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We seek to ignite people’s curiosity in social issues, and create a learning community of people who care.
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Tech for Good 2021

T4G celebrates the use of technology in creating possibilities for persons with disabilities through innovative solutions - from improving telescope canes for the visually impaired to communication tools for persons with Aphasia!

Join this festival and
🏠 Explore booths and presentations by 40 T4G teams, Makerspaces, Community Partners & alumni teams
πŸŽ™Assistive tech panel discussion from 5 distinguished differently-abled speakers

πŸ”΄ 6 Nov, Sat
πŸ”΅ 930am - 5pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Engineering Good
#technology #disabilities #festival
Both Sides, Now: Mengukir Harapan presents Kata-Kata Kita

This is a community engagement project exploring what it means to live well, and leave well. Lets talk about it openly - What are our wishes and hopes while our hearts are still beating? How do we prepare for our final exit without losing our dignity? Are our closest and dearest ready to accept our sometimes painful, final decisions?

πŸ”΄ 5-7 Nov, Fri-Sun
πŸ”΅ 7:30pm – 10:00pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by ArtsWok Collaborative and Drama Box
#death #community
Finding Resilience in Caregiving

Join us in our webinar – Dedicating to Self-Care – as our guest speakers share useful tips and resources that will help caregivers to look after themselves as they care for their loved ones. Interactive virtual workshops are held throughout the week. Register now to secure a slot!

πŸ”΄ 3-7 Nov, Wed-Sun
πŸ”΅ 930am - 4pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Caregiving Welfare Association
#caregiving #workshops #webinar
Friendzone November Calendar
Have you ever wished you had close friends who live near you? Recently moved to a new neighbourhood?

Sign up now to meet your neighbours and make new friends! 🏘️ Follow @friendzonesg for more event updates

πŸ”΄ 15 - 27 Nov
πŸ”΅ 8 - 10pm / 10am - 12pm
πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Friendzone SG
#community #friends
CalmCon - Virtual Wellbeing Festival

Hear from experts on Workplace Wellness, how to find Calm and how to Thrive, and learn strategies to build your resilience β€” for both your personal and professional lives.

πŸ’° $59-$100
[Use code β€˜OPENJIO30’ for 30% discount]

πŸ”΄ 12 - 13 Nov, Fri - Sat
πŸ”΅ Various timings
πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Calm Collective Asia
#mentalhealth #festival
Racial Discrimination in Singapore: Furthering the Conversation

Ahead of Singapore’s first review by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, five organisations have submitted their reports to the UN highlighting areas that need to be improved on to tackle racial discrimination.

Join them next Monday to hear their report and recommendations.

πŸ”΄ 15 Nov, Mon
πŸ”΅ 8 - 9.30pm
πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Anti-Racism Coalition (Singapore), Community Action Network, Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics,Transient Workers Count Too, and Transformative Justice Collective
#race #paneldiscussion
Who we are, Where we come from

In this event, Soristic has invited Jonathan Kuek (The Total Wellness Initiative), Max Soh (Disabled People's Association), and Hana Yabuki (Transient Workers Count 2) to discuss how unconscious biases develop, their impact on marginalised communities, ways we can assist these communities, and what it means to live in a truly inclusive society.

πŸ”΄ 25 Nov, Thu
πŸ”΅ 6.30 - 8.30pm
πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Soristic
#unconsciousbias #paneldiscussion
Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Assembly 2021

The Assembly is a gathering for like-minded individuals interested in community development. It includes a prologue to ABCD by Skillseed, a panel discussion and a Human Library session with the panelists.

There is also a pre-event workshop on 24 Nov, Wed 7.30 - 8.30pm if you want to learn more about ABCD and the Head-Heart-Hands framework.

❗️ Registration closes on 12 Nov, Fri

πŸ”΄ 27 Nov, Sat
πŸ”΅ 10am - 1pm
πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Skillseed
#community #paneldiscussion
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OpenJio Statistics

We're approaching the end of the year! How has the last quarter been? Let's recap the event statistics! :)

Eagle-eyed community members may have spotted the change in post format a few weeks back. We've returned to the previous post format in order to better gauge interest in each event. Do you like this format? Let us know!

As always, stay Open and Jio your friends!

Defining Social imPAct - Creating Community Change in the New Normal

Many Singaporeans' lives has been affected since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating more opportunities for ground up initiatives to make a impact in the new normal.

Join us as we understand the challenges of sustaining ground-up initiatives and find out how you can play a part in supporting the community efforts to create positive change through this webinar.

πŸ”΄ 18 Nov, Thu
πŸ”΅ 8-9pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Impact@Hong Lim Green
#socialimpact #change #webinar
Kampung Experience

For the very first time, Ground-Up Initiative is collaborating with various eduPartners to let you have a teaser of its Kampung Kampus ecosystem.

From farm tours to learning how to compost and upcycle our plastics, from learning how to live like a nomad to trying out tractors (and many many more!), there is definitely something for the nature lovers, the ever-curious children, the discerning individual who wants to learn more about sustainability or anyone who just wants to experience something out of the norm!

