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[Server Inspection Notice]
Currently, the use of Wallet has been temporarily suspended due to the Sebak regular inspection. It will be checked today up to 19:00(KST) and could be normalized early. We apologize for the inconvenience.
[Report on 2019 PFs Fund Usage]

We posted the fund usage history for this year's PF on our homepage.

We have added the results to the bottom of each existing PF page, so if you click 'Details' on the right side of the PF labeled '+ Report (Orange)', you can see the result at the bottom of the contents.

※ We have requested the usage history of the PF (PF_E_01-001-A) fund to Payexpress and have not received a reply yet.

In addition, since yesterday, voting for 'Membership Reward 2020' PF is in progress, so please participate in the Voting.

Thank you.
[Voting App pause notice]

The Voting App function has been temporarily suspended due to the Voting server check.

It is expected to take about 2 hours, and we will notify you when the server check is completed.

We apologize for inconvenience.
[Voting App Normalization Notice]
Voting App server check is completed now, it is possible to vote normally.
Thank you for your patience.
The ownership of the BOScoin Announcement channel and Chat group will be transfered to @nauria in 4 days.