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Now that this year is finally done
Let’s have a new and happier one!

Here’s a small gift for you - inspiring wallpapers to keep you going 🖤
Core team You
If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts - don’t hesitate to propose it here and let the community discuss it:


And here’s a few of them our community came up with:


Guess what’s coming, frens!

Soon we will propose something that everyone can participate and work on! Get your ideas, visions, suggestions ready and stay tuned for our announcement ✌️
Hang out alert!

This Friday 11:00 UTC,

join us in the Discord voice channel for an overview of everything going on behind the scenes. We’ll also be answering any questions you have! See you there 👉 discord.gg/xw2A3ksT
Hey Samurai! Just a kind reminder 👇

Join our Friday townhall (tomorrow) to get caught up on what's going on behind the scenes:

11:00 UTC, Friday
Discord voice channel: discord.gg/SvwpWsS8
Poap #1!

Anyone who replied to the original tweet with your wallet, you’re eligible to claim our first Poap 😉

Grab it through this link and save it for the future: https://poap.delivery/orakuru
You ask - we deliver 🔮

Since our community expressed the wish to be updated with project’s technical progress, we’ve come up with a solution - bi-weekly tech updates

Stay tuned 🙂
We’re hiring!🔥

Experienced blockchain developer with strong working knowledge of cryptographic and other algorithmically complex systems.

Check the full job description: