30, 2020. And listed on other international exchanges respectively from June 30 to August 30, 2020. Listing P2P earlier than intended is in our favor to launch BO and Staking trading platforms. We recognize that this change is necessary for the project to be stronger and capable of strong development. Therefore, I would like to inform you so that you know the information.
In addition, you can completely bring the profits of the staking to BO platform to trade.
Thank you!
Due to a number of legal reasons, we have not listed p2p on the exchange as expected. We are working around the clock to complete the legal requirements for listing p2p on the exchange. This is the final step. Expected to take 2-5 days more. Sorry about this delay. Please give us your trust.
Currently, due to the coming back situation of Covid 19 epidemic, affecting the source of customers who need to borrow money from our company, this greatly affects the company's revenue. Lowering interest rates is the best solution for our company to continue developing and accompanying all investors. We will reduce interest rates for this period within 3 months from this notice. Interest rates will be reduced for all invested packages and new investment packages as follows: 1.2% / week for packages from over $ 10,001 0.95% / week for packages below $ 10,000.
We look forward to receiving long-term cooperation from investors.