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We take P2P exchange to a new level 🚀
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Great news for Openmonet traders!
From today you can use Telegram Bot for trading!
What is Bot capable for:

1. It sends requests for trade execution and gives opportunity to make deals beyond trader personal account.
2. You can receive notifications about changes in status of transactions.
3. It sends authorization codes to log in personal account.
4. You can see your account balance and hold, receive notifications about changes in it.
5. It shows all your deals and you are able to find and continue any of them.
To join Telegram Bot head over to notification settings in trader personal account

#telegrambot #openmonet #p2p #bitcoin
Great news for our partners, who supply widget Openmonet to their clients, now updated API is available for you!

API gives an opportunity to get maximum profit from integration with Openmonet, you will be able to get all necessary information in real time, for more convenient interaction with Openmonet platform.

Here are the main functions of the new API:
–– To get list of the available offers with rates, currencies and payment methods
–– To get notifications for your users about changes in status of transactions
–– To get a list of the deals of your website users
–– To get transaction list of your website users
#p2p #openmonet #bitcoin
We released an update. Here's what's new:

1. We released a new trading account
2. There is now sound notification of deal request in trader’s personal account
3. Traders can easily find payment for deals because we request and display the buyer's details
4. When creating and editing an offer, traders can now see the position of their offer in the list
5. Now the deal is rescinded automatically if buyer doesn’t pay in time

#p2p #bitcoin #openmonet
From now on we have automatic first level identity verification which takes only a few seconds! To exchange cryptocurrency on less than 1000 € it’s enough to indicate your full name and country of residence before the transaction.

#p2p #bitcoin #openmonet #cryptocurrency
We are glad to inform you about updates for traders!
We have added opportunity to peg your offers to etalon quoted price. While making and changing your offer you can specify a target rate change factor of etalon price, upon which rate in your offer will be proactively corrected once in a minute. Etalon quoted price is determined based on the figures from 112 biggest crypto exchanges.
#p2p #bitcoin #openmonet #blockchain
For Openmonet traders we have added antifraud function in the sale of cryptocurrency when payment is made by credit cards!
Now you can ask client for card photo while making deal, for that purpose you should tick the box “card photo request” accepting the offer.
#p2p #bitcoin #openmonet
We have integrated a new partner! Now widget Openmonet is available in ecosystem for MLM marketing!
#p2p #bitcoin #openmonet #blockchain #oton
We have more great news for crypto exchanges! We have developed our widget injector for apps on Angular and React, that means now you need to add only 3 more code lines to install widget on your website! Injector for Vue.js will be available soon!
#openmonet #bitcoin #P2P
Welcome mobile version for traders personal account! All functions of desktop version is available, trade on the go! 😉
#openmonet #bitcoin #P2P
Update for traders!
We have added 14 new payment methods to buy and sell bitcoins, which are iTunes Gift Card, Xpress Money Service, GCash, Interac Online, mCash Mobile Payment, UPI Transfer, FNB E-WALLET, Orange money, Cash app, MovoCash transfer, PhonePe, ecoPayz, Esewa. If you are not registered as a trader in our platform, follow the link!
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Hello there,
Because of some unforeseen reasons, we have lost access to the account that owns this channel. But there is nothing to worry about. We are moving to a new channel, and you can join us here.
Hereafter, all the updates and news related to the Openmonet platform will be published on this channel. Make sure to join us as we have numerous exciting updates coming up. We'll look forward to meeting you there. Cheers!