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πŸ“£ Hello everyone.
The countdown to our presale has begun on the official TronSuperStars website. ⏰
Presale starts tomorrow at 12 am GMT
During the presale tomorrow, write the special code ORBITAL to participate in the additional token raffle. 🎁 For a list of prizes and conditions, see the attached table
⏰ Less than 3 hours are left before the start of the presale of STARS tokens.

In this post, I want to remind everyone once again why we chose this project and believe that investing in STARS tokens is a good idea.

Presale price for members of our community is 17,500 STARS tokens for 1 ether

On Sunday, a public sale will take place with a price of 12,000 STARS for 1 ether

Then, within a day, there will be a listing simultaneously on Uniswap and Justswap with the price of 9000 STARS for 1 ether.

STARS tokens can be sent to liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges to receive good rewards for this.
It will be possible to stake tokens on the Tronstars platform and thus earn additional STARS, and it will also be possible to freeze STARS on the platform and receive a percentage of the platform's income.
The total sales cap is only 400 ethers (150 ethers presale and 250 public sale), the project's marketcap on the listing is only about 200k bucks.
I work closely with the team and will do everything to have X's. πŸ™‚

I myself will enter the presale for 10 ethers and then I will farm, mine and stake tokens and show here how to do it so that those who want to do the same do not have any difficulties.
66% of presale STARS tokens are sold in less than 2 hours. πŸ’ͺ
The pre-sale was closed a few hours ago, for technical reasons I could not write earlier. A small number of tokens are reserved for investors who have a long process of buying a crypt. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
TronStars roadmap for the next 6 month is expected today.
Hello, Orbitalians! :-)

Latest information on TronSuperStars

A marketing campaign has begun to spread information about the upcoming token sale and listings. For this, a number of contractors were hired, both independent promoters and marketing agencies.

Publications have already appeared in some large channels with tens of thousands of subscribers, for example https://t.me/blockchaingerman/7576 or https://t.me/C1_Promos/17

Also, to attract new players to the platform and potential investors to the token sale, a promotion was launched on the platform itself, within which any new player who plays at least one game in GRIND is guaranteed to receive 50 STARS tokens and participates in the drawing of 55,000 TRX.

Requests to place advertising banners on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and etherscan were sent.
#Defi #Uniswapgem
201028_PRIVI - One Pager.pdf
533.4 KB
Hello Community!

After our last deal with TronSuperStars, I set myself the task of finding and negotiating a deal with a strong project in the very hype direction of DeFi.
And I did it!

In the next few days we will have a special deal with the awesome PRIVI PROTICOL project!

The project is being made by a strong international team, the product is ready and is working in test mode in the most hype topic at the moment - DeFi + SWAP + NFT.
Two applications are already starting to work on the basis of the protocol, one of which is called CACHE and has about 250,000 users.

I will publish the details of the terms of the deal in the near future, but for now I recommend studying the project.

Lightpaper https://static.showit.co/file/jEQ67PBKRz-zYIJlJTJvQA/88048/privi_lightpaper_v0_9.pdf
Hello, Community!

Today I am glad to present you additional information about the PRIVI Protocol project, as well as exclusive conditions for the purchase of tokens.

We have a unique opportunity to purchase tokens at the very first round of sales - SEED ROUND

Due to the fact that the number of tokens that will be sold in this round is limited, and there are many who want to buy, we need to exclude such a situation that someone will buy a large number of tokens, but someone will not get anything. To do this, we need to find out who and how much potentially wants to buy. Please fill out the proposed table https://forms.gle/2hqVSEccgzz8zKbDA

To participate in SEED ROUND, you will also need to send 100,000 ORBT tokens to the specified address, all tokens will be sent back to you along with the PRIVI tokens after the end of the public sale.
PRIVI ecosystem already boasts more than 230k registered users from across the globe, with 2 apps live and 4 others to be launched in the next months and
announced throughout the sales phase for additional marketing. We have lined up PR outlets and marketing agencies to create additional buzz and will campaign our 230k userbase into the public sale in a concerted marketing plan reaching Cointelegraph and other crypto and traditional outlets.

There are 3 main areas of use for the token and protocol:

1) PRIVI Swap lets users generate NFT and other tokens against a range of uses, while giving users unlimited swapping opportunities even beyond just digital crypto assets but everything tokenizable.
The user can tokenize themselves.
2) PRIVI DeFi Credit allows anyone in the world to receive credit
without depositing collateral, or even having a bank account.
3) PRIVI Data and Digital ID allows users to take control over their data and optimize it in an anonymous way for monetizing
when sharing it with other players in the ecosystem.

