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Forwarded from Blair Cottrell
No Soros funding or corporate donors. No buses to bring people in. No politicians backing them. No celebrity support. No police kneeling to them. No media promotion.

Just Aussies fighting back.
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Paris is rising up
Wow!!!! AMAZING!
We are proud of every single person who was standing up today! 💞💞💞

Forwarded from World Doctors Alliance
Forwarded from Jaclyn Dunne (Jaclyn Dunne)


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Forwarded from HART group
Continued wearing will perpetuate the currently inflated level of anxiety many people feel about the prospect of returning to a normal lifestyle.

Read more:
My son is to appear on This Morning ITV.
Here is my response ;

Thank you for contacting me on behalf of ITV's This Morning and giving me an opportunity to respond which I would like to do by coming on to your show to explain the science and the very many expert opinions which back up all of my statements.

As I am calling for an open and public debate, free and fair, about the danger of these injections, that is the so-called covid vaccinations, as well as about the unconstitutional restrictions which have been imposed, appearing on your show would be the perfect opportunity to begin this discussion. I would therefore welcome you to invite me on to discuss these very serious matters of utmost public importance in a manner which is both mature and dignified rather than to try to distract from it.

Why this debate has not already occurred makes me doubtful of the motives of those who are in editorial control of main broadcast channels but let it not be said that I was not ready to propose or participate in an open informed discussion.

Regarding my son Sebastian I am not prepared to comment in detail on things which maybe private although I must question the bona fides of ITV if they regard it as appropriate to haul relatives on to prime time television to trawl over family matters. When has this ever happened in recent memory to a politician or 'trusted' public figure, but then maybe it is not necessary to do so as they are already under control whereas I am actually speaking the truth.

To use a son in this way to denounce his mother is the most shocking abuse by a broadcaster of their privilege that I could ever imagine. It is absolutely reminiscent of the communist mind control tactics of Mao's China, not the UK. It being a modern-day equivalent of attempting to place me on a medieval ducking stool. A fitting description for what is now a 21st century witch-hunt by ITV and the main media.

I can only imagine this form of mother-son denunciation is being done on purpose to seek to deter others from speaking out for the truth.

As trial by jury is now no longer available to all who require it, it would appear I must undergo 'trial by television', in particular involving my own family member being called to condemn me without any basic investigation of the facts or actual science. Nevertheless I refuse to be cowed or intimidated.

Finally I have stated before that from what I can see it appears the term 'conspiracy theorist' is now applied to anyone who believes something other than what your controllers want them to believe, this is something I find to be deeply disturbing.

It is therefore time for an open, free, public debate.

When you have set a date and time for me to appear on your show do let me know otherwise I look forward to my response above being read out and shown in writing on the broadcast as indicated.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Shemirani
Is this not denialism at its worst, from the Telegraph article on me:

"dubious claims of “tens of thousands of deaths” caused by the vaccine."

I sent these links to the journalist. She had them all at her disposal. Total denial.


UK official numbers:

UK numbers breakdown:

US official numbers:

US numbers breakdown:

EU official numbers:

EU breakdown numbers:

Unofficial site with breakdown of all statistics above so you don't have to add them all up: