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How NFTs Can Shape the Future of Music

💪Right now, digital art NFTs are changing what we think art and the art economy are and can be. And music NFTs might also pose some equally interesting questions for music. 🎧

#NFTs #Music #Entertainment #Insight

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Opera will allow users to convert any media file into an NFT for free

🖥The team anticipates that users who have no prior knowledge with Web3 will be able to use the tool to enter the Web3 market. This implies that NFTs will be easier to produce by artists from various backgrounds. 🎉

#Opera #NFTs #Creators #NFTWorld

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Coinbase Pauses Plans for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Short Film Trilogy

🎙The “Degen Trilogy” series is on hold, the company confirmed to Decrypt, months after the widely panned first entry was released.

#Coinbase #BoredApe #NFT #ShortFilm

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DappRadar Report Indicates GameFi Growth of Over $320 Million Despite FTX Collapse

🗓800,875 daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacted with smart contracts related to games in November.🎮

#DappRadar #GameFi #Report #FTX

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How the landscape of sports will evolve in the metaverse

🔎What the report highlighted is a generational change among sports fans, from older passive fans who engage in linear entertainment to younger active fans who seek out more ways to engage with their favorite sports.💪

#Sports #Metaverse #NFTGame

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Magic Eden Launches Protocol to Enforce Creator Royalties

🔥The top marketplace for Solana NFTs had moved to an optional creator royalty model in October.🔥

#MagicEden #NFTs #NFTMarketplace #Royalties

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How did the FTX collapse impact the Web3 gaming industry?

🎮The FTX collapse impacted the whole crypto ecosystem, but this might have been deeply felt in Web3 gaming because of the ties between Solana and FTX.👨‍💻

#FTX #Web3 #Gaming #Report

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Partnership Announcement: BSClaunch x King of Animals

💪Our goal when creating this game: Everyone can play to earn.💸💸

#BSClaunch #Partnership #IDO #Launchpad

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Excited News!!
🤝@GameP2e & @gamestarter have partnered to prosper the GameFi ecosystem!

🎮The partnership between the two platforms will allow both parties to offer their gaming products and services to users, benefitting both platforms by helping them reach a wider audience.

About Gamestarter
Gamestarter has a long-term vision for the future of blockchain gaming and is committed to developing the industry through its services like IDOs, GS Incubator, GS Accelerator, and GS Studio. Gamestarter describes its mission as covering all aspects of GameFi, that’s why Gamestarter’s goal is to become a hub for the GameFi ecosystem by offering a variety of services that benefits both the industry and the partners they have.

read more:https://www.p2e.game/help/44rkoeca1l08

#Partnership #Gamestarter #P2E.Game #GameFi #NFT
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🪂The special point about the airdrop is that every supporter of Phoenix Cup can earn rewards.🎉

#GAMEFI #Airdrop #Giveaway #Partnership

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PAID Academy Launches PAID.XP

📚This section of PAID Academy, will be less technical and focuses on lessons that can’t be learned in more traditional classrooms. PAID XP, is based on individual expertise built on years of experience working in the field.📝

#PaidNetwork #Launchpad #PaidAcademy

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Project Medieval Empires Secured IDO on Poolz

🎮Players will be able to build, explore and conquer with exciting opportunities to play and earn!💰

#Poolz #IDO #Tokensale #Playtoearn

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Gamestarter collaborating with BlockGames

‼️5x Tier 1 Whitelist Spots for our upcoming Shatterpoint Founders Hero Collection FREE Mint.

#Partnership #Gamestarter #Giveaway

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TIMEX Launches $2,500 Bored Ape Watches and Matching NFTs

⌚️The luxury watchmaker unveiled a line of 500 one-of-one customizable timepieces.💥

#BoredApe #NFTs #TIMEX

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Coca-Cola teams up with Crypto.com and digital artist GMUNK to release NFTs celebrating FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

⚽️10,000 unique NFTs to be created based on ‘heatmaps’ from tournament matches.💥

#CocaCola #Crypto.com #WorldCup #NFTs

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Nike Announces “1st Native Web3 Sneaker,” Courtesy Of NFT Property RTFKT

👟Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT last year has largely served as the most successful case study from a traditional brand utilizing an NFT platform – certainly among those who have entered the NFT space with a longer time horizon.💸💸

#Nike #Web3 #NFT #Sports

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Malta prepares to revise regulatory treatment of NFTs

🎙The revision seeks to remove nonfungible tokens from Malta's Virtual Financial Assets framework.📝

#Malta #NFTs #Regulation

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GameStop the Latest to Axe Staff, Mostly Crypto Wallet Engineers

‼️The latest tech giant to lay off more staff this year is GameStop. Furthermore, most of the cuts have been to its crypto wallet division.👨‍💻

#GameStop #Crypto #Blockchain #Gaming

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Metaverse comes in second place as Oxford's word of the year

2️⃣“Metaverse” has come in second to “goblin mode” as the Oxford University Press’ 2022 word of the year after the process was opened up to voters for the first time ever.📚

#Metaverse #Oxford #NFTs #Crypto

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