As you can see, this is an uncut gem waiting to shine. Here some more:

Technical paper - 130+ pages of technical wizardry and in depth economic models and inner workings of the different components

Testnet Web Version (under construction): https://priviprotocoltestnet.web.app/#/

Cache on AppStore – first app in the ecosystem 230k+ registered users

Prospr - core app using swap and credit elements of protocols

PRIVI web extension preview with live web usage scraping capabilities based on machine learning
Some teasers from our public marketing
201102_PRIVI Marketing Roadmap.pdf
847.3 KB
We are going to make the partnerships with such projects as Matic, Enjin, Kyrrex, DistX and others. We are also in negotiation process with CoinList, Binance, Gate.io and few Token Funds.
Hello, Orbital Community!

The seed round of token sale of the new PRIVI Protocol project starts and Orbital Community members have an exclusive opportunity to take part in this round.
The total amount raised in this round is only 87 ETH.

In this regard, I want to go through the points again and explain why I think this project is an excellent opportunity for investment and the potential for getting Β«XsΒ»

Firstly, the project is really very complex and technologically advanced, while it solves serious problems in the most hype areas at the moment - DeFi, SWAPS and NFT.
Among the unique features of the project, the following should be highlighted - PRIVI offers a unique solution to the impermanent loss (IL) problem, which is typical of all existing decentralized exchanges with automatic market making (AMM), including Uniswap, Sushiswap, Mooniswap, etc. This problem can lead to serious losses among liquidity providers with strong changes in the value of an asset that is provided for liquidity. This unique feature can allow PRIVI to pull liquidity from other dexes, as liquidity providers will be able to earn significantly more on PRIVI.

Secondly, PRIVI offers users the ability to provide and take loans in cryptocurrency according to schemes that work in the traditional financial system. Namely - unsecured loans based on a scoring system for assessing risks and creating an insurance fund. Unlike other DeFi services where for example, in order to borrow $ 1000 in cryptocurrency, you need to provide a collateral equivalent to $ 1500 or more.

PRIVI plans to provide users with the ability to exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies, as well as cross-chain cryptocurrency swaps.

Another PRIVI product resulting from the introduction of a scoring system for risk assessment for the provision of loans is a decentralized personal data management system with the ability to sell data anonymously.

The next very promising direction, which is also implemented by PRIVI, is the issue, exchange and sale of NFT tokens. This is still a fairly fresh direction and completely new business models can be found there. Many experts predict that the next big wave of hype in crypto will be in the NFT area.

In general, PRIVI, being a protocol, provides any third parties with the opportunity to tokenize absolutely any assets - it can be real estate, diamonds, intellectual property, corporate rights, art objects, company shares, etc. Tokenized assets can then be traded on PRIVI.

Now I want to say a few words about tokenomics, as this is especially important for investors.
The price of tokens on the seed round is 4 times lower than the listing price. At the same time, in order to exclude the scenario of a token price dump, time locks were introduced, and a small percentage of tokens were put up for sale, and the bulk of tokens will be sold on a public sale at a significantly higher price. For locks and token prices for different rounds of token sale, see the attached files in previous posts.

Also among the additional strengths of the project are partnerships with such well-known projects as Matic and Opensea. Official announcements from them are expected next week. Partnership negotiations with Enjin and Chainlink are underway. Negotiations underway with Gate.io, Coinlist.co and Binance.com too.

To participate in the seed round, you need to send 100,000 ORBT tokens to the address 0xF5C175cD80455b536520F306A27df13c0E1D143F
All tokens will be returned along with PRIVI tokens after listing on the exchange, approximately in the second half of December.
Then you need to go to the page https://priviprotocol.io/private-sale and send USDT (erc20) or ETH to the address indicated on the page.
ATTENTION! DO NOT send your crypto from exchange accounts, send only from personal wallets!
After that, you need to fill in the form at the link https://forms.gle/5XAbzR2CPH93HGP58

On Monday at 8PM GMT an AMA session will be held in the Moonshot Hunters telegram group https://t.me/moonhunters
Cooperation with such telegram groups as gMac Crypto, Uniswap Gem Family, Don CryptoDraper, Uniswap Gem Alerts, WhalersClub, GEM TALK and ProBlockchain is planned.
Dear friends, I want to remind you that today at 8PM GMT an AMA session with the founders of PRIVI will take place in one of the largest groups of crypto investors Moonshot Hunters, which has about 10,000 members. πŸ’ͺ
It is highly likely that after this session a wide audience will gain access to participate in the seed round and the round will be quickly closed.
Therefore, for those who planned to buy PRIVI tokens in this very first round, we recommend that you have time to do this before the start of the session. ⏱
Hello, dear Orbital Community!

