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Welcome to this new channel for Open Data Hub!
We are proud to announce the new Open Data Hub API Mobility v2:
E-Charging station map has been integrated by #GreenMobility on

Become an #OpenDataHub Data Consumer by using WebComponents from
#WebComponent using the #OpenData Hub #KnowledgeGraph #Sparql end-point has been published:

Thanks to Guohui Xiao, Sarah Komla-Ebri, Peter Hopfgartner, Benjamin Cogrel and Diego Calvanese from the Ontopic team!
We are very proud to announce that together with CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) the NOI Techpark has become a partner of the PhD Programme of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Free University of BZ (UNIBZ).

The topic the PhD student will work on for 4 years will be Open Data Hub and Virtual Knowledge Graphs:

Open Data Hub: ->
Virtual Knowledge Graphs:

If you know someone who could be interested to apply, please promote this opportunity!

Best regards,
The Open Data Hub Team @ NOI
#AlpineBits #DestinationData 2020-04 together with the #OpenSource #ReferenceImplementation in Open Data Hub have been published on
Documentation is now also available under the new domain:
Do you offer #DevOps services?

We are looking for #DevOps (companies and freelancer) to be involved in the #OpenDataHub project!