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There is a time difference in data migration. Blocks are expected to be generated at the end of the chain in 5 minutes, and there are more than 50,000 nodes from your queue. Please give the chain more time.
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The APP gateway restriction of unconventional IP access is being processed, the non-restricted area has not been affected, and other affected areas are waiting to be restored.
The APP gateway restricts the link and affects the operation of servers in multiple regions. The instability of the APP interface has nothing to do with the link. The third-party server provider is working hard to repair it.
#Osasion is expected to open all on-chain interactive functions such as node creation and data exchange in the new version of #Osasion Wallet APP within 8 hours. Nodes that have not completed data migration can still continue to work, and the interaction and chain end stable observation period will last 72 hours after startup.
The synchronization time of servers with miner nodes located in Singapore and Japan is affected by the slowness of the local network. It has reached 67% at present, and the process is continuing to be promoted.
With the activation of the nodes, #Osasion official network corresponding to the 8 miner nodes of the server at 15:38 (UTC+8) on October 12 completed the first mining after the migration. The data pressure test at the mining end of the new network was also successfully tested.
Due to the adjustment of the underlying structure of the #Osasion chain end, the governance end will incorporate new algorithm matching, and the server architecture will be rearranged to meet the needs of the DAO governance end. Please log in to the cloud service provider account before 00:00 (UTC+8) on October 19th in each region to suspend the renewal.
As of October 26, 11:08 am (UTC+8), the notification of monitoring abnormality at the #Osasion APP side has lasted for 9 hours, 11 minutes and 46 seconds. Between the third-party server provider in Singapore informed that the network connection to Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian regions of the international communication line abnormal fluctuations, resulting in its own regional server room blocked. Now it has been restored, the impact or produce impact from the APP side of the external transfer type links, and not associated with the public chain side.
In the link of #Osasion's mount transfer test, the mount test will be updated to the day version and other optimizations. If you have downloaded the test version to debug the independent APP, the conversion and upgrade are not completed in a timely manner within the time limit, please uninstall it. The two APPs are not interoperable or interoperable. The debug version has completed its work and will be discarded.
For the specific scenario requirements of ecological products that should be stationed, #Osasion will enable cross-chain bridges to open asset cross-chains under the technical framework of the chain end. Provide mutual accommodation of interactive cross-chain assets such as USDC\USDT\ETH. #Osasion will provide assistance to ecological projects on the public chain infrastructure. In the future, it is planned to open a pilot program for gradually liberalizing the cross-chain integration of the chain end architecture. OUSD corresponds to USDC/USDT. The specific details and follow-up are still under continuous work.
In order to optimize the #Osasion Sobrinans Metaverse section on the chain-end communication and NFT casting and other infrastructure implantation, to ensure the overall access of the ecological project Meta Freecity section and the adaptation of its first chain game. During the work period, it is expected that the chain-end communication will be suspended for 96 hours. During the chain stoppage, the post-stage adaptation of the GAS parameter calibration will be completed. The specific time is subject to the upgrade.
#Osasion plans to start the upgrade at 11:30 am (UTC+8) on December 13th. The upgrade will implant the communication mechanism for chain end matching and optimize the link and GAS settings. It is expected that the synchronization block height and data backup will last 74 hours, and it will be connected to the Sobrinans #Metaverse section. During this period, all chain-end transfer communications will be suspended.
The public chain resumes communication and starts a stage. It is estimated that the data block fragments that will enter the data chain in 1 hour will cut and store 1,500 pieces of data per hour on average. After 41793 pieces of data are continuously processed, the link-end communication will be officially resumed. Stability and emergencies will be continuously monitored within 72 hours after the recovery, and the recovery will be subject to the actual update prompt.
๐ŸšซAt 21:08 (UTC+8), the multi-site computer room where the server service provider platform is located suffered a malicious segment sweep attack, resulting in restrictions on the API interface server.

๐Ÿ“ขThe chain side has not been affected and is waiting for recovery.
๐Ÿ“ข๐Ÿ“ข๐Ÿ“ขAs of 10:40 am on May 25(GMT+8), the main branch of #Osasion public node server has terminated its service. The #OMC chain is terminated, ending the public chain verification mission.
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