Today we are happy to announce a new special deal that we got. This time our partner is a new great project Peanut.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Everything related to PeanutπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

In this post we have collected all the information about Peanut so you can easily find everything you need. We'll update it once there is something new happens!

πŸ”… What is Peanut β€” https://medium.com/peanut-trade/introducing-peanut-a-defi-price-balancer-that-increases-crypto-lp-income-1955a1d2fa07
πŸ”… Peanut Team aka Remme β€” https://www.linkedin.com/company/remme
πŸ”… Peanut Token Economy β€” https://medium.com/peanut-trade/the-future-of-liquidity-provision-aint-nothin-but-a-peanut-27fb4796627
πŸ”… Peanut turns Uniswap slippage into profit β€” https://medium.com/peanut-trade/how-to-turn-uniswap-slippage-into-profit-for-liquidity-providers-552517234b8e
πŸ”… NUX Airdrop details β€” https://t.me/peanuttrade/127
πŸ”… Airdrop allocation & Unlock period details β€” https://t.me/peanuttrade/723
πŸ”… Peanut AMA β€” https://t.me/peanuttrade/3710

πŸ—£ Peanut Abroad
Peanut on ICO Drops β€” https://icodrops.com/peanut/
Peanut on DefiPrime β€” https://t.me/defiprime/2046
Peanut on ICO Analytics β€” https://t.me/ico_analytic/2728
Peanut on GemCollectors β€” https://t.me/announcementGC/1533
Peanut AMA with MoonHunters β€” https://t.me/moonhunters/270522
Peanut AMA with Satoshi CLUB β€” https://t.me/Satoshi_club/463223
Peanut AMA with GEM Collectors πŸ’Ž β€” https://t.me/c/1371461415/213435
Peanut AMA with DeFi Raccoons β€” https://t.me/DeFiRaccoons/182896
Peanut AMA with Generation Crypto β€” https://t.me/gcryptochat/82879
Peanut AMA with CryptoDiffer β€” https://t.me/c/1496936810/180249
Peanut AMA with BlockElite β€” https://t.me/Blockelite/1059149
Peanut AMA with Mandy β€” https://t.me/getrichwithmandygroupchat/422194
More is coming….

Please learn about the Peanut project.
The exact details about the deal will be reveiled in the next post soon.
Hello, Orbital Community!

Today we are happy to announce terms for our special deal with Peanut project.

First of all we’d like to explain why we think that Peanut is a great project with huge potential.

1. Peanut solves a huge problem of impermanent loss for liquidity providers on DEXs.
2. It’s not just a concept, Peanut has a working product which already generates constantly growing revenue.
3. Part of this revenue is planned to be spent on NUX tokens buybacks.
4. Well thought out tokenomics. Most NUX tokens are locked for 25 month and token unlock period: 4% every month. Staking is planned. This initiative is intended to prevent price reductions after listing on Uniswap.
5. Official Partnership with Curve. And we expect more great partnerships to come.
6. Well known and experienced team which already delivered Remme project.

During the public sale, which is planned to start at the beginning of February, there will be 6M NUX tokens offered. NUX will be offered according to the Dutch auction model. This means that the exact price of 1 NUX can’t be predicted beforehand. But the range will be the following: from $2.5 (starting price) to $0.35 (last price). The price of the token will be decreased step by step in equal periods of time. But those who made their bids at the starting price will simply get more NUX with each step, as their bids will be re-evaluated according to each new price.

We expect that the average auction price will be somewhere between $0.75 and $1.5

Orbital Community special deal price is $0.4

To participate you must send your investment (USDT ONLY) and 100 000 ORBT tokens to this address 0xF5C175cD80455b536520F306A27df13c0E1D143F

You will get your ORBT tokens back on March, 1st

The minimum individual cap is $5000
The minimum deal total cap is $20 000 and the maximum total cap is $100 000

Like all projects this is a high risk / reward project. ONLY invest what you can afford to lose. DYOR!!!