πŸ”΄ 21 Nov, Sun
πŸ”΅ 9am-4pm
βšͺ️ Kampung Kampus
πŸ—ΊοΈ 91 Lor Chencharu, S(769201)

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Ground-Up Initiative
#sustainability #nature #experience
Brown Bag Sessions: Procrastination

Procrastination is the purposive delay in beginning or completing a task to the point of experiencing subjective discomfort.

Delving deeper, do we procrastinate simply because we are lazy? Or is there something deeper and darker to that?

Join us to find out more about the reasons behind procrastination and discuss ways to overcome it.

πŸ”΄ 25 Nov, Thu
πŸ”΅ 8pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Happiness Initiative
#mentalhealth #conversations
Fresh insights in the social space!

Dating with a disability

πŸ‘‰ Click here:

Book Launch of β€œCan I Love?”
What if one of your goals or dreams is to find somebody to love romantically? Can I love is a candid sharing on the journey to find love by an individual with muscular dystophy

πŸ‘‰ Click here:
Grows Community Farm Weekend

Enjoy a fun-filled weekend of art, nature, food, earth-friendly wares and more! Get a rare glimpse into artists' studio spaces and join one of over 20 creative and gardening workshops, demonstrations and experiences. Shop for your Christmas gifts at Down to Earth Market selling curated items that are good for the planet.

πŸ”΅ 27 & 28 Nov, Sat-Sun
πŸ”΄ Sat 930am -715pm, Sun 930am - 330pm
βšͺ️ Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Rd, S439053

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Arts House Limited and Cultivate Central
#arts #workshop #bazaar
Remnants and Reflections: Short Films

The sixth edition of Women in Film and Photography presents works exploring the theme of Inheritance in Asia. In this showcase, rich and varied stories about familial connections & memories, identity & loss are combined with different film styles and genres to offer deeply personal yet familiar perspectives.

Presenting 2 short films:
– Remnants and Reflections 130pm to 310pm
– Open Call Programme 4pm to 5.25pm

πŸ”΅ 4 Dec, Sat
πŸ”΄ 130 - 525pm
βšͺ️ The Projector, 6001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Tower, #05-00, S199589

πŸ’° $15

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Objectifs
#film #women
Virtual Book Launch & Meet-The-Author Session – One Husband Two Men

Hear Margaret's intimate story over a series of talks, as she shares about her ups and downs in her caregiving journey for her husband who is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The first talk share how she overcame her struggles to separate the illness from her husband. This event also raises funds by purchasing her book. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Caregiver Alliance Limited, to reach out to caregivers of persons with mental health issues.

πŸ”΅ 1 Dec, Wed
πŸ”΄ 7-830pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Caregivers Alliance Limited
#mentalhealth #booklaunch #fundraiser
SG Climate Rally 2021: The People in Crisis

The People in Crisis is a rally centering the voices of ordinary people from different communities who will speak on the effects of climate change on their communities and the action that is urgently needed for a green and just transition in the face of climate change.

πŸ”΅ 5 Dec, Sun
πŸ”΄ 3 - 5pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Singapore Climate Rally
#environment #conversations
IMAN Workshop 2: Love Thyself

As we wait for 2022 to arrive with bated breath, we may be filled with many expectations and anxieties about what the future holds for us.

In this workshop co-organized by IMPROF and Mental ACT, join "LOVE THYSELF" to discover how we can step into the new year with a resilient outlook that will enable us to be both mentally and emotionally stronger.

πŸ”΅ 4 Dec, Sat
πŸ”΄ 10am - 12pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by IMPROF and Mental ACT
#mentalhealth #workshop
Freedom Film Festival Singapore

A human rights film festival, by Singaporeans for Singaporeans. This year’s line-up of films that sheds light on a range of issues, from Marxist Conspiracy in 1987 and The Online Citizen, a community of heavy vehicle drivers in Singapore sharing their lives and highlighting systemic failings in social mobility opportunities, to stories of love and intimacy in the sphere of sex work in Singapore.

πŸ”΅ 10 - 12 Dec, Fri - Sun
πŸ”΄ Various timings

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by FreedomFilmFest SG
#humanrights #film
Making Kin with the Urban Jungle

How do we make kin in the face of urbanisation?

Join authors Ann Ang and Constance Singam in conversation with Tok XinYing in this event as they explore the complex entanglements between urbanisation and nature, and discuss our agency in rebuilding our connections with nature. From animal encounters and natural knowledge to community gardening and nature walks, this panel will discuss the possibilities that exist to recentre kinship within our urban lives, and deepen our understanding of the diverse ecosystem that we are part of.

πŸ”΅ 4 Dec, Sat
πŸ”΄ 4 - 5pm

πŸ‘‰ Sign up here:

Organised by Books & Beer, Ethos Books, Climate Conversations
#environment #paneldiscussion